Chiang Rai Local Flavor

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Chiang Rai

The ethnic combination results in a wide variety of Chiang Rai’s local flavor. Here you can find northern Thai dishes, Yunnan Chinese dishes and tasty fish from the Mekong River.

Local dishes which also commonly found in other northern provinces are fermented-pork (Naem), pork crachlings (Khaep Mu), northern-styled sausages Sai Oua and chilli pastes-either nam-prig num or nam-prig ong, served with warm fragrant sticky rice and several kinds of fresh local vegetables.

Hung-Iae Curry

Sweetened curry made with hung-lae curry-paste, coconut milk and thick pork. However the original recipe of Chiang Saen hard-to-find hung-lae is unique. It calls for additional ingredients include pickled bamboo shoots, string beans, green eggplants, fried sesame seeds and tamarind. 

Pork Leg with Hot Chinese Buns

This is Doi Mae Salong’s special dish. Tender pork leg is simmered with Chinese herbs which add a sweet aroma to the pork’s tender flavor. It’s served with steamed Chinese buns called man-tho. 


A specialty of Mae Chan, nam- ngiao is a Tai Yai dish, consisting of a curry made with pork ribs on noodles topped with fresh vegetables.
Khao-soi, on the other hand, is yellow curry of chicken or beef spread on boiled yellow noodles served with pickled and sliced challot.

Fresh Chinese Mushrooms in Clear Soy Sauce

This is another specialty of Doi Mae Salong. Only proper-sized fresh chinese mushrooms are picked for the dish. They are de-stemmed and marinated in clear soy sauce and other herbs. Then they are baked and fried until golden and crispy brown. 

Stewed Black Chicken in Chinese Herbs

Black chicken is the breed originally imported from China. This recipe boasts to offer a very delicious soup with medicinal values, believed to enhance stamina and sexual prowess. 

Fish Dishes

Along the river basins, fish-lovers will find a wide variety of fishy dish in Chiang Khong made from the Mekong fish. Chiang Saen also offers numerous restaurants by the riverbanks where you can experience sumptuous dishes while enjoying the sights and local flavor.