Silom Serene Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

Written by admin on January 8th, 2014. Posted in Where to Stay in Phuket

Editor’s Review

In the central district of Silom, which reflects Bangkok’s status as a busy and crowded business metropolis, a quiet and private place to stay is hard to find, unless you have the opportunity to stay at the Silom Serene Hotel.


Its location is perfect: not far from Patpong and Taniya roads, well-known nightlife spots, but also surrounded by an abundance of shopping centres and restaurants. Most importantly, the hotel is only 5 to 8 minutes walk from BTS sky-train and MRT underground stations.


The accommodation available here also offers a relaxing experience that keeps guests coming back for more, with its new, modern and clean refurbished rooms and comprehensive and improved facilities. If guests prefer an atmosphere that emphasizes comfort, warmth and good value, rather than luxury, the Silom Serene is an appealing choice, as its standards are comparable those of European hotels.

Hotel Facilities

Although the pool and gardens are a little small in size, it is these two facilities that give the Silom Serene its fresh and lively atmosphere. Guests are always impressed, comparing them to an oasis in the Silom area. Unfortunately however, no free wireless Internet access is offered.

Services and breakfast

The overall service is very satisfactory, and the hotel staff is polite, friendly and sincere. The breakfast is tasty and offers a wide selection of dishes to choose from. The Ormthong Restaurant’s a la carte menu offers celebrated traditional Thai dishes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Located in the heart of Silom and not far from well-known nightlife spots and sky train/subway stations.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Modern and clean refurbished rooms.
  • Tasty Breakfast with wide selection of dishes.
  • Polite and friendly service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    With a slogan like ’a world of your own in the heart of the city’, the team could not resist the urge to visit the Silom Serene.

    Getting to The Hotel

    After travelling to Sala Daeng BTS station, take Exit 2, descend the stairs on the right and proceed straight along Silom Road, taking note of the CP Tower landmark.

    In front of the hotel.

    On the way, we looked for the sign for Silom Soi 3, and it was not long before we found it. Walk just 100m into the side-street, and you will discover the Silom Serene Hotel, located on the left-hand side. In all, it must have taken us around 8 minutes to walk this distance.

    The Hotel a Grance

    The hotel’s outer appearance is of a small, 8 storey building, situated at the beginning of Silom Road, a centre for business and tourism which is full of office buildings, financial institutions, large malls, international restaurants, nightlife spots and various types of entertainment venue.

    The Lobby

    As the Silom Serene is a small hotel, the lobby area seems rather compact, yet is adequate and comfortable for guests. The seating provided for guests is particularly impressive, as it is adjacent to a lush garden, visible through the glass.

    Front Reception
    Reception Area
    The Garden View, visible from the guest reception area.


    A combination of its natural, beautifully-landscaped design and our thirst for knowledge lead us to walk out for a touch of real nature. As a result, we find that many other facilities also surround this area.

    The Outdoor Swimming Pool and the Jacuzzi Pool

    One of these is the outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Although the pool may seem small, it is beautifully-designed and offers a natural atmosphere. If we didn’t have to visit other parts of the hotel, we would have liked to take a seat here for a while.

    The Fitness Centre

    The fitness room offers a variety of different types of exercise equipment, such as treadmills and weight-training equipment, all of which is in good and new condition. The fitness room has a capacity of not more than 10 guests.

    The Steam Room

    Stream Room

    Also there is a steam room, separated into men’s and women’s sections. All of these facilities are offered with free of charge.

    The Business Center

    Wi-fi Internet access is also available, albeit subject to a service charge. Just contact the Business Centre to request registration. In addition, the Lobby Lounge TV and library are also provided for guests. In the future, this area will be used for meeting rooms, requested by popular demand; most of the guests here are business travellers.

    The Accommodation

    As soon as we see the sweet smiles of the hotel staff from the distance, we know that visiting the accommodation will be a positive experience. We are sure that this will be the highlight of the hotel. The hotel rooms are located from the 2nd to the 8th floors, and there are a total of 86 rooms. The best views are offered from the same side as the swimming pool, whereas those from rooms adjacent to the road are more ordinary. The hotel has installed double-glazed windows, which helps to prevent the annoyance of exterior noise. Guests wishing to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment will no doubt be pleased to hear this. Prior to our visit to the Silom Serene, the hotel had started refurbishing the hotel rooms, so that they look more modern and offer more comfort to guests. Subject to refurbishment, every room type will offer laminated flooring instead of carpets in the interests of improved sanitation, and a 32″ LCD TV as standard.

    In future, rooms will be refurbished to resemble the picture below.

    Therefore, what we are about to describe is the present condition of the room, which has been refurbished in part, but not in its entirety, since renovations are carried out part by part in order to limit the disturbance to resident guests.

    The Deluxe Room

    The Deluxe is the most common room type, and is designed in a modern style, with a faint hint of the classic. What especially impresses us is the balanced arrangement of furniture within the room’s 30sq.m. area, making it seem spacious and open.

    Deluxe room and available facilities within the room.

    Moreover, the laminated flooring also helps to prevent the build-up of dust, ensuring the room looks clean and is free from damp odours. However, I’m not sure whether the Deluxe’s bathroom, tiled in emerald, will impress guests as much as it has us. The bathroom is a reasonable size: not too large, but beautifully-decorated with a fresh atmosphere.

    Deluxe Bathroom

    The 1 Bedoom Suite

    The next room type we visit is especially suited to long-stay guests. With an area of 60sq.m., the 1 Bedroom Suite may be divided into a bedroom and living room. The bedroom contains a King Size bed with DVD player, and the living room features a kitchenette, living area and work desk. The interior decor is identical in all room types, which differ only in terms of size and extra amenities.

    1 bedroom suite and available facilities within the room.

    The living room and work area.
    Kitchenette in the living room

    The 1 Bedroom Suite’s bathroom varies to that of other room types in that it is larger and separated into bath and shower areas.

    Bathroom in the 1 Bedroom Suite

    The hotel’s connecting rooms link the 1 Bedroom Suite to the Deluxe (only twin beds are provided). Therefore, guests requiring a connecting room must reserve a 1 Bedroom Suite and a Deluxe Room. Don’t forget to note this down in the “Other Requests” box of the Booking Form.

    The Ormthong restaurant

    Our tour of the accommodation has now come to an end, but one matter still remains to be discussed:the Ormthong restaurant, which is located on the lobby floor and serves a buffet breakfast from 5.30am to 10.30am. Lunch is served from an a la carte menu, and recommended dishes include traditional Thai cuisine, such as Traditional Crispy Pancake and Deep Fried Chicken with Kaffer Lime Leaves, but particularly pleasing to foreign visitors are the Chicken Green Curry, Massaman Curry and Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Pork (or Chicken) with Fried Cashew Nuts.

    Inside the Aom-Chom Restaurant
    Non smoking area

    We must bring our visit to the Silom Serene Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for travellers looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Silom Serene Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.