Bangkok: Getting Around

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Bangkok Taxi

Metered taxis are available in Bangkok. Make sure the driver turns on the meter, especially if you are starting from the airport. Designated taxi-meters charge 35 baht for the first 3 kilometers and approximately 5 baht for every kilometer thereafter. Make sure you have change, as taxi drivers often don’t Drivers change shifts at about 3.30-4.00 pm, and may not accept you unless your destination is convenient. Passengers must pay tolls in the case of using an expressway. If taxis do not have meters, fares must be agreed upon before starting. The amount will vary depending on the distance, traffic, weather (if it is raining the fare will rise) and the negotiating skills of the hirer. Average fares in Bangkok are between 50-200 baht. 

Tuk Tuk 

Tuk TukA long-time favourite for visitors,the three-wheeled vehicle is a unique way of travelling around Bangkok and some provincial cities. Settle the fare before proceeding. It should cost less than the price of a comparable journey by metered taxi. 


Rental Cars 

Those who wish to be independent, and explore Bangkok at leisure, can rent a cars. An international driver license is required. Click here to make a reservation online. 

Public Buses

Public BusesBangkok has an extensive public bus service with routes serving every part of the city. There are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned vehicles, which provide an extremely cheap way of getting around town. A Bus Route Map is available at most hotels, book-shops and the TAT head office. 


Sky Train (BTS) 

Sky TrainBangkok Mass Transit System or BTS is a sky train network that covers Bangkok downtown, interesting places and many shopping centers. The fare ranges from 15 to 40 bahts. BTS also provides free-of-charge bus service to transit passengers from and to the train station in nearby areas. BTS is now in the process of expanding its route to cover wider area. It is now the fastest and most convenient transportation in Bangkok. 



Bangkok Metro (MRTA)

MRTAThe route runs from Hua Lamphong (Bangkok Railway Station which is the city’s main long-distance rail hub) to Bang Sue. with a total of 18 stations along the over 20 km distance. It intersects with the BTS skytrain at Sukkumvit Road, Silom Road and Mo Chit, making it much easier to navigate the city.
Tickets cost between 15 to 39 baht but are not interchangeable with the BTS. Pre-paid cards of up to 1000 baht are also available. For single ride fares, a round plastic token is used.


River Taxis 

River TaxisTaxis that are even more unusual, though equally convenient, are the river taxis that ply the Chao Phraya river. Some are just cross river ferries, but others serve the many landing stages on both banks and cover a route that goes up as far as the northern suburb of Nonthaburi. Fares range between 5 and 15 baht. 


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