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Na Muensri cloth

Na Muensri ClothNa Muensri is a village in Nayong, on the way to Chang Hai Cave. From the past, Na Muensri has been the center for weaving cloth. The weaving remains basically a cottage industry. Nowadays, the need for this kind of clothes become less. Anyhow, Na Muensri Clothes become one of Trang’s famous handicraft, specially the one with the pattern called “Lai Look Kao”. In those day, “Lai Look Kao” was only a pattern for high-class people. For lady, this pattern is used on scarfs, handkerchiefs, headdresses and “Sabai” (a piece of fine and beautiful cloth worn to cover the blouse in Thai traditional dress.) For men, this kind of cloth is used as a belt and head decoration. Today, a group of lady, having “Lady Kuson Nil-Laor” as the leader, have been setup for teaching their younger to be good at this valuable art. Visitors often come to Na Muensri to buy the best Na Muensri Clothes from the group.


Trang Cake

CakeThe famous cake from Trang, come with several taste such as : Orange cake, Coffee cake and three taste cake. Trang cake has very good smell and good taste. And that make Trang cake welknown among tourists coming to Trang. You can buy Trang cake from several shops in town, specially from shops near the railway station. Or try to visit Trang in August of every year for the “Cake Festival” which held near the railway station.



Roasted Pork

Roasted PorkBeside Trang cake, Trang also has another famous food-Trang Roasted Pork. The crispy roasted porks from Trang is very unique. The way the roasted pork is made is truely a traditional one: both in the seasoning mixture and in the ingredients. Oddly enough, they have been served as breakfast in Trang’s coffee house. Trang people normally have roasted pork, Dim Sum, and coffee for breakfast. That strange digest habit amused every tourists. But you should not miss trying Trang style’s breakfast at any cafe’ near your hotel. For visitors, there is a roasted pork festival held in September of every year. And probably buy some back home.