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Founded in 1262 by King Meng Rai, Chiang Rai was once the capital of Lanna Thai (Kingdom of a Million Ricefields). Located 785 kilometres north of Bangkok and 580 metres above sea level, the province marks the northernmost borders of Thailand. Several natural walls of high mountains surround it and separate it from Myanmar and Laos.


Chiang Rai is home to serveral ethnic minorities include Tai Yai, Akha, Lahu, Lisu, Karen, Yao and more. Each group has its own language, costume, customs, and religious beliefs.
Most of the whole area of Chiang Rai is coverd by high mountains and forests which are well-kept and abundant. Because of these unspoiled natural resources, Chiang Rai is paradise for nature lovers.

Chiang Rai also well known for the area called The Golden Triangle. This area where the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos converge was once supposed to be the center of all the opium poppy growing in Thailand. 

Attractions in Chiang Rai 

Chiang Rai City

Chiang Rai City

Chiang Rai City
Enjoy a pleasant ride by trishaw, the favorite mode of local transportation, visit Chiang Rai’s Lanna-style temples.

Rafting & Trekking
Take a raft ride along the scenic Mae Kok River to the hilltribe villages. 

Into The Mountains

Into The Mountains
Doi Tung
Visit the palace of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother.

Doi Mae Salong
The mountain top settlement, home to descendents of Chinese Nationalist soldiers who fled to Thailand.

Doi Hua Mae Kham
Admire the tiny blooms which turn the entire mountain in to yellow and visit the Lisor hilltribe village. 

Northward Bound

Northward Bound

Mae Sai
Shop for goods from Myanmar and China at Thailand’s northernmost point.

The Golden Triangle
The world-famous place where the borders of Thailand,Burma and Laos meet.

Chiang Saen
See the ruins of this ancient city.

Chiang Khong
Visit the Yao and Hmong hilltribe villages.

Seas Of Fog

Seas Of Fog

Doi Pha Tang
Thanks to cherry blossoms and mountain mists.

 Phu Chi Fa
The best spot to enjoy the sunrise in Chiang Rai.


Roam among wild forests in national parks, swimming in the waterfalls and camping underneath its astral ceiling.

Doi Luang National Park
Khun Chae National Park


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