Trang : Getting Around

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Trang

Getting around in town is pretty easy. (Now you can get the map of Trang’s town from this site.) Trang town is quite small that you can get from one place to the other place in town by walking. It’s recommended, however, that you try hiring a “Tuk-Tuk” once (at least to get to your accommodation when you first arrive) to complete your trip. Another good way to get around is by renting a motorbike. At Trangonline Travel office, you can rent a Japanese motorbike for only 200 Baht a day.

Getting to islands in Trang

There are 4 piers to go to islands in Trang

- Kuantungku Pier
– Pakmeng Pier
– Kantang Pier
– Taseh Pier

The best way to get to islands in Trang is joing tour group. After daily program, they can drop you at any island and come back to pick you up next day. Check out tour packages page for more info.


Getting to waterfalls

There are mini-buses running from Trang town to many waterfalls nearby several times a day. But this is inconvenient because of the infrequently service of mini-bus. A better way is hiring a Tuk-Tuk (if possible). But it is as bad as the previous way because you may have to pay for the whole day or you have to get back to town on your own feet. The best way to visit Trang’s waterfalls, if you stay in town, is to rent a motorbike (read side-bar) .

Trang Tuk-Tuk

As Trang is characterized by a lot of khuans, it is undoubtedly inconvenient to get around by walking only. As a result, vehicles with engine are an alternate here. Trang’s “Tuk-Tuks” are motor vehicles which has three wheels and a strang pig shape with lound noise, used as taxies. They are available everywhere in town and are completely different from Tuk-Tuks in other part of Thailand. Many people have tried to introduce some other kinds of vehicle to replace this funny pig-shape Tuk-Tuk, but have failed because nobody cared to use new transportation system. They are accustomed to using Tuk-Tuk and know that it is one part of life in Trang.

It cost around 10 – 20 bahts to get from one place to the other place on a Tuk-Tuk in town. Normally, Tuk-Tuk drivers do not speak English. But they surely welcome you on board. So, try to explain them where you want to go.



If you are going to stay in town, getting around by motorbike is a recommended experience. With a motorbike, you can easily make one-day trip to several waterfalls nearby on your own. Riding motorbike in Trang is an unforgetable experience. To rent one, stop by at a drug store (Thai Pharmacy) on Rama 6 Rd. with a sign ‘Motorbike for Rent’ in front for the most famous motorbike rental service in town. Mr. Sukit, the store owner and one of TrangOnline co-founder, will be happy to help you finding a suitable motorbike and traveling information. Although he is the only one who speak English, you will find that other persons there will friendly speak broken English with you.

It costs only 200 Bht a day for a Japanese motorbike with Trang map, a helmet, and lock . Mention that you know it from to get special discount