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Bangkok: Parks

Written by admin on January 5th, 2014. Posted in Bangkok

Lumpini Park 

Lumpini ParkLumpini Park was a huge open space of over 300 rai belonging to King Rama VI, who issued a royal command to turn the area into a public park as a gift to Bangkok residents.
Today, it is run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, which has planted numerous flowers, plants and trees, including bambooes and palm gardens. In the center is a large lake with paddleboats for a romantic outing or special family experience. Every early morning , the park is packed with people who turn it into a lively open-air fitness center. The outer path becomes a jogging track for the young and the old alike, and a meeting spot for the Lumpini Running Club and people who likes to stretch their legs.

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak ParkChatuchak Park is a 190-rai piece of land at the junction of Phaholyothin and Vibhavadi Rungsit Roads. This large green area is dotted with colorful flowers, a children’s playground and health area. There are also nine pieces of ASEAN sculptures that enhance the character of the park.
The park is better known for the enormous Weekend Market that takes place in one corner. This very popular spot is a shopping paradise, with a wide range of merchandise from antiques art works and books to garments, furniture, plants, pets, food and appliances. Just remember to bargain and take your time to look around and discover the many fascinating treasures.

Rama IX Royal Park

Rama IX Royal ParkRama IX Royal Park covering 500 rai in Prawet District is located. The park was built as a heartfelt gift from Bangkok residents to their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX, on the Occasion of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej 60th birthday anniversary in 1987. Many special structures were included in this park for educational purposes. The Chalerm Prakiet compound contains the Rajamangkala Pavilion, the Maharaja Garden and botanical gardens where plants of many different species are found. The huge Tapangkeow Reservoir was built specifically both as a place to relieve Bangkok of flash floods and also as a venue for water sports. 

Seri Thai Park 

Seri Thai ParkSen Thai Park, was named after the road where it is located. His Majesty the King initiated this water garden in 1987 as a catchment area for excess rainwater to prevent flooding in Bangkok’s eastern suburbs. Formerly it was a natural swamp area known as Bung Gume or Bung Tha Thong, which covers over 350 rai. Seri Thai Park differs from other public areas in Bangkok in that it maintains a small wooded area on one side, while the other side is beautiful landscaped. 

Thon Buri Park 

Thonburi ParkThon Buri Park , located in Ratchaburana District on the oppslte side of the river, is a treasure trove of potted plants. Covering a greenbelt of 63 rai on the outskirts of the city, the park is famous for its nursery of ornamental plants, and is huanted by plant enthusiasts seeking to expand their horticultural knowledge.
A former detention center in the old part of Bangkok on Mahachai Road has been turned into a compact park in honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th birthday anniversary The old prison walls and look out towers have been retained to remind visitors of its unusual beginning, but within Rommaninat Park is a delightful children’s playground, a sport tracks and a penal museum highlighting information of Thai prisons in olden times.

Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri ParkBenchasiri Park on Sukhumvit Road, near soi 24, also honors the Queen’s 60th birthday anniversary. Being a compact park around a lake, it features a huge sculpture of a commemorative coin illustrating an image of the Queen. Located elsewhere are an exhibition pavilion of royal activities, a multi-purpose square, a wooded garden, a children’s playground, a swimming pool, a sports area for takraw, volleyball, basketball and skateboards. In addition, a stage area by the lake for concerts attracts large crowds of park visitors and passers-by.