Windsor Suite Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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Editor’s Review

There are two features of the Windsor Suite Hotel that are difficult to find in other hotels. The first is that the hotel offers peace and quiet, while still providing all the necessary conveniences. The hotel is situated in a quiet location, though in walking distance of BTS sky-train and MRT underground stations and the shopping and nightlife venues of Sukhumvit Road. The second is the large resort-style swimming pool, the likes of which are very hard to find in a central district such as Sukhumvit.


The accommodation of the Suite Wing comes in the form of suites, and is the subject of much admiration from guests due to the spacious rooms, comprehensive in-room amenities, and clean and beautifully-decorated marble bathrooms. Guests suggest that it is both suitable and good value for families or businesspeople.

The accommodation of the Garden Wing may not receive such a strong response from guests with high expectations of in-room decor. However, guests are generally quite satisfied in terms of room rates, size and cleanliness, especially those on a fixed budget.

Services and breakfast

Moving on to the buffet breakfast, guests are by and large pleased with the tasty cuisine and extensive choice. Most of the guests are also impressed, commenting that the hotel staff offers an attentive and friendly service.


In addition to the swimming pool, facilities include a fitness centre, Internet access and spa, which are also appreciated by guests, although the service charge is high. Guests give their assurance that the hotel provides a first-class and good value travel and relaxation experience.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Situated in a quiet location, while still providing convenient access to sky train and subway stations as well as other facilities.
  • Guests have to pay for using the fitness centre.
  • Large resort-style swimming pool.
  • Spacious, clean and beautifully-decorated rooms with comprehensive in-room amenities.
  • Tasty breakfast with extensive choice.
  • Attentive and friendly service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The Windsor Suite is situated some distance away from the tourist traps of Sukhumvit Road, while the various shopping, restaurant and entertainment venues are still within a few minutes walk, as are Asok BTS sky-train and Sukhumvit MRT underground stations. The Windsor Suite Hotel is therefore an interesting option for travellers requiring real peace and quiet. The team invites all readers to join us as we visit the Windsor Suite Hotel to find out why it is popular with so many travellers.

    Getting to the hotel

    Travellers using the BTS sky-train should choose Exit No.6 out of Asok station, and follow the walkway to the Exchange Tower, where there is a stairway leading out of the station. The Windsor Suite Hotel is around 8 to 10 minutes walk from here. The distance from the main road to the hotel is short, not more than 100m.

    In front of the hotel.

    The hotel is conveniently located, opening onto Soi 20 at the front, and Sukhumvit Soi 18 at the rear, a shortcut to the BTS station. If you don’t wish to spend more than 8 minutes walking, try the route we have suggested.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    When you reach the front of the hotel, you will find that it is divided into two buildings. The wing on the left-hand side, which is around 9 storeys high and looks a little older, is the Garden Wing.

    Garden Wing
    Suite Wing

    The prominent building in front is called the Suite Wing and boasts a modern and stylish design which naturally gives rise to comparisons with the other wing. Apart from being used as the central building for the reception of guests, the Suite Wing is also the location of the suite accommodation, as well as various hotel facilities.

    The Lobby

    When we enter the hotel, what surprises us the most is the grand and spacious atrium, large enough to cast our eyes around without hindrance. The ceiling is high, making the lobby seem relaxing and airy. It is almost unnecessary to use lighting in this area, as the walls and the central roof section are made from glass, and an adequate amount of natural sunlight is allowed to shine through. The central square section of the lobby is used as the Lobby Lounge, which is designed to give guests the feeling that they are relaxing among natural surroundings, decorated with sculptures and carvings.

    Lobby Lounge
    Lobby Lounge

    The Garden Wing

    We only have a little time to admire the lobby, as it’s now time to tour the accommodation. The first type of accommodation to visit is the Grand Deluxe rooms, situated in the Garden Wing. Before anything else, we should mention that the ground floor of the Garden Wing building looks significantly different to the exterior since the hotel has been renovated, both in terms of the hotel lobby and the Internet centre. As a result, the interior decor and various facilities look modern and new. In the main, guests who value privacy choose to use services here (Garden Wing), as it’s fairly quiet and not busy.

    Lobby and Business Centre in the Garden wing

    Grande Deluxe room

    The accommodation is located on the 2nd to 9th floors. After visiting the Grande Deluxe Room, we feel that its strong point is its inexpensive price and 32sq.m. area, which seems quite comfortable for guests travelling in groups of two. The room looks a little out-dated and isn’t particularly eye-catching, but guests needn’t worry about damp odours or dust since parquet wooden flooring is used. Although wooden floors do not look as attractive as carpets, they are easy to clean and good for our health, as opposed to carpets which may retain dust. It may be hard to find rooms with wooden flooring in newly-opened or renovated hotels as the cost of wood is currently rising significantly. The rooms look generally very clean.

    Grande Deluxe room
    Grande Deluxe room

    Although the bathroom is not large, the corner position of the hand basin and the shiny glazed floor and wall tiles help to create a more relaxing environment. The bathroom provides a bath and standard amenities.

    Grande Deluxe Bathroom

    The Suite Wing

    Let’s move on to the Suite Wing, which is the real point of interest in terms of accommodation. All rooms are suites, and offer the hotel’s distinctive style of interior decor. We had the opportunity to visit two types of room in the Suite Wing: the Counselor Suite and the Minister Suite. Both types of room are located on the 15th to 30th floors.

    The Counselor Suite

    Let’s begin with the Counselor Suite. The room has an area of 45sq.m., considered very spacious. The bedroom takes up around two thirds of the total area, while the living room is somewhat smaller. Most of the amenities are located in the living room, whether it be the desk, minibar, chairs or sofa-bed, in the event that a room for three is reserved. The room is fitted with a smooth, soft carpet.

    Counselor Suite
    Living area in Counselor Suite
    View from the Counselor Suite
    The bathroom’s design is very luxurious and clean.

    The Minister Suite

    After this, we move on to visit the Minister Suite, which at first glance cannot easily be differentiated from the Counsellor Suite, since the only points that make the Minister Suite superior and more expensive are its 50sq.m. area and the fact that every room is positioned in a corner of the building, providing a 180 degree panorama of the city. Thus, if guests would like a room with a striking city view, we would recommend the Minister Suite.

    Minister Suite
    Living area in Minister Suite
    View from the Minister Suite

    As far as we know, Minister Suites are also available in the Garden Wing. The rooms in the Garden Wing provide parquet wooden flooring, while all those in the Suite Wing are carpeted.

    The Diplomat Suite

    The Diplomat Suite deserves some comment, even though we did not visit this type of room since they were all in use at the time. However, the hotel staff provided us some information regarding its in-room facilities, which are identical to those of the Counsellor Suite, although it offers a slightly smaller area of 40sq.m. The Diplomat Suites are located on the lower floors, from the 3rd to the 10th, whereas rooms on higher floors offer a clearer view of the cityscape. We are unable to comment on the condition inside the room or its interior design, as we have not yet visited this type of room.

    Selection of room type will depend on guests’ budgets and individual preferences, but our personal choice would be the Counselor Suite, since the standard of accommodation is comparable to that of the Minister Suite while being less expensive, and also as good as the Diplomat Suite.

    The swimming pool

    When speaking of the various hotel facilities, we have to admit that they are comprehensive. Therefore, if travellers choose to stay here and would like better value, we would suggest using the hotel facilities, especially on the 14th floor. We especially recommend the swimming pool, and are able to say with authority that it’s unique, especially in terms of its astonishing size, the likes of which would be hard to find in other hotels in the central Sukhumvit area.

    The pool has an eye-catching resort-style design encircled by trees, making you feel as if you are relaxing in a natural environment, yet still offering a beautiful cityscape panorama. Even more extraordinary is that if you swim underwater, you will hear underwater music. Wow, fantastic!

    The swimming pool
    The swimming pool

    On the edge of the pool is a pool bar, constructed in the form of a Thai-style pavilion to cater to guests. The pool bar is an attractive corner of the hotel in which to relax, and the swimming pool’s opening hours are from 7am to 8pm.

    The swimming pool
    There is also quite a large children’s pool tiled exclusively in marble in order to cater to family guests.

    Other Facilities

    Next up are facilities provided for health-lovers, consisting of a three room fitness centre and an aerobic dance room with a trainer to provide close supervision. When guests are tired and sweaty after their work-out, they may use the steam and sauna rooms, which are also located on this floor. I should let you know in advance that guests using the fitness centre must also pay a service charge.

    Fitness Centre and Aerobic Room

    Neva Spa

    On the 12th floor is the Neva Spa, another renowned facility of this hotel. The Neva Spa is large and beautifully-designed. When we walk in, we feel a high level of relaxation and privacy.

    Neva Spa

    Each room is spacious and airy, and not restricted in terms of size. Some of the decorations, receptacles and other items in the rooms illustrate the beauty of latter-day Thai art. Only a few interspersed sections are designed in a modern style, although as a whole, the interior decor is pleasant.

    Neva Spa

    The Restaurant

    The hotel has three restaurants. Firstly, the Golden Palace, a Chinese restaurant located on the 2nd floor, offers a buffet, as well as a la carte and set menus. Then there’s the Youzen, a Japanese restaurant located on the ground floor of the Garden Wing serving a buffet lunch and dinner. If guests reserve a room with buffet breakfast, however, they will dine in the Windsor Café, which is located on the ground floor of the Suite Wing and is a large restaurant seating up to 250 guests, 24 hours a day. We have taken photos of the interior of the Windsor Café, so that you may see it clearly.

    Windsor Cafe

    Of course, the hotel also offers other facilities standard in large hotels, such as the many conference, reception and seminar rooms in a variety of sizes catering to groups of business people and guests. Most of the conference rooms are located on the 10th to 14th floors. They are highly favoured by guests and considered the highlight of the hotel.

    We must bring our visit to the Windsor Suite Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Windsor Suite Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    Would you think it possible to find a hotel where guests were offered comprehensive in-room facilities, modern and new utensils, exceptionally large room space, including kitchenette and living areas, free wireless Internet access, incomparable cleanliness as well as reasonable room rates? Would you believe that all of these have featured in guests’ comments about their wonderful experience of staying at the FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit.


    Location is also one of the top priorities for guests. The hotel is situated not far from shopping and nightlife venues, and Soi Sukhumvit 1 offers a short-cut to Bumrungrad Hospital, a distance of only a few minutes walk. In addition, the hotel is near the toll way, which offers faster access to Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang airports.

    Services and breakfast

    Some guests complain about the lack of variation in breakfast, however, in contrast, the service is very well-received by guests, and could be called ‘as friendly as can be’. In other words, the staff provides sincere, attentive service in a polite and friendly manner. Many travellers who hear this accolade will be willing to try out this small but fantastic hotel.

    Hotel Facilities

    Although the hotel may not provide many facilities, which are located in restricted areas due to the small size of the hotel, this may not be the main objective of guests who choose to stay here, since facilities are not often mentioned by guests. Most often alluded to is perhaps the swimming pool, which is rather small but impresses guests with its design and peaceful surroundings.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Guest rooms are full of modern and new amenities, exceptionally large room space, including kitchenette and living areas.
  • Located a little bit deep into the side-street.
  • Free wireless Internet access.
  • 10 Minutes from Sky train Station.
  • Close to Bumrungrad Hospital
  • Friendly, sincere and attentive service.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Editor’s Visit

    After visiting many hotels in the Sukhumvit area, most that we present are medium to large in size, so this time we have decided to find a small hotel recommended by former guests. The FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit should please travellers looking for a boutique-style hotel with suitable room rates.

    The surrounding area

    The hotel’s location in Sukhumvit Soi 1 is not bad at all, as it lies in the Nana area, a centre for restaurants, tourism and shopping, which is particularly popular among tourists. The FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit would be an especially suitable choice for those looking for accommodation not far from Bumrungrad Hospital, as it is within 5 minutes walking distance. The walk from Phloen Chit BTS sky-train station, the nearest to the hotel, took 10 minutes according to my calculations. The hotel is located not more than 500m into the side-street, which is lined on both sides with shops of various kinds, such as minimarts, translation companies, tour operators, laundry shops and so on. However, this street isn’t as busy as Soi 3 or Soi 5, and is therefore relatively quiet in comparison.

    Sukhumvit Soi 1 – relatively quiet.
    Sukhumvit Soi 1

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The hotel’s exterior is designed in the style of a modern condominium. Its height and size are perhaps not the hotel’s strongest points, as it stands only 10 storeys high and offers only 98 rooms in total. The ground floor is designed as a shopping venue, and the lobby is on the second floor, differing to other hotels whose lobbies are located on the ground floor. Customers may use the outside stairs or elevators to access the lobby if they wish.

    The hotel front
    The hotel front

    The Hotel Lobby

    Even though the lobby seems long and narrow, and not as grand as in large hotels, its design and decorations help to create a pleasant atmosphere, especially if you sit and relax on the velvet sofas in the reception area, which give a soft and luxurious feel. Wherever you look, the hotel is sophisticated, and the lobby is an appetizer for what the hotel has to offer.

    The lobby area, located on the 2nd floor.
    The reception area.

    The Accommodation

    The main course can only be the accommodation. The rooms here are classified into 3 types: Superior, Deluxe and Corner. After visiting each type of room, we found that the similarity between the Superior, Deluxe and Corner rooms was their modern, elegant and stylish interior decor. All rooms offer new and appealing amenities, and are well-designed. On the subject of cleanliness, we would have to say that the rooms were spotless, and free from dampness. This kind of comfort makes us feel like we are staying in our own home. The rooms are full of amenities, like serviced apartments; for example, a 29″ TV, refrigerator, kitchenette, sofa, tea and coffee-making equipment, iron and ironing board, safe deposit box, work desk, bathrobe, hairdryer and so on, which all make the room seem very good value. There is also a small balcony from which guests may enjoy the view outside, although as far as we could see, the view is ordinary, since the hotel is not very high and located on a side-street. If you would like a better view from your window, you must choose a room at the rear of the hotel, from which you can see as far as the toll way without the obstruction of tall buildings.

    The bathrooms are all the same, whether in terms of size or design. All rooms provide baths and comprehensive amenities.

    The Superior bathroom
    The Superior bathroom

    The Superior Rooms

    Now let’s explore further, and consider how the various types of room differ. One obvious difference is the varying room sizes. Superior rooms have an area of 35sq.m., and are located on the 3rd floor to the 10th floor, the hotel’s top floor.
    The Superior room is the cheapest and most common type of room in the hotel, with 78 rooms available.

    The Superior room
    The Superior room
    Facilities in the Superior room.
    Facilities in the Superior room.

    The Deluxe and Corner Rooms

    Deluxe rooms have an area of 40sq.m., and are slightly more expensive, while Corner rooms are the largest with an area of 45sq.m., all of which are located in one of the corners of the hotel.
    Both Deluxe and Corner rooms are located on the 3rd to 7th floors, and are few in number.

    The Deluxe & Corner rooms
    The Deluxe & Corner rooms
    The Deluxe room and in-room facilities, which are the same as in the Corner room.

    A window view from a room at the rear of the hotel.

    If you asked us to comment on which type of room was the best and offered the most value,
    we would have to say that they were all equally good, as the standard and quality of all room types is the same. However, if we consider room space, Superior rooms are more suitable for those travelling in groups of two, while the Deluxe and Corner rooms for those travelling in groups of 3 or as families.

    The Facilities

    If the hotel facilities were a dessert, the selection would be limited, but the service would be free. Although the facilities are few in number, and the space allocated to them restricted, the benefit of being able to use them free of charge is greatly appreciated by guests.

    The first facility that we visited was the swimming pool, which was not very large but beautifully designed, offering a suitable level of privacy for relaxation. In addition, there is also a fitness room with a capacity of around 7-8 guests, a sauna and a steam room.

    Jacuzzi Swimming Pool
    Swimming Pool
    The fitness room, with a capacity of approximately 7 to 8 guests.
    The 5th floor corridor – spotlessly clean

    The La Cuisine Restaurant

    We then proceeded to the 2nd floor in search of a relaxing cold drink at the La Cuisine Restaurant, the only eatery in the hotel. The La Cuisine is open 24 hours a day and seats 60 guests. The buffet breakfast is available from 6am to noon, and the restaurant offers an excellent atmosphere and comfortable surroundings.

    The La Cuisine Restaurant
    The La Cuisine Restaurant

    To add one final point, the free wireless Internet service may be accessed throughout the hotel,
    and those who don’t bring their own laptops may rent one at the front reception on this floor.

    We must bring our visit to the FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely
    hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in
    the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the FuramaXclusive Sukhumvit Hotel
    and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and
    providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information,
    we apologize in advance

    Manhattan Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    The reason why guests feel that the Manhattan Hotel is good value is that they are provided comprehensive facilities, yet spend only a little money.


    The hotel is situated in a central business district, is convenient for travel, and is surrounded by shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues popular with tourists. It is only 5 minutes walk from Asok BTS skytrain station. Due to the hotel’s location off the main road, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, suitable for relaxation after the stress of day-long travel and outdoor activities.


    The selling point that most pleases guests regarding accommodation in the hotel is the spacious, clean, comfortable and quiet rooms, where guests are not disturbed by external noise. However, there were some complaints about the bathrooms, which were small and contained tiles and wallpaper which were quite old. The hotel has already addressed some of these points as a matter of urgency.

    Services and breakfast

    When asked about the quality of service, hotel guests remarked that they were impressed by the professional and flawless service of the polite, attentive and friendly hotel staff, and did not bring up any complaints. This encourages other people to decide to stay at the hotel.

    Hotel Facilities

    The hotel’s facilities are moderate, but it seems that guests are not very interested in, or rarely speak about this issue, although they sometimes comment on the spacious lobby, which has a modern design and offers guest Internet access. Another aspect which guests focus on is the breakfast service, which offers a variety
    of international fare for guests to choose from. The cuisine is appetizing, but some guests
    complain that the breakfast is the same every day, so those staying several
    days may get a little bored of the food.

    It cannot be denied that, based on the comments of guests, the hotel’s location is convenient for travel, the service is professional and the room rates and quality are good value, and do not leave you with the feeling that your stay was a waste of money. These are the main reasons why this hotel is popular with guests.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Situated in a central business district. Only 5 minutes walk from BTS skytrain station.
  • The bathrooms are small and quite old.
  • Located off the main road, so, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.
  • Professional service. Helpful staffs.
  • Spacious, clean, comfortable and quiet rooms.
  • Good breakfast.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Editor’s Visit

    After hearing guests’ comments about various aspects of the Manhattan Hotel,
    we took the liberty of requesting the permission of the hotel to make a visit
    in order to draft an article. As soon as we exited Asok BTS skytrain station,
    we headed for Sukhumvit Soi 15, which took only a little over 3 minutes’ walk
    to reach. The Manhattan Hotel was around 100 metres into Soi 15, and altogether
    it must have taken less than 5 minutes.

    The surrounding area

    Those who appreciate ease of travel will be pleased to hear this,
    as the hotel is situated near the main road, not far into the soi.
    We didn’t see many shops near the hotel, and the atmosphere was nice
    and quiet, not too busy or noisy. It wouldn’t be a bad idea at all
    to stay in this area. Before stepping inside, shall we have a look
    at the hotel from the outside a little? The hotel is a large, square,
    well-designed and decorated building of approximately 9 storeys,
    and looks as though it may have been open for quite a long time.

    The hotel lobby

    As soon as we enter the hotel, we find the lobby area, which in general
    is quite spacious. It is divided into three sections:
    the front reception, Internet centre and foot massage parlour.

    Front reception area.
    Guest seating in the lobby area.
    Internet centre in the lobby area.
    Foot massage in the lobby area.

    The Restaurants

    There are also two restaurants in the hotel serving guests around the clock. The Broadway
    Coffee Shop is situated on the front right side of the hotel, next to the front reception,
    and offers guests a buffet breakfast and general menu. The restaurant
    is decorated in a simple style and is spacious, but not luxurious or eye-catching.

    The Broadway Coffee Shop.

    The Jin Seng Korean restaurant

    The Jin Seng Korean restaurant, however, which is situated on the front
    left side of the hotel, has a much better atmosphere than the Broadway Coffee
    Shop, as it is decorated in a modern style and the tables and chairs are
    arranged in corners, creating a feeling of privacy.

    The Jin Seng Restaurant.
    The Jin Seng Restaurant.

    The Room

    There are a total of 203 hotel rooms, located on the 3rd to 9th floors. Guests staying on the higher floors at the front of the hotel are lucky, as they are offered a clear view of the city, and views from rooms on the lower floors are less impressive. Superior, Executive and Deluxe rooms are generally preferred by guests, and we were very disappointed to learn that we would be unable to visit the Superior room due to lack of availability. This type of room is very
    popular with guests, so we had especially wanted to make a visit.

    Therefore, we only had the opportunity to visit two types of room:
    the Executive and the Deluxe. However, we can sum up briefly that,
    according to the hotel staff, Executive rooms are in fact Superior rooms
    which have been renovated. The extra features of the Executive room
    are the tea and coffee facilities, dressing gowns and bathroom slippers.
    Apart from this, the Superior and Executive rooms are the same, both in
    their area of 28sq.m. and their amenities. Which type of room guests choose to stay in will depend on their budget.

    The Executive Room

    If guests decide to stay in the Executive room in order to benefit from the newer and smarter
    room and amenities, they must of course pay more. Interest in the Superior rooms lies in their
    availability and very inexpensive rates. Although some features have been improved,
    those features which have yet to be renovated leave something to be desired.

    Executive Room
    Executive Room

    Let’s make a brief visit to the Executive bathroom. Guests will have to put up
    with the bathroom a little, as there isn’t much room. This may be because it includes
    a bathtub, which makes the area seem a little smaller.

    Executive bathroom

    The Deluxe room

    Let’s continue to the Deluxe room. This type of room is better than we’ve seen in
    other hotels, in that it features a private living room area separate from the bedroom;
    in fact, it would be better if this design were called a ‘Suite’. The room size and
    amenities are the same as the Executive room, but the Deluxe provides TVs both in the
    bedroom and the living area. In general, the room is clean, and the various amenities
    in the room are new, evidence that the room has recently been renovated.

    Deluxe room
    Deluxe room

    Although we did not praise the interior décor in the bathroom, as it seemed a little
    too simple, but if we consider the size of the bathroom, we can confirm that it is really
    spacious, with easily enough room for 3 people. The bathroom provides both a shower and a

    Deluxe Bathroom

    In summary then, the Deluxe, with an area of 34 sq.m. and its in-room amenities, should
    not fail to please guests, especially those travelling as families or requiring a room for
    3 people. It’s a pity that this type of room is limited in number to only 2 rooms per floor,
    so our advice is to make reservations well in advance.

    The hotel facilities

    The hotel offers quite an array of facilities. In addition to the restaurant, Internet
    centre and foot massage parlour located on the ground floor, the second floor offers more
    leisure facilities, such as a fitness centre, salon and massage and treatment parlour.

    The fitness centre is in the same area as the Thai Massage Parlour.
    Salon Room
    On the 2nd floor are two more shops: a souvenir shop and a jewellery shop.

    The swimming pool

    The swimming pool is situated on the 3rd floor, and is designed in a heart-shape.
    Do we feel romantic when we see it? I’m afraid not, but it looks cute. The pool is
    medium-sized and surrounded by small and large plants, providing a fresh and shady
    atmosphere. The water is very clear and appealing.

    The heart-shape swimming pool.

    massage & treatment

    As far as we have seen, the pride of the hotel must be the massage and treatment parlour,
    which is very popular with guests, especially the foot massage and traditional Thai massage
    services. The hotel staff is very proud of this, and we didn’t disagree, as merely the
    atmosphere and soft aroma made us feel drowsy and start yawning.

    Thai Massage

    We must bring our visit to the Manhattan Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely
    hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in
    the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Manhattan Hotel
    and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and
    providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information,
    we apologize in advance.

    Adelphi Suite Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    The Adelphi Suites Hotel offers accommodation similar to serviced apartments, and has not been open long, but seems to have had a stronger than expected response from tourists and business people. What impresses guests most about the hotel is not just its prime location in the central business district, or the short 3 minute walk to Nana BTS station, but more importantly, its new, modern, spotless rooms offering a wide range of facilities, some
    of which cannot be found in other hotels, such as broadband internet access and microwaves.


    Guests traveling in family groups will not be disappointed by the size of the rooms,
    and the room rates are not expensive, as the standard of the rooms seems higher than the cost. Guests say that
    it’s essential to make reservations a month in advance during the high season.


    Guests also remarked on the hotel’s good quality service, saying that the hotel staff offers a fast, friendly service.

    Hotel Facilities

    The hotel offers a high level of facilities, and guests are always satisfied, whether it be with the fitness centre, appealing new facilities or the Internet service in the lobby area. The only exceptions are the swimming pool, which is quite small, and the insufficient number of sunbeds, although those with experience staying in downtown hotels would understand the hotel’s spatial limitations.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Located in the central business district, 3 minute walk to Nana BTS station.
  • The swimming pool is quite small.
  • New, modern and clean rooms.
  • Limited choice on breakfast.
  • More space in the rooms.
  • Free broad band internet in the rooms.
  • Fast and friendly service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The surrounding area

    This was the first time that the editor team had had the opportunity to explore the other
    side of Sukhumvit. There seemed to be fewer tourists on this side, and various renowned luxury
    hotels, such as the Sheraton Grand Sukhumvit, Landmark , JW Mariott and many others,
    stood out noticeably. Although the hotel that we were about to visit was not five-star,
    based on the comments of guests, it could probably be classified as high-end.

    Sukhumvit Soi 8.

    Sukhumvit Soi 8

    We entered Soi 8, the location of the Adelphi Suites Hotel. At the beginning of the road
    were various shops, mostly restaurants, and we had to walk on the road to avoid the street
    vendors on the footpaths. The hotel was very easy to get to. The hotel entrance is just
    a few steps into the road off Sukhumvit, and only 3 minutes walk from Nana BTS station.

    The Hotel Building

    From the outside, the hotel is a brand new 17 storey modern hotel with a futuristic design,
    which no doubt leads many to guess correctly that it has only recently been opened. In fact,
    it was just opened at the end of 2007.

    The hotel lobby

    When we walk into the hotel, the first thing that we must admire is the design of the lobby area. Although it isn’t very large, it’s well arranged and comfortable, not too restricted. The modern interior décor, whether in terms of the front reception area, the guest sofas, the fresh aroma, the soft lighting in tone with the glazed tiling, or the soft soothing music in harmony with the atmosphere, all add much to the hotel’s charm. However, what we were especially interested in was the accommodation. After speaking to the hotel staff, we learned that most of the hotel guests were European or Japanese, and consisted of both tourists and business people.

    The front reception area.
    Front reception.
    Internet access in the lobby area.


    The hotel offers 93 rooms, classified into three different types: Studio, 1 Bedroom Deluxe and 1 Bedroom Executive, situated on the 5th to 17th floors. The selling points of the hotel are its spacious rooms and facilities, similar to those of serviced apartments, which include kitchenware, microwaves, TVs, DVD players, refrigerators, irons, personal safes, sofas, broadband Internet access and many more.

    The Studio Room

    We will start with the most inexpensive type of room, the Studio, available with a King-size single bed or a European-standard twin bed. This 36sq.m room should be sufficient for guests traveling alone or as a couple, and as previously pointed out, offers a wide range of facilities. There is also free broadband internet access in each room.

    Studio Room
    Studio Room

    The Studio is designed to appear long, so it can easily be divided into its various sections: the living area, kitchenette and office corner.

    View from the Studio room window.
    Living area in the Studio room.

    The Studio bathroom has an attractive, stylish design and is quite large. It includes a shower cubicle and a chic, stylish hand-basin and tap, but unfortunately there is no bath.

    Studio Bathroom.
    Shower cubicle in the Studio.

    The Deluxe & Executive rooms

    Now, let’s visit the 1 Bedroom Deluxe and 1 Bedroom Executive rooms. The additional features in these rooms are the
    washing machine, personal living area, and extra space. These two types of room have a similar range of amenities, and only differ in respect of the size of the living area in the 1 Bedroom Executive, which is more spacious. This, of course, is reflected in the higher room rate.

    1 Bedroom Deluxe
    1 Bedroom Deluxe
    Living area in the 1 Bedroom Deluxe
    Living area in the 1 Bedroom Executive
    Kitchenette in the 1 Bedroom Executive.

    All types of accommodation offer King-size beds, and both bedrooms and living areas are equipped with LCD TVs and free broadband Internet access. These two types of room are very good value for families and long–stay guests.

    1 Bedroom Executive Bathroom.
    Shower Cubicle & Bathtub in the 1 Bedroom Executive.

    And now to the bathroom, which is decorated in the same style as the Studio bathroom, but is larger and more spacious, divided into shower cubicle and bathtub areas.

    Another attraction that we would like to mention is the attractive city view, as the hotel is not surrounded by tall buildings (except the rooms on the right hand side of the hotel), so there is a clear view of the city.

    View from the 1 Bedroom Executive

    We could not help thinking whether this was the reason that, whatever part of the building we were in, there were transparent glass windows providing a city view. The hotel staff told us that one of the design concepts was to use light to illuminate the colour scheme inside the building,
    thereby also helping to reduce global warming.

    The hotel facilities

    The hotel facilities, in our opinion, are not its strong point, as the hotel is not very large and there are limitations on space. At the front of the hotel, half of the 16th floor is designated to the swimming pool, and the other half is used as a fitness centre, situated at the back.

    The swimming pool
    The fitness centre

    Guests are no doubt satisfied with the fitness centre, as it is sufficiently spacious and offers a wide range of new exercise equipment. Furthermore, the 16thfloor provides a great view of the city, especially on the swimming pool side.

    the Rojo Restaurant

    We would like to end by commenting on the Rojo Restaurant, which is used for the buffet breakfast, and serves Latin-American style cuisine after breakfast. The restaurant’s opening hours are 6.00am to 10.30pm.

    The Rojo restaurant

    The Adelphi Suites Hotel tour has come to an end, and we sincerely
    hope it will be beneficial for travellers looking for a place to stay. Most importantly,
    we would like to thank the Adelphi Suites Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity
    to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information for travellers. If we has
    printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Bel-aire Princess Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    Why is the Bel Aire so popular among its guests? In addition to the hotel’s modern
    appearance, there are many other important reasons why guests flock here.


    The hotel is
    surrounded by shopping centres, restaurants and nightlife venues, and is just 5 minutes’
    walk from Nana BTS sky-train station. This saves time and money, and allows easy access to various well-known Bangkok shopping locations such as Siam, Silom and Chatuchak Market. In fact, many hotels are situated in good locations and represent a suitable choice for guests, but another hotel like this in a central area with a peaceful atmosphere may be difficult to find. This is our mission: to locate and recommend hotels for your benefit.


    All types of room
    are spacious, clean and beautifully decorated. Electrical appliances are modern and safe, as
    they are remote-controlled. Something that guests won’t expect are good offers such as free
    room upgrades. Although only given under special circumstances, guests often remark that
    they are impressed with this offer.

    Services and breakfast

    It cannot be denied that a wide selection of excellent, tasty breakfast
    dishes is served here, both Eastern and Western fare. The hotel staff is polite, friendly and
    willing to provide assistance. Although there are a few faults to be found, these are only
    small points which guests understand and do not dwell on. Guests admire the efficient service,
    especially the easy and fast check-in procedure.

    Hotel Facilities

    Guests are generally satisfied with the facilities, although there are small complaints about the sizes of some facilities such as the swimming pool and the restaurant. However, this is standard when compared to other hotels in the Sukhumvit area, and quality, location, rooms, services and facilities are the reasons why most guests choose to return again and again, as the hotel is great value for money.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Only 5-minute walk from sky-train station, surrounded by shopping centres, restaurants and nightlife venues.
  • There are small complaints about the size of some faciliteis such as the swimming pool and the restaurant.
  • Peaceful atmosphere
  • All rooms are spacious, clean and beautifully decorated.
  • Excellent breakfast.
  • Friendly staffs. Very helpful.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The team was honoured to be invited by the Bel-Aire Princess to tour the hotel. We decided to travel by the MRT underground. Immediately outside Sukhumvit station (Exit 3) is Asok BTS sky-train station; this is one link between the BTS and MRT networks. Our destination is Sukhumvit Soi 5, and in fact, if you opt to travel by BTS, we recommend that you exit at Nana station (Sukhumvit Soi 7 Exit), as it is not far from the hotel, only around 5 minutes’ walk. However, as there is only one MRT station on Sukhumvit Road, we must walk from Asok intersection to Sukhumvit Soi 5.
    This is not inconvenient however, as it only takes around 10 minutes.

    The surrounding area

    We also used this opportunity to explore the surrounding
    area, thereby killing two birds with one stone. This is one of the shopping areas popular
    with tourists. Small and large shops line the roads, but it is the smaller stalls stretching
    along the footpaths that seem to be more attractive to tourists. They sell a variety of goods,
    such as clothing, bags, jewellery, souvenirs, handicraft, CDs and many other products.
    Unfortunately, not many places were open when we passed by, as it was still early; the vendors had just started to set up their stalls, but if you come after 6pm, you will see crowds of tourists looking for good deals. Most importantly, products may still be bargained for here, but I must mention that every Monday the footpath stall vendors have a day off on order of the Bangkok administration.

    Sukhumvit Soi 5

    Before meeting the hotel staff, we have enough time to explore Soi 5, where the Bel Air is situated. From the beginning of the soi, there are shops lining both sides of the street: clothes shops, minimarts, tour agencies and restaurants. 7-Eleven and Foodland, which are open 24 hours, are situated in the middle section of the street. There are also two restaurants popular with tourists: Gulliver’s is on the right and the Thai Food Terrace is on the left, in the centre of the soi.

    The Middle-East Street

    There is also a minor road in this area connecting Soi 5 and Soi 3/1, which is full of shops and tourism businesses. It’s called Middle-East Street. Most of the shop signs are in Arabic, and most of the restaurants serve Mediterranean and Arabic fare. In fact, you can tell by the name of the road that this accommodation and tourist area is popular with Middle-Eastern tourists, especially from July to September, which is regarded as their holiday period. So, it wasn’t strange that we found Middle-Eastern tourists wherever they went, among the crowds walking in and out of the side roads and in the cars which made the roads feel very narrow.

    In front of the hotel.
    The Hotel Building

    What was most strange was that it was reasonably quiet from
    the middle to the end of Soi 5, without many shops or crowds. It made us feel that if we
    wanted to find a place to stay in Nana, this area would be a very good place to relax.

    The hotel lobby

    As we almost reach the end of the road, we finds the Bel Aire Princess, which is located on the right hand side. This is the very first time we’ve seen the hotel and surrounding area. The hotel is new, and its entrance opens onto the soi. When we enter, we receive a friendly welcome from the hotel staff.

    The reception area is not very spacious, and its design is simple, but pleasing on the eye

    Although the lobby area and guest Internet corner are limited in size, their cleanliness and brightness are admirable.

    Internet access in the lobby area

    The Superior & Deluxe roooms

    Most hotel guests are European or British, according to the hotel staff assisting us during our visit. The first place they invite us to see is the guest rooms, which are divided into 5 types: Superior, Deluxe, Superior Plus, Deluxe Plus and Club Room. The hotel contains 160 rooms altogether, but only offers 150 rooms to guests. Unfortunately, we are unable to visit the Superior and Deluxe rooms, as they are fully-booked, so the hotel staff invites us to visit the Superior Plus, Deluxe Plus and Club Rooms. They tell us that the amenities in the Superior Plus and Deluxe Plus rooms are no different to the Superior and Deluxe rooms, apart from the fact that the Plus type double rooms contain Queen Size beds and offer Internet access.

    The Superior Plus and Deluxe Plus rooms are situated from the 11th floor up
    City view
    Faclities available in all rooms.
    personal safe

    The selling point of the Superior rooms is the high availability and lower room rate. Although the amenities are not very different to the more expensive accommodation, if you would like a more spacious room, we would suggest that the Deluxe room would be more comfortable.

    The Club Tribeca room

    For those travelling as a family group, the Club Tribeca is recommended, as its size and amenities are similar to the Deluxe Plus.

    Club Tribeca Room
    Club Tribeca Room

    The additional features in the Club Tribeca room are the DVD player (but no CDs!) and a sofa, but if guests reserve a triple room, arm chairs are provided instead.

    Club Tribeca Room
    View from the window

    The Club Tribeca room seems to be more spacious than the Deluxe Plus, and according to the hotel staff, this is due to the room’s position in the corner of the building.

    After visiting each type of room, we are able to summarise that all rooms are beautifully decorated in modern style and the various in-room amenities are new and state-of-the-art, as they are replaced regularly. The rooms are bright and fresh, and most importantly, extremely clean. It is unfortunate that there are no balconies, but the windows provide a city view.

    Club Tribeca Bathroom

    The bathrooms in all types of room are the same. They are not very large, but clean, with chic hand basins. Bathtubs are provided in all rooms except the Club Tribeca Room on the 17th floor. However, if guests would like a bathtub, they may request a different room from the hotel staff.

    The hotel facilities

    After our tour of the accommodation is over, the hotel staff takes us to the 3rd floor by elevator in order to visit the other facilities.

    The hotel staff told us that every evening they put fruit on the tables in the elevator area for guests, another impressive service.

    The 3rd floor contains many of the hotel’s facilities, such as the fitness centre, swimming pool, massage parlour and conference room.

    The fitness centre is small, but the equipment is in good condition, and may be used by around 6 guests at any one time.
    The Massage Parlour on the hotel’s 3rd floor.

    The swimming pool

    Another facility we were intent on visiting was the swimming pool. We asked the staff to take us to the swimming pool, which was located near the fitness centre. As we arrived, we noticed that some guests were using the facilities, but not many. This may have been because it was still early. The swimming pool’s opening hours are 7am-7pm.

    The swimming pool is not large, but looks very cute. The various facilities are in new and clean condition.

    The number of sunbeds is limited by the size of the pool, which is probably the reason why guests complain a little that they are insufficient for hotel guests. Another issue is that because the hotel is surrounded by high-rise buildings and the swimming pool is situated on a low floor, the amount of sunlight able to reach the swimming pool is restricted. This may disappoint sun-bathers slightly, but is perfect for those who would like to swim without the worry of sunburn.

    The Tiffin restaurant

    Before bringing today’s tour to a close, the staff introduced the hotel’s two restaurants. Tiffin is situated on the Ground Floor, and guests reserving Superior and Deluxe rooms with breakfast dine here. This restaurant has a maximum capacity of 60 guests.

    The Tiffin Restaurant

    As we entered the restaurant, they were, in a word, very impressed. It was impossible to find flaw with the restaurant in any respect. The restaurant was clean and attractive, and was divided into various different sections. The furniture and cutlery were modern, whether it be the tables, chairs, lamps, plates, bowls, spoons or glasses, and in harmony with the atmosphere of the restaurant.

    Comfortable and lavish seats are provided if required by guests.

    Before arriving, we interviewed guests about the breakfast service. Most of them said that the food was nice and that there were a variety of dishes to choose from.

    The Club Lounge restaurant

    The hotel’s other restaurant is the Club Lounge, situated on the 2nd floor, with a maximum capacity of 40 guests. The Club Lounge is smaller than Tiffin, and there is also an Internet corner at the entrance.

    The Club Louge Restaurant

    The restaurant’s atmosphere, interior décor and
    various amenities, including the tables and chairs, are quite luxurious and stylish,
    and provide a feeling of privacy. Guests that reserve Superior Plus, Deluxe Plus
    and Club Tribeca rooms may take breakfast here or in Tiffin, which offers a wider variety of cuisine.

    The free Internet service in the Club Lounge is reserved for guests staying in the Superior Plus, Deluxe Plus and Club Tribeca rooms (Club Rooms).

    We must bring our visit to the Bel Aire Princess Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Bel Aire Princess Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Where to stay in Phuket : Phuket Town

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    Phuket Town
    Phuket Town is around 35km to the south of Phuket Airport,
    and is resplendent with old Sino-Portuguese architecture.
    It is also a commercial centre and offers various opportunities
    for shopping, such as Ocean, Robinson and Central Festival
    department stores. Phuket Town is also a tourism hub for visitors traveling to other provinces or islands, such as Koh Phi-Phi, Koh Yao, Koh Hae, Koh Rang and Koh Raya. One of Phuket’s stunning viewpoints is Khao Rang, from which Phuket Town, the sea, Chalong Bay, Phuket Bay and the
    surrounding islands are clearly visible.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    Phuket Town

    Phuket Town offers both budget and five-star accommodation.
    Hotels in this area are suitable for budget tourists, but it is
    still easy to travel to the various beaches by bus or taxi.
    Celebrated hotels in this area include The Metropole Hotel ,Royal Phuket City
    and ,The Taste Phuket.

    Recommended Restaurants


    A Thai and French restaurant where recommended dishes include
    mussels with garlic and butter sauce and beef
    stew bourguignon style.

    Address : 69 Dibuk Road, Phuket City, Muang,
    Phuket 83000 Tel.: (667) 625-8148

    Website :

    La Gatetana

    An Italian-style restaurant located in the downtown district
    characterized by old Sino-Portuguese architecture, where the
    mixed bruschetta and pork
    osso bucco come recommended.

    Address : 352 Phuket Road, Phuket City, Muang,
    Phuket 83000 Tel.: (667) 625-0523

    Website :

    Where to stay in Phuket : Panwa Cape

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    Panwa Cape
    Panwa Cape is situated on the southern-most tip of the
    south-east coast of Phuket and is characterized by white
    sand beaches. One attraction of Panwa is its natural
    landscape, where you may witness the beauty of both
    the Thai Gulf and Andaman Sea. The cape is also
    surrounded by verdant green foliage, the first attraction for
    visitors who fall under the spell of nature.

    Panwa Cape is peaceful and quiet, and suitable for relaxing walks to watch the twisting waves crashing against the sandy shores, to sit and watch the sunlight glistening on the sea’s surface or to watch the stunning sunset. Panwa Cape is also the site of the Phuket Aquarium, where exotic underwater creatures are showcased and part of the beach is suitable for swimming,
    although it is not so popular with tourists.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    Accommodation in this area is another option for
    tourists who prefer being close to nature and a peaceful
    atmosphere. Well-known hotels in this area include the
    Cape Panwa, By The Sea Residence and Sri Panwa.

    Where to stay in Phuket : Nai Harn

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    Nai Harn
    Nai Harn is a clean white sand beach with clear waters
    suitable for swimming, although caution must be exercised
    as the beach is set at a steep incline. The months of May
    and October bring the monsoonal rains, and this area sees
    high waves, so visitors are not recommended to swim as it
    may be dangerous. The beach is not shaded by large trees,
    so in the daytime, the weather is quite hot. However, the
    is quiet and peaceful, providing a real sense of privacy.

    Visitors enjoy sunbathing on this beach, and anchored yachts
    float offshore, their brilliant colours brightening the beach.
    On the right of the beach, shops, tour agencies and bars line
    the streets of the beach road. On the left of the beach is
    Phromthep Cape, a well-known place to watch the stunning sunset.
    Large rocky hillocks surround Phromthep Cape, and are suitable
    for fishing, but care must be taken,
    as high waves and strong winds may be dangerous.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    Nai HarnPlaces to stay in this area are few and far between.
    Most are 4 to 5 star hotels, but are not too expensive,
    and may also sometimes be cheaper than lower class hotels
    on other beaches. In addition, the atmosphere is peaceful
    and the hotels are close to the beach, so the beach is very
    suitable for relaxation. Staying in a beachfront hotel on Patong
    Beach would be much more expensive. Renowned hotels in this area
    include the Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club

    Mangosteen Resort and Spa

    , the Evason Phuket.

    Recommended Restaurants


    Le Royal Meridien’s Italian restaurant, where recommended dishes include the
    chilled tomato consomme with caviar.

    Address: Le Royal Meridien Phuket Yacht Club, 23/3 Moo 1, Viset Road,
    Nai Harn Beach, Phuket 83100

    Website :

    Where to stay in Phuket : Nai Yang

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    Nai Yang
    Nai Yang is the most beautiful beach in the Sirinart National
    Park. The beach is wide and long, the sea is shallow and calm,
    and a line of large casuarina trees and beach mangrove plants
    provide shade. In front of the National Park Office lies a large
    shallow water reef home to branching, disc, and finger coral,
    but no boats or diving equipment are available for hire in this
    area, so it is not popular with tourists for diving.

    The beach is also the habitat of sea turtles which lay eggs
    on the beach between the months of November to February, although at present their numbers have greatly
    decreased, and sightings of turtles laying eggs are rare.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    The major attraction of this beach is its peaceful atmosphere,
    but it does not offer a wide range of accommodation. Choosing to
    stay in this area may be a good idea during the high season for
    tourists who wish to avoid the commotion of other beaches,
    in favour of a more relaxed environment. Celebrated hotels in
    this area include
    the JW Marriott Resort and Spa
    , Adamas Resort & Spa.

    Where to stay in Phuket : Bang Tao

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    Bang Tao
    Bang Tao is located between Surin and Nai Yang beaches,
    and is 6km long. It is very suitable for water sports, especially wind-surfing and sailing, but the monsoonal months bring rough seas, when it is not possible to swim. To the north of the bay, off the coast, there is a striking coral reef for those who enjoy diving and snorkeling. The best time to visit this area is between November and April,
    as the waters are calm during this period.

    Accommodation and Facilities

    Bang TaoBang Tao is home to many luxurious resorts, as well as
    five-star hotels and the Laguna golf course. The surroundings
    are quite private, and in addition to the Laguna hotels,
    there are also other accommodation and hotels situated to
    the north and
    south of Bang Tao beach, mostly four or five star hotels.

    There is a dearth of budget accommodation on offer in this area, although tourists may look for places to stay in the Patong or Kata-Karon beach areas, where there is a wide range of accommodation of varying quality and price not far from Bang Tao beach. Renowned hotels in this region include
    The Banyan Tree Phuket
    , Ayara Hilltops
    , Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket,
    Sheraton Grande Laguna

    , Chedi Phuketand many more.

    Recommended Restaurants


    An international restaurant where recommended dishes include
    the eggplants stacks and fish wonton.

    Address : 382/19 Moo 1, Srisoontorn Road, Cherng Talay, Thalang, Phuket 83110
    Tel.: (667) 632-4399