Temples in Chiang Mai

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Wat Phra Sing

Wat Phra SingSam Lan Road
This lovely temple dates from 1345 and is one of the focal points of Songkran festivities each April 13-15 when people bathe the revered Phra Buddha Sihing image. The temple compound includes the lovely Lai Kham chapel with its exquisite woodcarvings and northern-style murals, and a magnificent scriptural repository with striking bas relief. 
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Wat Suan Dok

Wat Suan DokSuthep Road
This temple was built in a 14th century Lanna Thai monarch’s pleasure gardens and is a favourite spot for photographers, particularly for striking sunsets. Several of the white chedis contain ashes of Chiang Mai’s former royal family. The 500- year-old bronze Buddha image in a secondary chapel is one of Thailand’s larg-est metal images.
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Wat Chiang Man

Wat Chiang ManRatchaphakhinai Road
This is Chiang Mai’s oldest temple and probably dates from 1296. The temple was the residence of King Mengrai, who founded Chiang Mai, and is noteworthy for a chedi supported by rows of elephantine buttresses, and a small ancient Buddha image, Phra Kaeo Khao.
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Wat Ku Tao

Wat Ku Taonear Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium
This temple is noteworthy for an unusual bulbous pagoda. The structure is decorated with colourful porcelain chips and is believed to represent five Buddhist monks’ alms bowls which symbolise five Lord Buddhas.
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Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi LuangPhrapokklao Road
This temple is the site of an enormous pagoda, originally 280 feet high, and which was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1545. At one time, Wat Chedi Luang housed the revered Emerald Buddha image now enshrined in Bangkok’s Wat Phra Kaeo. A magnificent Naga staircase adorns the chapel’s front porch.
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Wat Chet Yot

Wat Chet YotChinag Mai-Lam Pang Super Highway
This temple dates from 1458. The sevenspired square chedi was inspired by designs at Bodhagaya, the site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment in north India over 2,500 years ago, and was built by Lanna Thai architects after visiting the holy site.
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Wat U-Mong

Wat U-MongSuthep Road
This delightful meditation temple is completely different from Chiang Mai’s other major temples and enjoys a bucolic forest setting. The ancient chedi is of particular interest.
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Khruba Sriwichai Monument

Khruba Sriwichai Monumentfoot of Suthep Mountain
This monument honours the man whose followers built the first motor road to Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in 1935.
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Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep15 km from town on 1004 route
This temple is Chiang Mai’s most important and visible landmark, and overlooks the city from its forested mountain backdrop. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is 3,520 feet above sea level, and dates from 1383. The temple is approached on foot by climbing a steep Naga staircase comprising 290 steps. The less energetic may ascend by funicular railcars. The temple’s golden pagoda contains holy Buddha relics, and attracts Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world throughout the year. The temple compound offers an exhilarating view of Chiang Mai city and surrounding countryside.
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Wat Phra Borommathat Si Chom Thong

Wat Pgra Borom58 km from Chiang Mai town ,108 route
This temple is 58 kilometres from Chiang Mai and dates from the mid-1400s. The temple houses a collection of bronze Buddha images, and the secondary chapel contains a holy Buddha relic.
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