Koh Si Chang

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Koh Si Chang 

Koh Si ChangKoh Si Chang is a large island in the middle of the sea about 12 kilometers from the Sri Racha shore. What attracts visitors to the island are its beautiful natural surroundings, tranquil atmosphere and fresh air that have long made the island popular. Circling the island is a narrow road, only a little over 1 meter in width, wide enough only for a motorized tricycle. 



Chinese Pavilion

An ancient pavilion with dragon and peacock motifs. The pavilion was used as a temporary place of lodging when His Majesty King Rama V visited the island. 

Chakrapong Cave

Situated close to the Chinese Pavilion. A Buddha image is enshrined inside this cave. There is also a duct from which one can climb up to the hilltop to view the scenery of the island. 

Chong Khao Kad

Chong Khao Kad Chong Khao Kad is on the south western side of the island. Villagers call this area the “Rear end” of the Island. A white sandy beach is found at Chong Khao Kad. 



Chao Por Khao Yai Cave

is on a hill close to The vavongse pier. The large structure is Chinese in design. Inside the cave are monuments devoted to Chinese deities such as Heng Jia, the Goddess Kuan lm’s Shrine and the Sakajayana Temple. 

The Old Palace Grounds

The grounds are in a verdant area by the sea. Built during the reign of King Rama the Fifth, the palace was once a hospice for royal princes and princesses to recuperate after their illnesses. Several ponds, which are still in good condition, are found in the palace gardens. These ponds were bestowed with beautiful names, such as Asdang and Pitplern ponds. There are also two temples built at the behest of King Rama V: Asdang Nimitr Temple with a European style ordination hall and pagoda, situated on the topmost part of the hill and Chuthathip Rajathammasupha Temple situated in the Bhanurangsi Village area in the northern part of the island. 
 Tuk Tuk

The tourist attractions on Koh Si Chang are quite distant from each other. it is more convenient to hire a motorized tricycle from the pier to visit those places. It takes a little over an hour to cover the entire island. It should cost around 250 Baht or whatever price you can negotiate.



How to get there ?
Traveling to Koh Si Chang can be done by a ferry boat which operates daily from Sri Racha. Crossings are made every two hours starting from 7 am – 7 pm. Ferries leave from piers at Koh Loy Sri Racha or at Jerm Chompol Pier (Tha Jarin) within the town of Sri Racha. It takes about 40 minutes to make up a trip. fares cost 20 Baht each.