Best Time to Visit Thailand

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Travel Articles

Where? and When?

No matter where in the world you are going to travel to, you need to find out the answer to these 2 questions before making the trip. Going to the right place at the right time will make your trip more worthwhile and more impressive.

Generally, the best time to visit Thailand is between November to February which is the cool season. However, because of the diversity in landscape, tradition and culture, Thailand can be visited at all time of the year if you know where to go and when is the right time for that.


When traveling to each part of Thailand, you should also consider the season and the weather at a particular time of the year for a perfectly enjoyable trip.

The Central and the East

Summer begins in about March or April, during which the weather is quite hot. From the end of May to October is rainy season. November to February is wintertime. Actually the weather is cold only for a few days and it may even be hot for the rest of the time. 

 The North and the Northeast

There are 3 seasons at the same period of time as in the Central. However, winter in these 2 regions is colder than in other parts of the country. On top of the mountains, particularly, may get as cold as 0°C. Winter (November – January) is the best time to visit the North and the Northeast because it is the blooming season and the weather is most beautiful. 

The South

Unlike other regions, there are only 2 seasons in the South—summer and rainy season. There is more rain here during rainy season than in anywhere else in the country.

In the south, the peninsula lays southwards separating the Thai Gulf in the east from the Andaman Sea in the west. The best time for the West Side (Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi) is during November to April. Apart from that is the time of monsoon season which makes it difficult and dangerous to take a boat to visit the islands. The good time for the East Side of the coast (Koh Samui, Hat Yai), on the contrary, is during May to October.

If you want to visit both sides of the coast—the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, we recommend making the trip during March to April.

Holidays and Long Weekends

Visiting Thailand during traditional fairs and events is an opportunity to see and learn about Thai culture and way of life. However, during important festivities with long holidays, people will flux out of Bangkok for vacations. People from other provinces who work in Bangkok also take these times to visit their families back home. Touristic places will be crowded with tourists. Hotels and resorts will be all taken. 

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If you love calm, quiet nature, you should avoid traveling during these times or just change your peaceful schedule to see more in Bangkok instead. (There will be no traffic in Bangkok during these times for sure.)
But if you want to witness traditional festivities, you should depart prior to the holidays and make a reservation for hotels and tickets about a month ahead of time.  

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Also avoid making the trip back to Bangkok on the last day of the holidays or long weekends when a huge number of people is heading back to Bangkok at the same time.