Mae Hong Son: Temples

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Wat Chong KlangWat Chong Klang and Wat Chong Kham

These two monasteries share the same compound. Apart from the glass paintings depicting Buddhism and simple lifestyle of the villagers which draw much attention from visitors, there are over 30 wood carving dolls taken from Myanmar about the past century.


Wat Hua WiangWat Hua Wiang

contains the image of Phra Chao Phara La Khaeng, a buddha image dressed in beautiful attire. It is a replica of a major image in Mandalay, Myanmar.


Wat Phra nonWat Phra Non

contains a huge Burmese-style Reclining Buddha image some 12 meters long. The temple also houses ashes of Mae Hong Son King. Two massive stone lions guard the temple staircase.

Wat To PhaeWat To Phae

is located 7 kms. from Khun Yuam Market having a large beautiful Burmese style vihara. According to the legend, it is said that raft assembling people used to gather up in this area prior to making a teak trees raft trip to the market places. They, then, combined their efforts to build the temple and called Wat To Phae.

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