Montien Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

Written by admin on January 10th, 2014. Posted in Travel Articles

Editor’s Review


The hotel’s location in the heart of a central business district is especially welcomed by business travellers, but the hotel is also situated near many renowned eating and shopping venues, such as Soi Patpong and Thaniya, just a few minutes’ walking distance away. If you walk through Soi Patpong and into Silom, you will reach BTS sky-train and MRT underground stations within just 5 minutes.

Customer Service

The Montien Hotel has an outstanding reputation for professional service; all former guests without exception are impressed with the service here. From the moment they step into the hotel, guests receive a warm, courteous and conscientious welcome, something which most guests will never forget.


The hotel’s accommodation is also striking. The Montien is considered one of the few hotels in Bangkok offering unique, attractive and cosy Thai interior design. Most rooms are spacious, and all rooms provide comprehensive amenities. Most recommended is the Executive Room.


If you have the chance to try the hotel’s recreation facilities, they will no doubt enhance your relaxation experience, such as the Thai massage services, with masseuses practiced and skilled in the arts of both traditional and pressure point foot massage. The swimming pool, albeit not large in size, is bathed in sunlight and appealing for sunbathers from late morning onwards.


The hotel’s restaurants are no less colourful, as they are beautifully and stylishly designed and offer tasty cuisine. However, what is most talked about is the Ruan Thai restaurant, which everyone always says serves an excellent breakfast, both in terms of its delectable taste and wide selection of dishes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Located in the heart of a central business district, close to Patpong and Thaniya.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Outstanding reputation for professional service.
  • Offers unique, attractive and cosy Thai interior design.
  • Excellent recreation facilities, such as Thai massage.
  • Delectable taste breakfast with wide selection of dishes.
  • Editor’s Visit

    Getting to the Hotel

    When you arrive at Sala Daeng BTS sky-train station, you should take Exit 1. If you walk straight on a little from here, you will reach Soi Patpong, a well-known nightlife destination. This road is a short-cut to Surawong Road, the location of the Montien Hotel, situated exactly opposite Soi Patpong and very convenient within just 5 minutes’ walking distance from the station.

    Note: Surawong Road runs parallel to Silom Road, and in addition to the Montien Hotel, it is also the location of many other large-scale hotels such as the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Tawan Ramada. It is also a renowned area for selling jewellery.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    West Wing
    In Front of the Hotel
    North Wing

    The name of the hotel, “Montien”, means “royal residence”, so its design and interior decor comes in a unique Thai style. The Montien is considered a long-standing hotel, constructed more than 30 years ago and consisting of two wings. The wing that looks slightly older situated to the west is called the ‘West Wing’ and the other wing, which looks less old and is located to the north is the ‘North Wing’. The two wings are linked together, resembling one building.

    In front of the hotel, we meet a man dressed as an ancient soldier, who seems to receive a great deal of interest from guests walking in and out of the hotel. This man would greet hotel guests and passers-by in a friendly and polite manner, and always with a cheerful expression. He has an enthusiastic attitude and is sincerely willing to help, without guests even having to say a word.

    A few minutes later, we learn that this warrior’s name is Mr Ratsak, a door man who has worked here for as many as 25 years, and has also been selected as the winner of the Best Hotel Staff Member award. Until now, we are still very grateful to this man for letting us know the hotel’s slogan, “the spirit of Thai hospitality”. This is just one example of hospitality that we were able to see with its own eyes, but in fact during our visit to this hotel, we were given assistance by many of the hotel staff, with great sincerity. We can guarantee a truly professional service.

    The Lobby

    No one who has the opportunity to visit the lobby would deny that the interior decor is so grand, luxurious and elegant that it is difficult to describe in its entirety. Take a look at the photos and see how beautiful and exquisite it is.

    Front Reception
    Lobby Area
    The Garden Lounge offers a perfect, open atmosphere for relaxation, with a view of the garden outside. Beautiful, valuable and timeless Thai paintings by leading Thai artists are displayed inside the Garden Lounge.
    While travellers are admiring the paintings, they may also enjoy cocktails and snacks, as well as piano recitals every evening.


    The hotel offers a total of 475 rooms, and every room type is designed in a unique Thai style, similar to the bedrooms of traditional Thai houses. All rooms come equipped with comprehensive amenities, such as refrigerators, TVs, video recorders, personal safes and balconies offering views over Bangkok in various directions.

    The Superior

    With an area of 30m2, the Superior provides sufficient comfort and space for two guests. The rooms are attractively designed and offer a classic Thai atmosphere. All of the furniture is spacious and produced from good-quality wood, whether it be the work desks or the dressing tables. The dressing table area is equipped with an enormous, stylish mirror, which will not fail to please guests.

    The Superior Room

    The Superior Bathroom

    The Superior is spacious and very clean, and the bathroom offers a plethora of amenities.

    The Executive

    The Executive is only a few square metres larger than the Superior, but the extra space makes this room type look much more spacious. If you look closely, you will see that the interior design of the Executive is more elaborate, with carved patterns on the furniture and framed pictures hanging on the walls, enhancing the room’s Thai-style ambience. Guests staying in this room type are also entitled to receive special privileges at the Private Club on the 8th floor. They may take breakfast in a private atmosphere and be served free drinks and snacks in the evenings. We also found that the Executive is decorated with a greater number of mirrors than the Superior. This room type would be perfect for couples or honeymooners.

    The Executive Room

    The Executive Bathoom

    The Deluxe Family Room

    This is the last room type we visited, perfect for families or those who require an extra level of comfort and relaxation. Offering an area of 56m2, the Deluxe Family is divided into bedroom and living room areas. It is equipped with comprehensive facilities, and the bedstead area is adorned with a large Thai picture which looks really grand. We are lucky that the hotel staff has looked after us so well, inviting us to visit the Deluxe Family Room both in the West and North Wings, which differ in terms of interior decor.

    Deluxe Family Room in the West Wing

    The Deluxe Family bathrooms look exactly the same in both wings: very spacious, clean and equipped with baths and comprehensive facilities.

    Deluxe Family Bathroom

    Deluxe Family Room in the North Wing

    Even though today we are only able to visit three room types, all of the accommodation included has received great interest from guests, as there are an abundance of rooms, the rates are inexpensive bearing in mind the satisfaction that guests receive, the interior design is impressive and the amenities provided are comprehensive.


    Today we also have the opportunity to visit a multitude of hotel facilities, most of which are situated in the West Wing, and have selected a few to recommend.

    The recreation facilities here are numerous and well-liked by guests. Both free and paid services are available. Let’s see what’s on offer.

    The Swimmiming Pool

    Starting with the swimming pool, the first thing that really stands out is its Bali design, which creates a relaxing and appealing atmosphere. It’s late morning, the weather is very pleasant and the blazing sunshine seems to please the small number of sunbathers by the pool. The swimming pool is quite large in size, and the number of sun beds should be sufficient to cater to demand from guests.

    Swimming Pool

    For a change of atmosphere when the weather is hot like this, guests may also sit and have snacks or cold drinks to quench their thirst and cool down at the Poolside Bar.

    The Fitness Centre and The Souna Room

    Although the fitness centre may not be as appealing as the swimming pool, it certainly offers another good recreational activity for your spare time, as both the fitness centre and sauna are free of charge.

    Fitness Centre

    Sauna Room
    The Montien Plaza Shopping Centre is situated in the West Wing and offers many types of shops, such as clothes jewellery, bag and souvenir shops.
    Outside the hotel is a massage parlour offering oil and foot massage services. This establishment is especially well-known for the art of pressure point foot massage.

    Banquet and Convention Facilities

    The Montienthip Room
    The Function Room

    Banquet and Convention Facilities

    We offer this as a tasty dessert, although we’re not quite sure whether astrology falls into the category of relaxation. What we know for certain is that the Montien Hotel is a centre for many famous fortune-tellers. Most guests who enjoy using these services are Asian. As for the accuracy of the predictions, you may have to try for yourself on the ‘M’ floor of the West Wing.

    The Restaurants

    Let’s move on to the restaurants. If travellers would like to find stylish, attractively designed eateries with a pleasant atmosphere, the restaurants here will certainly not disappoint, as they offer all of these features.

    The Monti Restaurant

    If you would like to try Italian cuisine in a romantic atmosphere, try the Monti on the ‘M’ floor, which serves a variety of Italian and European fare and seats as many as 65 guests. The restaurant opens in the daytime and evening, and also offers an international buffet lunch from Monday to Friday. Renowned dishes include the Pressed Duck, or “a la Tour d’ Argent”, an original French recipe.

    The Jade Garden Restaurant

    The Jade Garden is located on the 3rd floor, and is no less impressive. Renowned cuisine from many different parts of China is served, including dim sum at lunch time. The restaurant offers seating for 115 guests, as well as 4 connecting private rooms. The Jade Garden boasts Chinese-European interior decor.

    The Ruenthai Coffee Shop

    There is one more restaurant on the 3rd floor which impressed us from the moment they first stepped in. This is perhaps due to the sweet interior design, which gives the Ruan Thai Coffee Shop a bright, colourful and open atmosphere. Open 24 hours a day, guests reserving rooms with breakfast will dine at this eatery.

    Club 54

    Situated on the hotel’s lobby floor, Club54 is a suitable relaxing place for meeting or having a business chat in a comfortable atmosphere. Snacks, beverages and Internet access are provided for Club 54 guests.

    Club 54 — Located at the Lobby level of the South Wing

    The Montien Coffee Shop

    The Montien Coffee Shop is located on the lobby floor in the North Wing. Most guests enjoy sipping coffee and snacking on bakeries here, as the coffee shop offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

    We must bring our visit to the Montien Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Montien Hoteland hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.