Thai Food

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Thai FoodThe greatest thing you can’t miss when you visit Thailand is tasting Thai food. Thai food is unique and becomes one of the most popular symbols of Thailand. Thai food tastes spicy, sour, and simply delicious. Chili and coconut are main ingredients in most menus. Dishes that do not comprise of chili are usually served with sauces made from chili. Other ingredients like lemon, galingale, and lemon grass help prevent cancer.

Thai food varies in each part of the country. It is mainly divided into four groups of four geographical regions: the north, the northeast, the middle, and the south. Thai food is as diverse as the peoples, history, cultures, the natural environment, and the neighboring countries. Northern food is influenced by Burmese food; many northeastern dishes derive from Cambodian food whereas southern food has some similarities to Malay food.

The Royal Cuisine

The Royal CuisineSometimes translated into English as Palace Cuisine, this is a heritage from the days of absolute monarchy, when only the best was served at the Royal table. Every dish must be pleasing to both the eye and the palate. Not only must the ingredients be carefully selected and the cooking techniques perfected, the presentation must also be creative. Today Royal cuisine can be sampled at some restaurants whose chefs are descended from, or were trained by, former palace chefs. Look for the key word “Royal” or “Palace” in their names.
Some cooking schools offer classes on this refined art, but if you don’t have the time or the inclination, you can opt for just a vegetable and fruit carving class. Most schools and restaurants offering cooking classes can arrange such a course, which can take anywhere from an afternoon to a whole week. After a few basic sessions and some practice at home, you should be able to wow your dinner guests with your new skills.

How to order Thai food

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