The Emerald Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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Editor’s Review

The strengths of the Emerald Hotel are its location, its facilities and the charm of its accommodation.


In addition to Huay Khwang MRT underground station, the hotel is also surrounded by entertainment venues, renowned restaurants and department stores. Exhausted by their daytime activities, travellers are able to relax by taking a evening stroll to the various entertainment spots in the Ratchada district, or otherwise opt to rest in the large hotel rooms, elaborately decorated in a classic style, such as the Deluxe room in the Emerald Wing, which offers a scenic view of the city from the best corner of the building.


Although the Atrium Wing looks rather old, it features the Junior Suites, offering a wonderfully romantic atmosphere for couples, and the Superior room, suitable for those travelling in groups of 1 to 2. Besides their reasonable rates, the rooms also look impressive and stylish. Hi-speed internet access is provided in every room, but unfortunately is not free of charge.

Hotel Facilities

The hotel boasts many appealing facilities, such as its fitness and aerobics centre, its swimming pool in natural surroundings, and Emerald Spa which offers a real science of relaxation.

Services and breakfast

On the subject of cuisine, guests greatly appreciate the atmosphere, interior decor and tasty fare of the Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The Coffee Shop’s breakfast is impressively tasty, and offers a wide selection of dishes. However, during the high season when guests arrive in large numbers, seating is sometimes insufficient. Nonetheless, the hotel staff generally treats its guests with honour and respect, and is friendly, mild-mannered and eager to assist.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Surrounded by entertainment venues as well as the MRT station.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Very resonable room rates.
  • Offers many appealing facilities for health-lovers
  • Breakfast is impressively tasty, and offers a wide selection of dishes.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The team invites travellers to visit the Emerald Hotel, one of the most popular for both leisure and business tourists.

    Getting to the hotel

    The Emerald Hotel’s location on the main road, approximately 150m from Huay Khwang station, is very convenient for travellers using the MRT underground. After alighting the train at Huay Khwang, take Exit 3 and proceed directly to the hotel. A wealth of entertainment venues is situated near the hotel.

    The gardens and parking area in front of the hotel.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The area at the front of the hotel is used as a guest car park, and is landscaped as a striking, lush garden with trees and plants of all sizes. The hotel is divided into two buildings: the Atrium Wing, which is 14 storeys high and situated at the front, and the Emerald Wing, which is newer and located to the rear.

    The front of the hotel.

    The view of the hotel from the front is deceptive, and makes us feel that it is only a medium-scale hotel, but after moving from the front to the side, we are able to see clearly its considerable width and length, as well as the height of the Emerald Wing, which stands 28 storeys high and makes the hotel look even more prominent. This is another large-scale hotel in the Ratchada district, offering 619 rooms in total.

    Note: The hotel’s positioning and its wide and long design mean that most rooms offer attractive views of the city.
    The hotel’s lobby entrance.

    The Lobby

    The word “lobby” may be insufficient to describe the place in which we are standing, as it is so spacious and high that we are able to see the hotel’s top floor from inside. To be more accurate, is should be called an “atrium”. With its airy and comfortable atmosphere, this is a place where you can relax and fill your lungs with air. The central square section of the atrium is designed as the Lobby Lounge, and is the first spot that travellers will notice upon entering the hotel. Guests walking into the lounge may be captivated by the clear capsule objects moving between the hotel floors. We are alluding, of course, to the elevators at the front of the atrium, the only place in the hotel which offers these beautifully-designed, striking glass elevators. No doubt guests will be eager to try using them.

    The position from which the top floor of the Atrium Wing may be seen from the lobby.
    The glass elevators in the lobby area.
    Check in reception front.

    Cake Shop

    The Coffee Shop, which is large and seats around 350 guests. Those reserving rooms with breakfast will be served an American buffet breakfast here from 6am to 10.30am. A buffet lunch is also served between 11.30am and 14.30pm, and a soft-boiled rice buffet between 6pm and 12am.

    The Accommodation

    Now it’s time we visited the hotel rooms. All types of accommodation feature hi-speed Internet access for guests requiring the service and wireless Internet access is provided throughout the building, subject to a service charge.

    As it happens, we find ourselves in the Atrium Wing at the moment, so let’s take the lift and visit the accommodation on offer in this building first. The Atrium Wing provides a total of 322 rooms. The most popular rooms in this wing are the Superior and Deluxe rooms and the Junior and Executive suites.

    If you require a low cost, good value room, please read on

    As soon as we exit the lift, the hotel staff member invites us to visit the most common type of room, exclusive to this wing. The Superior rooms number 184 in total and offer the lowest room rates available in the hotel. With an area of 33sq.m., the Superior offers a classic design and in-room amenities suitable for both business and leisure travellers.

    Superior room

    The rooms are impeccably clean, and those on the higher floors also offer a clear view of the city. This room type is located on the 5th to 10th floors, but almost half of the rooms are on the inside of the building, offering views of the courtyard.

    Superior Bathroom

    The feature of the Superior bathroom which most pleases guests is its spacious area and marble interior decor.

    Tip: The Superior is suitable for guests travelling in groups of two who require a less expensive room than is available in the Sukhumvit or Silom areas, yet still wish to enjoy the same level of convenience.

    The advantage of the Deluxe is the spacious size of its bathroom

    To those guests who are not satisfied by the size of the Superior, we would recommend the Deluxe. Situated in the Emerald Wing, the Deluxe boasts an area of 40sq.m. and should provide sufficient space for 2 to 3 guests to stay in comfort. The Deluxe rooms are longer than they are wide, in new condition and feature amenities that will please both business and leisure travellers. As far as we could tell, all the hotel rooms are designed in a classic style.

    Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Bathroom

    The Deluxe bathroom is very spacious. In fact, with a bathroom as large as this, it should really be called the ‘Bathroom Suite’.

    Note: The Deluxe rooms in the Emerald Wing number 235 in total, and are located from the 11th floor upwards. Therefore, this room type offers a striking city view.

    To honeymooners, we would like to recommend the Junior Suite.

    After visiting the Deluxe, we feel that its area and in-room amenities should be ample for guests, but may lack a little in terms of romantic atmosphere. If guests would like this type of ambience, they should try the Junior Suite, exclusive to the Atrium Wing.

    Junior Suite

    With a total area of 65sq.m., the Junior Suite is divided into a bedroom and living room, equipped with identical in-room amenities: a television, work desk and direct line phone. Furthermore, the living room features a larger mini-bar than is available in standard rooms, a dining room set and long sofa for relaxation. All Junior Suite rooms offer a window view of the courtyard, and it is rumoured are most admired by honeymooners.

    Bathroom in the Junior Suite

    The bathroom of the Junior Suite features the same design as that of the Deluxe, only differing in respect of its colour scheme.

    Tip: The Junior Suite in this hotel is unusual in that it is as large as the standard suites in many other hotels, and is therefore considered very good value.

    The Executive Suite

    Finally, we will visit the Executive Suite. The special features of this room type are its spacious area of 75sq.m.; its position in the corner of the building, which offers a city view from both the bedroom and living room; its elegant interior design; and its good quality and comprehensive amenities.

    Executive Suite in the Atrium Wing
    Facilities in the room

    On the subject of the bathroom, we can guarantee its spaciousness, divided into bath and shower areas.

    Emerald Wing Executive Suites

    If guests happen to reserve this room type, but end up staying in a room that seems in excess of 75sq.m., they may count themselves lucky that the hotel also offers Executive Suites in the Emerald Wing, as guests may enjoy an extra 15sq.m. as a result.

    When we enters the bathroom, we are amazed by its spaciousness and luxurious design. The bathroom in this room type is designed in cloudy white marble, differing to that of the Atrium Wing, and looks exceptionally clean. We are able to summarize then, that apart from the bathroom, there is no difference between the bedroom, living room and various in-room amenities of this room type in either wing. The Executive Suite may be regarded as one of the highlights of the hotel.

    Bathroom in the Executive Suite , The Emeral Wing

    The Emerald Wing: a centre for the hotel’s facilities

    The Emerald Wing does not merely provide accommodation, but also acts as a centre for the hotel’s various appealing facilities. If we were to describe all of the facilities, you would surely fall asleep reading about them, so we shall only present the highlights.

    The Swimming Pool

    We start on the 15th floor of this wing. Immediately as we walk out of the building, we behold the swimming pool, which is quite large in size and designed in the style of a resort pool in order to provide a fresh atmosphere while also offering the opportunity to admire a view of the cityscape. The area is well-ventilated by a constant gentle breeze, so we are inclined to stay a while and enjoy the view. Sunbeds line the walkway, and a pool-side bar also offers refreshments. The swimming pool’s opening hours are from 7am to 8pm.

    Facilities for Health-lovers

    Let’s move on to the hotel’s health club, located on the 11th floor. This floor serves as a centre for indoor sports for both health and recreation purposes, such as the snooker room, squash court, sauna and steam room, and especially the jacuzzi room, which offers both hot and cold water jacuzzis. All of the facilities mentioned here, however, are subject to a service charge, although free services are also on offer if you would prefer. Just walk up to the next floor and you will find a large fitness club, divided into treadmill and weight-lifting equipment sections. It is rumoured that the hotel’s aerobic dance room is very popular with guests, especially for practising yoga. The Heath Club provides trainers to offer close supervision. If you have the chance, try out the service. It’s open from 6.30am to 10pm.

    The treadmill exercise room.
    The weights room.
    The hot water jacuzzi.
    The cold water jacuzzi.
    The aerobic dance room.
    Snooker room.

    Emerald Spa, offering an atmosphere of genuine relaxation

    For guests who prefer to sit, lie down and find someone to alleviate their aches and pains, walking down to the 10th floor would be a wise decision, as here you will find Emerald Spa.

    Emerald Spa invites guests to experience its atmosphere of genuine relaxation, like a restful night’s sleep. It is as quiet and dark as the night, and any guest visiting cannot help but be bewitched into sleepy drowsiness. In this respect, the spa’s unique interior design must be praised.

    Either side of the walkway that we use to visit the various rooms is decorated with dark purple lamps, which shine dimly throughout the corridor. We are also able to detect the subtle fragrance of petals. The rooms offer a genuinely quiet ambience, attractive interior decor as well as real spaciousness and comfort. The spa provides Thai traditional massage, treatment, and oil and foot massage rooms.

    Treatment Room
    Thai Massage Room
    The foot massage room.

    Daiichi Japanese Restaurant

    Finally, as we reach the end of our tour, we would like to invite travellers to visit two restaurants popular with guests, starting with the Daiichi Japanese Restaurant. The main fare on offer here is the Japanese-style buffet and various interesting sushi and barbecue dishes. Guests wishing to try Thai-style seafood or Western cuisine will be pleased to hear that some dishes are on offer in the buffet. In addition, a la carte menus are also available, wherein guests are charged per dish.

    Guests may choose to be seated in an open-air environment or in a private room, and only the a la carte menu is available at dinner time.

    Yok Chinese Restaurant

    Still on the second floor, next we will visit the Yok Chinese Restaurant, where the dim sum buffet is popular with most guests. Shark’s fin soup, Peking duck and many other dishes may be recommended from the a la carte menu. The restaurant is divided into a dining room for general guests, with a capacity of approximately 220 seats, and a total of 11 VIP dining rooms. All rooms are designed in an oriental style, and the restaurant opens for lunch and dinner.

    The guest dining room.
    VIP Room

    We must bring our visit to the Emerald Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our
    review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok.
    Most importantly, we would like to thank the Emerald Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.