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Where to Stay in Phuket

phuket Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Tourists know Phuket as a beautiful natural travel destination, especially renowned for its white sand beaches and indigo seas. Phuket is developed and equipped with facilities to cater to all types of traveler, offering an international airport, five-star hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants and eateries. It can be said that Phuket is a tourism hub on the shores of the Andaman. In addition to Phuket’s tourist destinations, it is also easy to travel to the surrounding islands and nearby provinces.

The most suitable time to visit Phuket is from November to April, as there are no monsoonal rains during this period. The weather is good, the sea is beautiful and calm and diving and snorkeling trips to the surrounding islands is possible. Visitors should not forget to book accommodation 2 or 3 months in advance for the low season (May to October) and 4 to 5 months in advance for the high and peak season (November to April) as Phuket is popular year round, and tourists from all parts of the world come to visit.

There are 2 main accommodation areas in Phuket: firstly Phuket Town, and secondly the various beaches, its most popular destinations. Choosing a place to stay will depend on your budget and travel preferences. Accommodation along the celebrated beaches such as Patong, Kata-karon, Nai Han and Bang Tao may be more expensive than in other places, especially during the high season, although Patong and Kata-karon are considered a great option for all types of visitor because they offer a wide range of hotels, bungalows and resorts at a variety of prices to choose from.

If money is no obstacle, and you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere where you can also be close to nature in private surroundings, you can book a hotel in Phuket along Bang Tao, Nai Yang and Nai Han beaches. On the other hand, if you are looking for budget accommodation from which you can still travel to the beaches or other attractions easily by bus or taxi, you should consider staying in the town.

 Where to stay in Phuket : Patong
The most attractive beach in Phuket, Patong beach is renowned world-wide. It offers a wide range of facilities, and is a centre for various types of business and entertainment. Consequently, accommodation on Patong beach is very popular with tourists all year round.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Kata-Karon
Kata-Karon is a centre for tourists, like Patong, but offers more natural surroundings. There is an abundance of counter tours, diving shops and high-end hotels in this area. Kata and Karon beaches are not far from each other, and offer a similar standard of natural beauty.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Bang Tao
Bang Tao is an attractive sandy beach, one of the longest in Phuket. In the past, Bang Tao was an old mine which was subsequently developed into a lake, and now adjoins the various hotels in the Laguna Phuket group.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Nai Yang
Nai Yang is situated on the north-west side of Phuket, and is the site of Sirinart National Park. Long white sand beaches stretch along the coast, lined by shady casuarina trees, and are suitable for relaxation and swimming.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Nai Harn
Nai Harn is located not far from Phromthep Cape, a well-known place from which to view Phuket’s amazing sunsets. One attraction of Nai Harn is the many yachts which dock here from all over the world. Nai Harn has become a hub for yachts, where even the names of the beach hotels are related to yachting.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Panwa Cape
Panwa Cape's main attraction is its landscape. From here, it is possible to see both the Thai Gulf and Andaman seas, and the area is peaceful, quiet and very natural.
 Where to stay in Phuket : Phuket Town
As well as reflecting Phuket’s history and attractive antique architecture, Phuket Town also serves as a commercial centre offering many opportunities for shopping.

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