Do’s & Don’ts for Trekkers

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Tips & Facts

- National parks and wildlife sanctuaries have rules for visitors that are made to ensure environmental protection as well as your own safety. You can contribute to the preservation of Thailand’s natural heritage by observing the simple rules of leaving nothing behind, taking nothing with you.

- Avoid narcotics, essentially everything from ‘soft drugs’ such as marijuana to ‘hard drugs’ such as opium and heroin, both during travel and at hilltribe villages. There are severe penalties for such usage.

- Valuables, such as passport, jewelry and money, should be deposited in the safe of your hotel or guest house while you are trekking upcountry.

- Wear sensible clothing to protect your limbs and sleep under a mosquito net at night. Malaria is a real threat, and sensible precautions should be taken to avoid it.

- Bring warm clothes during the cool months, November-February. Pack light and bring along insect repellant for jungle trek or camping trip.

When visiting hilltribe villages trekkers should also remember to

- Respect hilltribe beliefs and religious symbols and structures.

- Dress modestly. Hilltribe people are generally modest. Inappropriate attire may offend them.

- Ask permission before photographing someone. Some villages do not permit photography.

- Avoid trading western medicines and articles of clothing. Contributions to their welfare, items such as pens, paper, needles, thread, cloth and material used for embroidery are perfectly acceptable.