Manhattan Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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Editor’s Review

The reason why guests feel that the Manhattan Hotel is good value is that they are provided comprehensive facilities, yet spend only a little money.


The hotel is situated in a central business district, is convenient for travel, and is surrounded by shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues popular with tourists. It is only 5 minutes walk from Asok BTS skytrain station. Due to the hotel’s location off the main road, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet, suitable for relaxation after the stress of day-long travel and outdoor activities.


The selling point that most pleases guests regarding accommodation in the hotel is the spacious, clean, comfortable and quiet rooms, where guests are not disturbed by external noise. However, there were some complaints about the bathrooms, which were small and contained tiles and wallpaper which were quite old. The hotel has already addressed some of these points as a matter of urgency.

Services and breakfast

When asked about the quality of service, hotel guests remarked that they were impressed by the professional and flawless service of the polite, attentive and friendly hotel staff, and did not bring up any complaints. This encourages other people to decide to stay at the hotel.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel’s facilities are moderate, but it seems that guests are not very interested in, or rarely speak about this issue, although they sometimes comment on the spacious lobby, which has a modern design and offers guest Internet access. Another aspect which guests focus on is the breakfast service, which offers a variety
of international fare for guests to choose from. The cuisine is appetizing, but some guests
complain that the breakfast is the same every day, so those staying several
days may get a little bored of the food.

It cannot be denied that, based on the comments of guests, the hotel’s location is convenient for travel, the service is professional and the room rates and quality are good value, and do not leave you with the feeling that your stay was a waste of money. These are the main reasons why this hotel is popular with guests.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Situated in a central business district. Only 5 minutes walk from BTS skytrain station.
  • The bathrooms are small and quite old.
  • Located off the main road, so, the atmosphere is peaceful and quiet.
  • Professional service. Helpful staffs.
  • Spacious, clean, comfortable and quiet rooms.
  • Good breakfast.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Editor’s Visit

    After hearing guests’ comments about various aspects of the Manhattan Hotel,
    we took the liberty of requesting the permission of the hotel to make a visit
    in order to draft an article. As soon as we exited Asok BTS skytrain station,
    we headed for Sukhumvit Soi 15, which took only a little over 3 minutes’ walk
    to reach. The Manhattan Hotel was around 100 metres into Soi 15, and altogether
    it must have taken less than 5 minutes.

    The surrounding area

    Those who appreciate ease of travel will be pleased to hear this,
    as the hotel is situated near the main road, not far into the soi.
    We didn’t see many shops near the hotel, and the atmosphere was nice
    and quiet, not too busy or noisy. It wouldn’t be a bad idea at all
    to stay in this area. Before stepping inside, shall we have a look
    at the hotel from the outside a little? The hotel is a large, square,
    well-designed and decorated building of approximately 9 storeys,
    and looks as though it may have been open for quite a long time.

    The hotel lobby

    As soon as we enter the hotel, we find the lobby area, which in general
    is quite spacious. It is divided into three sections:
    the front reception, Internet centre and foot massage parlour.

    Front reception area.
    Guest seating in the lobby area.
    Internet centre in the lobby area.
    Foot massage in the lobby area.

    The Restaurants

    There are also two restaurants in the hotel serving guests around the clock. The Broadway
    Coffee Shop is situated on the front right side of the hotel, next to the front reception,
    and offers guests a buffet breakfast and general menu. The restaurant
    is decorated in a simple style and is spacious, but not luxurious or eye-catching.

    The Broadway Coffee Shop.

    The Jin Seng Korean restaurant

    The Jin Seng Korean restaurant, however, which is situated on the front
    left side of the hotel, has a much better atmosphere than the Broadway Coffee
    Shop, as it is decorated in a modern style and the tables and chairs are
    arranged in corners, creating a feeling of privacy.

    The Jin Seng Restaurant.
    The Jin Seng Restaurant.

    The Room

    There are a total of 203 hotel rooms, located on the 3rd to 9th floors. Guests staying on the higher floors at the front of the hotel are lucky, as they are offered a clear view of the city, and views from rooms on the lower floors are less impressive. Superior, Executive and Deluxe rooms are generally preferred by guests, and we were very disappointed to learn that we would be unable to visit the Superior room due to lack of availability. This type of room is very
    popular with guests, so we had especially wanted to make a visit.

    Therefore, we only had the opportunity to visit two types of room:
    the Executive and the Deluxe. However, we can sum up briefly that,
    according to the hotel staff, Executive rooms are in fact Superior rooms
    which have been renovated. The extra features of the Executive room
    are the tea and coffee facilities, dressing gowns and bathroom slippers.
    Apart from this, the Superior and Executive rooms are the same, both in
    their area of 28sq.m. and their amenities. Which type of room guests choose to stay in will depend on their budget.

    The Executive Room

    If guests decide to stay in the Executive room in order to benefit from the newer and smarter
    room and amenities, they must of course pay more. Interest in the Superior rooms lies in their
    availability and very inexpensive rates. Although some features have been improved,
    those features which have yet to be renovated leave something to be desired.

    Executive Room
    Executive Room

    Let’s make a brief visit to the Executive bathroom. Guests will have to put up
    with the bathroom a little, as there isn’t much room. This may be because it includes
    a bathtub, which makes the area seem a little smaller.

    Executive bathroom

    The Deluxe room

    Let’s continue to the Deluxe room. This type of room is better than we’ve seen in
    other hotels, in that it features a private living room area separate from the bedroom;
    in fact, it would be better if this design were called a ‘Suite’. The room size and
    amenities are the same as the Executive room, but the Deluxe provides TVs both in the
    bedroom and the living area. In general, the room is clean, and the various amenities
    in the room are new, evidence that the room has recently been renovated.

    Deluxe room
    Deluxe room

    Although we did not praise the interior décor in the bathroom, as it seemed a little
    too simple, but if we consider the size of the bathroom, we can confirm that it is really
    spacious, with easily enough room for 3 people. The bathroom provides both a shower and a

    Deluxe Bathroom

    In summary then, the Deluxe, with an area of 34 sq.m. and its in-room amenities, should
    not fail to please guests, especially those travelling as families or requiring a room for
    3 people. It’s a pity that this type of room is limited in number to only 2 rooms per floor,
    so our advice is to make reservations well in advance.

    The hotel facilities

    The hotel offers quite an array of facilities. In addition to the restaurant, Internet
    centre and foot massage parlour located on the ground floor, the second floor offers more
    leisure facilities, such as a fitness centre, salon and massage and treatment parlour.

    The fitness centre is in the same area as the Thai Massage Parlour.
    Salon Room
    On the 2nd floor are two more shops: a souvenir shop and a jewellery shop.

    The swimming pool

    The swimming pool is situated on the 3rd floor, and is designed in a heart-shape.
    Do we feel romantic when we see it? I’m afraid not, but it looks cute. The pool is
    medium-sized and surrounded by small and large plants, providing a fresh and shady
    atmosphere. The water is very clear and appealing.

    The heart-shape swimming pool.

    massage & treatment

    As far as we have seen, the pride of the hotel must be the massage and treatment parlour,
    which is very popular with guests, especially the foot massage and traditional Thai massage
    services. The hotel staff is very proud of this, and we didn’t disagree, as merely the
    atmosphere and soft aroma made us feel drowsy and start yawning.

    Thai Massage

    We must bring our visit to the Manhattan Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely
    hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in
    the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Manhattan Hotel
    and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and
    providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information,
    we apologize in advance.