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Trang Sea Life

Trang Sea LifeScattered along the 119 km coast are houses on both banks. The prople here are generous and kind. The sand is delicated and the clear water of the sea reflect the white clouds in the beautiful sky. On each beaches, the forests are fertile and there is a good source of fishes
The 47 islands in the north are under the responsibility of the Chao Mai National Park office and the islands in the south belong to the Petra Island National Park. The delicate, white sandy beaches, blue clear water, attractive caves and the range of corals both in the shallow and deep water, are heaven for all tourist. Above all, it is a very good educational sea resource.

During December-April is the safe time to travel as it is not in the monsoon season, a good chance to take a voyage in the sea. There are many tourists agencies in Trang which offer tour program for Trang sea. Whether you come in big or small group, you can hire boats of various size to go along the port from Palien, Kantang, Chaomai, Changlang to Pakmeng.


Trang Mountain Life

Trang Mountain LifeMountain Life has also created various culture and traditions. Para Rubber, fruits. veqetables are grown well because of good weather and moisture from forest and waterfalls. These products play a large part in the economy of Trang.
The charms in Trang Kao (Mountain) tempt visitors because of its forests streams and waterfalls even though the noise from thc water becomes Iess (because of natural destructions). Teenagers in Trang Kao still wade through the streams catching fishs in the falls and are proud of themselves, instead of walking around town in jeans and listening to music. Old kind men and women still carry typical tools to hunt in the forests. “Sakai”. a tribe in Trang Kao still finds products from the forests to exchange for rice with villagers. Details




Trang Field Life

Trang Field Life“Trang Thung” means Trang people who live in grassfields or near the mountains, while “Trang Na” means people who live in the rice fields. Both of them are sources of food supply for people of Trang. When planting and harvesting rice, people need a lot of help from each other, making Trang a civilized agricultural society. Different beliefs have created magnificent inventions in the caves, mountains, and banks of the rivers. These are valuable for anthropology and drawing attention of many visitors. You can visit Trang’s caves and temples easily by motorbike. Check out Trang’s Map provided by Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) to locate your places of interest.





Trang Town Life

Trang Town LifeMajority of Trang people in town are chineses. These chineses are group of merchants from mainland China sattled down in Trang. After two or three generations, these Chineses have converted themselves completely into local Thai people. Although they still pratice traditional Chinese cultures, they also adopted local Trang’s agricultural cultures and mixed them together into a new culture, Trang Town Culture.