Phuket Travel Guide

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Phuket, which is also known as the pearl of the Andaman, is the biggest island in Thailand. Located in Andaman Sea in the south, Phuket is 867 kilometers of Bangkok. There are only two seasons in Phuket. Raining season is during May to October. Summer, the best time for visiting, is from November to April.

In the past Phuket prospered from tin mines but now it becomes one of the world’s best known tourist sites, thanks to its fascinating beaches and abundant coral resources. Phuket is a tourist city fully facilitated with good roads, airport, and various hotels of all levels from average to five stars, restaurants, and many entertaining places.


Attractions in Phuket

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 – Forest & Waterfalls           – Museums           – Activities & Tours


Phrom Thep Cape

Phrom Thep Cape “Phrom” is Thai for Hindu “Brahma” signifying purity, and “Thep” means ‘God’. Phromthep is a headland stretching into the sea and forming the extreme south-end of Phuket. It has been prominent feature for mariners since of early seafarers from the sub-continent, remains of whose journey’s have been found all along the Malay-peninsula’s west coast.



Patong Beach

PatongThis is Phuket’s central tourist and night time entertainment district. Over the years, Patong has turned from a fishing village into one of the island’s two cities.

The famous bay and 4 km. beach is know as a centre of entertainment with restaurants catering to every nationality. Live music can be found in most pubs and bars.

Accommodations range from budget to five-star. Shopping opportunities appear to be endless. In addition, there are many tour companies waiting to help visitors plan their vacations.

Raya Yai Island

Raya Yai IslandOn the west coast of the island is a fine beach closed in by the hill that stretch away from it like to arms of a horseshoe called alternately Ao Tawan Tok or Ao Bungalow. Clean sandy beach and crystal clear waters of Raya Yai attract daytrippers from Phuket. From the top of the hill to the south of the bay is the viewpoint from which the whole island can be seen. On the east, at Ao Kon Kae Bay, is an excellent site for diving.