Unico Grand Silom Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

Written by admin on January 8th, 2014. Posted in Travel Articles

Editor’s Review

Its convenient location, spacious rooms, friendly service and roof-deck pool are the outstanding features of the Unico Grand Silom Hotel.


The Unico Grand Silom is located in the central section of Silom Road, which seems quieter and more suitable for relaxation than the beginning of the road, which is almost always crowded. Although the hotel is distant from nightlife entertainment spots such as Patpong and Thaniya, they are not more than 15 minutes walking distance away, and the local vicinity provides ample eating and shopping opportunities, as well as other popular services such as traditional massage. Furthermore, the hotel is in close proximity to an area in Silom renowned for its jewellery shops. Travelling to the main districts of Sukhumvit, Siam, Chatuchak Market and Sathorn Port isn’t a daunting prospect by any means, as guests may use the BTS sky-train at Chong Nonsi Station, approximately 10 minutes walking distance away.


What stands out most about the hotel must be its spacious accommodation, as 40 sq.m. city rooms like these are few and far between, and subject to much higher room rates. Moreover, its comprehensive in-room amenities, more than sufficient to cater to guests’ needs, are another reason why the rooms may be considered good value. Some types of room which have yet to be renovated do not look so modern, but they are not too old, and whether they are to guests’ liking will depend on the individual. Guests expecting a modern hotel room with free Internet access will not be disappointed by the Executive Deluxe. This room type captures the hearts of 100% of its guests. Alternatively, the Junior Suite offers a private atmosphere, together with a window view of the city from the upper floors of the hotel, and is suitable for families and long-stay guests.


The hotel staff provides a dedicated service, awarded by unanimous positive feedback from guests. Most guests acknowledge that the staff is polite, friendly and enthusiastic, as well as being flexible and compromising when addressing urgent problems. Free room upgrades are also a positive and memorable service offered by the hotel.

Hotel Facilities

The roof-deck pool is very appealing, and provides a 360°view of the city, bathed in crimson sunlight. The pool is very popular with guests, to the extent that sometimes sunbeds are in short supply, the source of a few complaints.

In addition, the Sky Garden Restaurant offers an excellent menu complemented by sweet-sounding music and a romantic evening atmosphere.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Located in the central business district providing ample eating and shopping opportunities.
  • Distant from nightlife entertainment spots such as Patpong and Thaniya (yet still in a walking distance).
  • Very spacious guestroom, the standard size is 40sq.m.
  • The guestrooms offer comprehensive in-room amenities.
  • The roof-deck pool with 360° panorama view.
  • The staff is polite, friendly and enthusiastic.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The ModernThailand.com team has returned to Silom Road once again. This time, we have the opportunity to visit the Unico Grand Silom Hotel which, with its height of around 20 storeys and its road-side location, is considered another large-scale hotel in the Silom district.

    Viewed from the front, the Unico Grand Silom Hotel looks narrow…
    …but from the side it looks long and wide.
    The front of the Unico Grand Silom Hotel, which is used as an entrance for guests as well as a drop-off point for vehicles, resembles a tunnel.
    Three hotel shops are located on the right-hand side as we walk towards the hotel: a beauty shop…
    a tour operator…
    and a tailor’s.

    Lobby Area

    The hotel lobby provides a pleasing and relaxed atmosphere. The reception area is designed in a modern style, with beautiful glittering shades of yellow and gold.

    Non Smoking Area
    Smoking Area

    The lobby floor also features the Lobby Bar, a small establishment serving wine and cocktails. Nearby is the Business Centre, which offers travellers Internet access in a comfortable atmosphere, subject to a service charge.

    Lobby Bar
    Business Centre

    However, free Internet access is available in some room types. Which ones? Let’s find out. Before anything else, I’d like to provide some general information. The hotel offers a total of 215 rooms, located on the 7th to the 18th floors. Each room type features its own unique style of interior design.

    Note: The standard feature of all room types is their 40sq.m. area, with the exception of the Junior Suite, which covers as much as 80sq.m. All rooms offer a city view and balcony, though the clarity and beauty of the view will naturally depend on the vantage point. Rooms on the upper floors have the advantage of providing scenic views of the city.

    The Executive

    With an area of up to 40sq.m., the Executive room offers guests comfort and value, as is fully equipped with in-room amenities similar to those found in serviced apartments. The room is designed so that the bedroom area is separate to the living room and kitchenette area. The interior decor of the Executive is quite satisfactory, but its real advantages are its spaciousness, in-room amenities, availability, and reasonable price. This room type would be suitable for families and long-stay guests.

    Executive room

    Double Room
    Living Area
    Pantry Area
    City View

    Executive Bathroom

    The Executive Superior

    The sample Executive Superior that we visit is a twin bed room, featuring two single beds. This room type features only bedroom and living room areas, but its attraction lies in its contemporary interior design. The use of modern Japanese sliding doors in a central position to separate the bedroom and living room areas, a feature exclusive to the Executive Superior, makes the room seem more private. The various in-room accessories are in a new and good condition, and the extra amenities of the mini home theatre, free Internet access, bathrobe and slippers are also made available.

    Executive Superior Room

    Twin Room
    Living Area

    Bathroom in the Executive Superior

    The Executive Deluxe

    Due to its recent refurbishment, this room type’s interior decor is more modern and stylish than that of other types. Its in-room accessories are in a new and appealing condition, and the room is divided into bedroom and living room areas. Its amenities are the same as those offered in the Executive Superior.

    Living Area
    Doulble Room
    Living Area
    City View

    Although the Executive Deluxe bathroom is a little diminutive in size, it has an excellent interior design. We learn that the bathroom has impressed former guests, especially the Sexy Window, a clear glass window enabling guests in the bathroom to see outside.

    Tip: The strengths of the Executive Deluxe are its new condition, spacious area, modern interior decor and extra facilities, although the room rate is a little more expensive. The Executive Deluxe would be suitable for businesspeople and couples in search of a romantic atmosphere.

    Bathroom in the Executive Deluxe

    Junior Suite

    We believe that anyone entering the Junior Suite will be impressed and surprised by the sweet and gentle fragrance emanating from within. Besides freshening the room, it also encourages us and the hotel staff to spend a little time discovering its source: the essential oils in the spa. With an area as great as 80sq.m., the room is divided into bedroom and living room areas. The living room consists of a kitchenette, living area and bathroom. The in-room amenities are comprehensive, although Internet access is not offered. This room type is located on the upper floors of the hotel, offering city views from the windows and balconies. The room rates are not very expensive, and are appropriate for its name, ‘Junior’. It may be compared to staying in a one bedroom suite in real privacy and comfort.

    Note: In other hotels, the bedroom and living room areas of the Junior Suite are combined into one room. If divided into separate rooms like this, it is usually called a ‘One Bedroom Suite’.

    The Junior Suite

    Double Room
    The Balcony
    City View
    An essential oils container.

    The Junior Suite bathroom is quite spacious, divided into bath and shower cubicle areas. However, its interior design is not one of its strengths, as it is rather simple and plain.

    Note:The rooms with free Internet access are the Executive Superior and Executive Deluxe, although it is rumoured that in the future Internet access will be available in all rooms at no extra charge.


    The Unico Grand Silom not only offers quality accommodation, but its facilities are also an attraction we would like to recommend to travellers who have the opportunity to stay here. The 19th floor is the site of the fitness room, with a wide variety of fitness equipment on offer, such as treadmills and weight-training equipment. Guests may use the fitness room at no extra charge, and also receive close supervision by a trainer, although the steam room and sauna are subject to a service charge. The fitness room is open from 11am to 10pm.

    The Swimming Pool and 360° Panoramic City Views on the Roof-Deck.

    Moving on from the 19th floor, the stairs take us up to the hotel’s roof-deck, which features both a swimming pool and the Sky Garden Restaurant, which offers 360°panoramic city views. The atmosphere is clear and very suitable for relaxation, but unfortunately we have visited at the wrong time, as at midday it is blazing hot and the sun is so strong that is almost burns our skin, turning it honey-coloured. Sunbathers, however, would no doubt enjoy the early afternoon sun. Overall, the swimming pool is quite large and includes adult and children’s sections. I’m afraid there is a dearth of sunbeds, certainly an insufficient number to cater to demand from guests. The pool is open from 10am to 11pm.

    And so we escape the heat of the pool area to the shade of the Sky Garden Restaurant, one of the highlights of the hotel. Guests enjoy the cuisine and live music on offer here, soaking up the evening atmosphere. The Sky Garden is open from 6pm to midnight. As we have mentioned before, we have arrived at the wrong time. If it were a little later, we would be able to behold a stunning evening view of the city, which would have been very romantic.

    The Maple Leaf Restaurant

    In addition, the 2nd floor is home to the Maple Leaf Restaurant, serving a buffet breakfast from 6am to 10am. Lunch features a Thai, Japanese or European a la carte menu, and a selection of international wines which guests may sample at their leisure. Travellers will no doubt already be aware that Thai cuisine is popular and renowned worldwide, so we will end our visit to the Unico Grand Silom by assuming the role of volunteer tasters. We choose to have Thai food cooked by a Thai chef, and the dishes are so delicious and full-flavoured that we are compelled to recommend them: the Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce and the Red Curry with Roasted Duck. They are slightly spicy, and free from any unpleasant meaty odours.

    We must bring our visit to the Unico Grand Silom Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Unico Grand Silom Hoteland hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.