Bangkok: Museums & Theatres

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The National Museum

The National MuseumWithin walking distance from the Grand Palace to the north, across Sanam Luang, is one of the largest and comprehensive museums in Southeast Asia. The National Museum houses over one thousand artifacts ranging from neolithic times to the present Bangkok period. The complex, also founded in 1782, consists of several old but beautiful buildings of colourful Thai architectural design.
The Museum is open everyday from 9 am to 4 pm except Mondays, Tuesdays and puhlic holidays.

Guided tours are provided in the mornings at 9.30 am.The tours are conducted in various languages.

Click here for details.

The National Theatre

The National TheatreIt is situated on Na Phra That Road next to the National Museum. Classical Thai dramas and other types of international arts are periodically staged here.
Current programmes can be checked out by telephoning the theatre on weekdays between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm. Special exhibition shows of classical Thai dance and music are held on the last Friday and Saturday of each month. Contact the theatre for more information.

The National Gallery

The National GallerySituated on Chao Fa Road opposite the National Theatre. The National Gallery compiles and displays both classical and temporary arts of renowned Thai artists for those who are interested in art appreciation or study. His Majesty the King’s oil paintings are also exhibited to be appreciated by the public.
The gallery is open everyday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm except Mondays, Tuesdays and publicholidays.

The Royal Barge National Museum

The Royal Barge National MuseumThis shed where several royal barges are displayed is located on Bangkok Noi Canal off the Chao Phraya River not far from Phra Pin Klan Bridge. The barges are used on the royal and government occasions and formerly served as war vessels.
The most beautiful and well-known barge is “Suphana-hong”. It is used by the King only when he make His royal river procession for the Kathin ceremony, a Buddhist tradition of offering robes to monks, usually during October or November. Besides, the royal barges proceeded during the Rattanakosin bicentennial celebrations. Presently

“Narai Songsuban Rachakarn Thi Kao” is the latest new royal barge especially built for the King and being used on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty the king Accession to the Throne since 1996. The unique design and decorative details of each barge should be of great interest to all visitors.

The shed is open to the public every day from 8.30 am. to 4.30 pm.

See more about Bangkok Noi Canal

Prasart Museum

Prasart MuseumIt is located at No.9 Krung Thep Kritha Road Soi 4, Bang Kapi. The museum houses a vast collection of artifacts from prehistoric to Rattanakosin periods. Various styles of architecture, for example, a baroque building, a smaller replica of the Red Palace in Bangkok National Museum, and a replica of Ho Phra of Wat Yai Suwannaram, are included within the museum complex.
Prasart Museum is open daily during 10 am to 3 pm except Mondays. There is an admission tee of Baht 500 each (including a snack and beverage).

It is also open on weekdays for group visitors. Please make advance contact at Prasart Museum

House of Bangkok Dolls

House of Bangkok DollsLocated within Soi Ratchataphan (Soi Mo Leng) of Ratchaprarop Road, Makasan area of Ratchathewi District, the House of Bangkok Dolls displays a large collection of dolls from various countries of the world including Bangkok dolls of different types like dolls dressed in classical theatrical outfits representing characters from the Ramayana, tribal people in various parts of the country, people of different professions, cuddly dolls for children, etc.
House of Bangkok Dolls is open to visitors who may inspect and buy dolls every day from 8 am to 5 pm except Sundays and public holidays.

Museum of the Royal Support Project at Aphisek Dusit Palace

Aphisek Dusit PalaceSituated within the same compound of Viman Mek Mansion, the Palace itself was graciously established by King Rama V of Siam in 1904. The museum displays exquisite arts and crafts generated by members of the Royal Support Project under the Royal patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The most outstanding decorations of the Palace is the finely carved teak-wood similar to that of the Victorian-style wood carving in England.
Inside the museum a wide variety of exquisite handicrafts are displayed, e.g. silverware, gold and silver inlaid vessels, hand-woven textiles, embroidered materials, gold and silver nielloware and fine artworks made of the sparkling green wings of Buprestid beatle, etc.

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Proper dress is required.

Thailand Cultural Centre

Thailand Cultural CentreThe Thailand Cultural center located on Ratchadaphisek Road, is an integrated center for social education and cultural activities. The main buildings include
The Main Hall – a auditorium fully equipped for stage presentations, concerts and international conferences,

The Small Hall – a multi-purpose auditorium combined with a amphitheatre,

and the Social Education and Exhibition Building housing a cultural library and Thai Life Permanent Exhibition.

The exhibition hall is open on weekdays.

Bangkok: Parks

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Lumpini Park 

Lumpini ParkLumpini Park was a huge open space of over 300 rai belonging to King Rama VI, who issued a royal command to turn the area into a public park as a gift to Bangkok residents.
Today, it is run by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, which has planted numerous flowers, plants and trees, including bambooes and palm gardens. In the center is a large lake with paddleboats for a romantic outing or special family experience. Every early morning , the park is packed with people who turn it into a lively open-air fitness center. The outer path becomes a jogging track for the young and the old alike, and a meeting spot for the Lumpini Running Club and people who likes to stretch their legs.

Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak ParkChatuchak Park is a 190-rai piece of land at the junction of Phaholyothin and Vibhavadi Rungsit Roads. This large green area is dotted with colorful flowers, a children’s playground and health area. There are also nine pieces of ASEAN sculptures that enhance the character of the park.
The park is better known for the enormous Weekend Market that takes place in one corner. This very popular spot is a shopping paradise, with a wide range of merchandise from antiques art works and books to garments, furniture, plants, pets, food and appliances. Just remember to bargain and take your time to look around and discover the many fascinating treasures.

Rama IX Royal Park

Rama IX Royal ParkRama IX Royal Park covering 500 rai in Prawet District is located. The park was built as a heartfelt gift from Bangkok residents to their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX, on the Occasion of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej 60th birthday anniversary in 1987. Many special structures were included in this park for educational purposes. The Chalerm Prakiet compound contains the Rajamangkala Pavilion, the Maharaja Garden and botanical gardens where plants of many different species are found. The huge Tapangkeow Reservoir was built specifically both as a place to relieve Bangkok of flash floods and also as a venue for water sports. 

Seri Thai Park 

Seri Thai ParkSen Thai Park, was named after the road where it is located. His Majesty the King initiated this water garden in 1987 as a catchment area for excess rainwater to prevent flooding in Bangkok’s eastern suburbs. Formerly it was a natural swamp area known as Bung Gume or Bung Tha Thong, which covers over 350 rai. Seri Thai Park differs from other public areas in Bangkok in that it maintains a small wooded area on one side, while the other side is beautiful landscaped. 

Thon Buri Park 

Thonburi ParkThon Buri Park , located in Ratchaburana District on the oppslte side of the river, is a treasure trove of potted plants. Covering a greenbelt of 63 rai on the outskirts of the city, the park is famous for its nursery of ornamental plants, and is huanted by plant enthusiasts seeking to expand their horticultural knowledge.
A former detention center in the old part of Bangkok on Mahachai Road has been turned into a compact park in honor of Her Majesty the Queen’s 60th birthday anniversary The old prison walls and look out towers have been retained to remind visitors of its unusual beginning, but within Rommaninat Park is a delightful children’s playground, a sport tracks and a penal museum highlighting information of Thai prisons in olden times.

Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri ParkBenchasiri Park on Sukhumvit Road, near soi 24, also honors the Queen’s 60th birthday anniversary. Being a compact park around a lake, it features a huge sculpture of a commemorative coin illustrating an image of the Queen. Located elsewhere are an exhibition pavilion of royal activities, a multi-purpose square, a wooded garden, a children’s playground, a swimming pool, a sports area for takraw, volleyball, basketball and skateboards. In addition, a stage area by the lake for concerts attracts large crowds of park visitors and passers-by. 

Bangkok: Palaces

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The Grand Palace

The Grand PalaceBeing the city landmarks, the palace is located within the same compound of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha on Na Phra Lan Road near Sanam Luang, surrounded by high white walls occupying an area of about a square mile. The palace, founded in 1782, consists of several buildings with highly decorated architectural details.



Viman Mek Mansion & Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall

Viman Mek Mansion & Abhisek Dusit Throne HallViman Mek Mansion including the Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall is located behind the National Assembly. Here, visitors can view such beautiful handicrafts as niellowares, Thai silk with various unique designs, and Liphao” basketry like beautiful trays and handbags studded with jewels in different designs such as green beetles.

The compound is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm, and admission fee for each person is 50 baht.It’s free if you’ve already been to the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo, and keep the ticket for Viman Mek Mansion.Each day there are two shows of traditional Thai dancing at 10.30 am and 2 pm. Proper dress is required.



Anandhasamakhom Palace

Anandhasamakhom PalaceThe Palace was built in the reign of King Rama V using marble for construction in Italian Renaissance architectural style.The ceiling of the dome was highlighted by exquisite fresco painting of important Royal functions during the reign of King Rama I up to King Rama VI of the Royal House of Chakri.

Today,Anandhasamakhom Palace was primarily used to hold important royal and state ceremonies.


Suan Pakkad Palace 

Suan PakkadThe palace is situated on Si Ayutthaya Road not far from the intersection of Phaya Thai and Si Ayutthaya roads, It used to be the residence of Princess Chumbhot of Nagara Svarga, one of Thailand’s leading art collectors. There is a complex of five traditional Thai houses overlooking a beautifully kept garden. Within it, there is a large collection of Asian art and antiques. One building exhibits a collection of seashells, min- eral crystals and painted pottery of Ban Chiang.

Suan Pakkad Palace is open everyday from 9 am to 4 pm except Sunday. There is an admission fee of 80 baht.

Bangkok: Getting Around

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Bangkok Taxi

Metered taxis are available in Bangkok. Make sure the driver turns on the meter, especially if you are starting from the airport. Designated taxi-meters charge 35 baht for the first 3 kilometers and approximately 5 baht for every kilometer thereafter. Make sure you have change, as taxi drivers often don’t Drivers change shifts at about 3.30-4.00 pm, and may not accept you unless your destination is convenient. Passengers must pay tolls in the case of using an expressway. If taxis do not have meters, fares must be agreed upon before starting. The amount will vary depending on the distance, traffic, weather (if it is raining the fare will rise) and the negotiating skills of the hirer. Average fares in Bangkok are between 50-200 baht. 

Tuk Tuk 

Tuk TukA long-time favourite for visitors,the three-wheeled vehicle is a unique way of travelling around Bangkok and some provincial cities. Settle the fare before proceeding. It should cost less than the price of a comparable journey by metered taxi. 


Rental Cars 

Those who wish to be independent, and explore Bangkok at leisure, can rent a cars. An international driver license is required. Click here to make a reservation online. 

Public Buses

Public BusesBangkok has an extensive public bus service with routes serving every part of the city. There are both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned vehicles, which provide an extremely cheap way of getting around town. A Bus Route Map is available at most hotels, book-shops and the TAT head office. 


Sky Train (BTS) 

Sky TrainBangkok Mass Transit System or BTS is a sky train network that covers Bangkok downtown, interesting places and many shopping centers. The fare ranges from 15 to 40 bahts. BTS also provides free-of-charge bus service to transit passengers from and to the train station in nearby areas. BTS is now in the process of expanding its route to cover wider area. It is now the fastest and most convenient transportation in Bangkok. 



Bangkok Metro (MRTA)

MRTAThe route runs from Hua Lamphong (Bangkok Railway Station which is the city’s main long-distance rail hub) to Bang Sue. with a total of 18 stations along the over 20 km distance. It intersects with the BTS skytrain at Sukkumvit Road, Silom Road and Mo Chit, making it much easier to navigate the city.
Tickets cost between 15 to 39 baht but are not interchangeable with the BTS. Pre-paid cards of up to 1000 baht are also available. For single ride fares, a round plastic token is used.


River Taxis 

River TaxisTaxis that are even more unusual, though equally convenient, are the river taxis that ply the Chao Phraya river. Some are just cross river ferries, but others serve the many landing stages on both banks and cover a route that goes up as far as the northern suburb of Nonthaburi. Fares range between 5 and 15 baht. 


Bangkok: Shopping

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Shopping is one of Bangkok’s major attractions. Favourite purchases include Thai silks and cottons, modern and traditional jewellery , silverware, nielloware, pewterware, bronzeware, ceramics and any of the one thousand and one items produced by skilled Thai artisans.
Bangkok is one of the most competitively priced cities in Asia. Friendly bargaining in most stores and markets ensure favourable prices and service.

Shopping in Bangkok is not limited to one or two major streets, but offers many areas throughout the city affording ample choise and easy access. The following is just a selection of some of the principal shopping districts.

Silom – Surawong – Patpong 

Silom Road is the main artery of Bangkok’s commercial heart and is paralleled by Surawong Road, while Patpong runs crosswise between the two. In addition to housing dozens of specialist shops and boutiques representing all the major buys, this area also boasts many branches of well-known retailers and several shopping plazas. Street stalls also abound, most notably at Patpong’s famous night market.
Major hotels include the Montien and The Dusit Thani.

Silom – Mahesak – New Road 

Silom - Mahesak - New RoadSilom leads into New Road which parallels the Chao Phraya River, and notable shopping opportunities include gems and jewellery stores (Mahesak Road is a gem trading centre), Oriental Plaza and River City shopping complex.

Principal hotels include the Shangri-la, Oriental and Sheraton Royal Orchid.


Phloen Chit – Pathumwan Area

Top department stores and luxury shopping malls are concentrated in the area, namely Central, Sogo, Gaysorn Plaza, lsetan, Zen, Amarin Plaza, Peninsula Plaza, all of which together make the largest shopping promenade in Bangkok. Furthermore, the World Trade Center and Narayana Phand Pavilion, host the official handicraft centre selling items from all parts of the country. Ratchaprasong intersection is the gateway to several shopping areas such as Ploenchit-Sukhumvit, Siam Square-Mahboonkrong, Silom and Pratunam.

Thailand’s principal duty-free shopping outlet is located on the 7th floor of the World Trade Center.

Principal hotels include Intercontinental Bangkok, the Grand Hyatt Erawan, Arnoma, Imperial Queen’s Park and Siam Intercontinental.

Sukhumvit Area

Like Silom, Sukhumvit is one of Bangkok’s main thoroughfares, and the long road is lined with shops, boutiques and modern shopping plazas ranging from Soi 3 (Nana Nua) up to Soi 63 (Ekamai). Most shops and restaurants are concentrated between Soi 3 and Soi 21 (Asoke) and along shortcuts between Asoke and Ekamai.

Principal hotels include the Landmark, Ambassador and Sheraton Grande.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend MarketChatuchak Weekend Market,located adjacent to Chatuchak Park, is where people buy and sell thousands of local products.The trade items may range from rare exotic things to essential popular ones like books, fresh fruits, flowers, pets, handicrafts, furniture, dress materials and many more.

The Weekend Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm

China Town 

China TownBangkok’s China Town is an old business centre covering a large area around Yaowarat Road and Charoen Krung Road. There are many small streets and alleys full of shops selling all types of goods. The area is always lively and market stalls abound. It has been the main centre for trading by the Chinese since they were moved from their old site some 200 years ago. Nearby is Phahurat Market, one of the city’s renowned cloth centres.

Principal hotels include the Grand China Princess and White Orchid.

Sam Pheng 

Sam PhengSam Pheng, located on Sum pheng Alley, in the area of China Town, is one of the most famous and biggest wholesale and retail markets for not only ready-made clothes and jewelry, but also cloth, souvenirs, gifts and the like. 



Pratu Nam 

Pratu NamThe area is best known for its inexpensive ready-made clothing, which is sold partly in a street market, where determined bargaining is required for best prices.
Principal hotels include the Amari Watergate and Indra regent.


Banglamphu  This riverine section of Bangkok is favoured by back-packers for its budget accommodation. The area offers various inexpensive items, especially ready-made clothing, handbags, men’s and ladies’ shoes, cosmetics and curios. Bargaining is recommended. The area called Kao Sarn Road is most well-known among foreigners as the hub of cheapest-rates guesthouses in town. 


Bo Bae

Bo Be Bo Bae is the other one of the most famous and biggest wholesale and retail markets for ready-made clothes, dresses, jewelry and so on in bangkok. It is located on Krung Kasem Road near Padoong Krung Kasem Canal and Bangkok Rialway Station. 



Lang Krasuang & Woeng Nakhon Kasem

Lang Krasuang & Woeng Nakhon KasemFor moderately priced, second-hand goods, there is no other place in Bangkok better than these two markets.The one is Lang Krasuang on Atsadang Road.The other is Woeng Nakhon Kasem off New Road near China town. Visitors will get a better bargain if they take along a Thai friend to haggle over the price of goods in the markets.The goods available in both of the markets are from pawn shops such as musical instruments, electrical goods, various type of uniform, camping equipment and so on.

Bangkok: Trip Planning

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At least three to five days should be allowed for Bangkok. Clearly it is not possible to see all the city has to offer in that time, but it will give a good introduction. The best way to experience and appreciate what can seem an overpowering city is to be selective, both in what to see and how to see it, sparing time for the modern as well as the ancient. A day of temple sightseeing could be followed by a relaxing cruise on the Chao Phraya river, or a round of golf at any one of several splendid courses on Bangkok’s green outskirts. Museum treasures can be complemented by a wealth of shopping, while traditional entertainments, from kick boxing to classical dance, are balanced by discos and jazz pubs. Shopping, dining out and sampling Bangkok’s legendary nightlife provide ample evening options. 

Bangkok: Local Festivals

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H.M. The King’s Birthday Celebrations   

December 5 , Nationwide

H.M. The king's Birthday CelebrationsH.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the world’s longest reigning monarch, is well beloved and deeply repected by all Thais old and young. The occasion of his royal birthday provides his loyal subjects the opportunity to express their reverence for him. All over the country, buildings and homes are elaborated and the area around the Grand Palace is spectacularly illuminated. 



H.M.The Queen’s Birthday Celebration

 August 12 , Nationwide

H.M.The Queen's Birthday Celebration\To display their loyalty and to honour Her Majesty Queen Sirikit on the occasion of her royal birthday, the Thai people decorate their houses and public buildings. Around Bangkok, Ratchadamnoen Avenue, the area around the Grand Palace and other well-known locations are bedecked with coloured lights and magnificent adorntments. 





Loi Krathong   

Loi KrathongIt is an impressive and fascinating festival observed in all parts of the country on the full moon night of the 12th lunar month, when the moon is in its splendor and water in all rivers and streams are full. It is intended primarily as an act of atonement to Mother River. Small receptacles made of banana leaves fashioned in the shape of lotus containing incense and candles, flowers and money are floated as a gesture of expiation. In Bangkok the festival is celebrated along the Chao Phraya River and canals. Hotels on the bank of the river also hold special events. 


Bangkok Songkran Festival  

 April 12-14 , Sanam Luang and citywide, Bangkok

Bangkok Songkran Festival The traditional Thai New Year is an occasion for merriment all over the city, but most notably at Sanam Luang, near the Grand Palace, where the revered Phra Buddha Sihing image is displayed and bathed by devotees. In the Wisutkasat area, a Miss Songkran beauty contest is held and accompanied by merit-making and entertainment. Khao San Road, Bang Lamphu area is also one of the high-spots in the city to experience the water-throwing activities between locals and tourists – of course, all in good fun !! 



Trooping Of The Colours  

December , The Royal Plaza, Bangkok

Their Majesties the King and Queen preside over this impressive annual event, held in the Royal Plaza near the equestrian statue of King Chulalongkorn. Dressed in colourful uniforms, amid much pomp and ceremony, members of the elite Royal Guards swear allegiance to the King and march past members of the Royal Family. 

Magha Puja   

This important Buddhist holy day marks the auspicious occasion when 1,250 of Lord Buddha’s aherents spontaneously congregated to hear him give a sermon. Merit-making ceremonies are held during the day at temples throughout the country, while at night, triple candlelit cireumambulation are staged around major temples. 

New Year Celebrations

January 1 , Nationwide

To welcome in the New Year, a range of uniquely Thai traditional and cultural festivities that begin with early morning Buddhist merit making, and afternoon and evening folk entertainment are conducted in various parts of the country. 

Asalha Puja

The full-moon day of the eighth lunar month marks the preaching of Lord Buddha’s first sermon to his first five disciples after attaining Enlightenment more than 2,500 years ago. In the evening, candlelit processions take place in Buddhist temples around the country. 

Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent)  

This day marks the commencement of the Buddhist Lent or Phansa during which monks must reside inside their temples to study and meditate. This is also the most auspicious time for Buddhist ordinations since it marks a period of renewed spiritual vigour. 

Visakha Puja 

Visakha Puja \This is the holiest of all the auspicious Buddhist religious days, marking the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha. All over the country, people go to temples to listen to sermons by revered monks and make merit. Shortly after sunset. candlelit circumambulations take place around major temples. 



Royal Ploughing Ceremony 

 May 11 , Sanam Luang, Bangkok

Royal Ploughing Ceremony\An ancient Brahman ritual, conducted at Sanam Luang, in which farmers believe is able to forecast the abundance of the next rice crop. The event is a result of a series of ceremonies that are conducted by Phraya Raek Na, portrayed by a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives who wears colourful traditional costumes. This ceremony was re-introduced in 1960 by H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej and is considered the official commencement of the rice-growing season. 

Thai Beer Festival  

November – Junuary , Citywide, Bangkok

Every year, the various Thai breweries get together to conduct a Thai Beer Festival, which highlights sales of barbecued food, exotic Thai cuisine and of course beer. To add to this atmosphere of merriment, there are music and cultural performances for everyone to enjoy. Tourists can see this event, especially at the World Trade Centre and other locations around the city. 

Ayutthaya Travel Guide

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Ayutthaya, Thailand’s prosperous Old Kingdom, is only 70 km north of Bangkok. Ayutthaya’s town is an island surrounded by rivers. On the island, canals were dug to connect communities together. In the old days, people used these rivers and canals as the channel of transportation. This is why Ayutthaya is called Venice of the East.

Ayutthaya is a very important historical city of Thailand. Before succumbing to Burma in 1767, Ayutthaya had been a prosperous city in many ways, politic, economic, and cultural for as long as 417 years. If you want to see historical sites, there are plenty here. An important tourist site in Ayutthaya is “The Historic City of Ayutthaya” which is announced the World Heritage by the UNESCO in 1991.

Hotels in Ayutthaya

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Attractions in Ayutthaya

The Historic City of Ayutthaya

The Historic City of AyutthayaAyutthaya City

This riverine island is the most important tourist destination of Ayutthaya.It was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Its remains, characterized by its prang or reliquary towers, and gigantic monasteries, give an idea of its past splendour.


Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

Bang Pa-In Summer Palace20 Km south of the Ayutthaya Historical Park

Bang Pa-In is the site of riverside summer palace formerly popular with late Ayutthaya-period monarchs and early kings of the present Chakri dynasty.


Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts & Crafts Centre

Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts & Crafts Centre3309 road ,south of Bang Pa-In Summer Palace

This 14-acre riverside complex in Ayutthaya’s Bang Sai district is under the Foundation of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques (SUPPORT) which was established under royal patronage during 1976.


Bangkok Travel Guide

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Bangkok MapBangkok, Thailand’s capital city, is the center of everything, traditional civilization, foreign civilization and material prosperity.

Thai people call their capital “Krung Thep” which means the city of angels. It was founded about 300 years ago to replace the old capital city, Thonburi. Most interesting tourist places in Bangkok are grand and splendid temples and palaces, canals and rivers. Furthermore, Bangkok is also a shopping center of all kinds of goods.

Bangkok at night is decorated with lights which shine on historical places, castles and temples. This turns the confusing city during the daytime to a wonderful, dazzling city at night, as if it was really the city of angels.





Attractions in Bangkok

Palaces   Temples  Parks   Museums & Theatres

City Sightseeing

CIty SightseeingRattanakosin riverine island is the historical heart of Bangkok. It is one of the most enchanting cities that many traveller from around the world wish to explore.



- The Grand Palace
- Wat Phra Kaeo
- Wat Pho
- Wat Arun
- Viman Mek Mansion

Cruise along the Chao Phraya River

Cruise along the Chao Phraya River see many magnificent temples and architectural buildings Wat Prayunwong, Wat Arun, the Grand Palace, Wat Rakhang Kositaram, and the Royal Boat House.


Bangkok Noi Canal

Bangkok Noi CanalThis canal is still charming for whoever wishes to seek the peaceful atmosphere amidst bustling Bangkok.


Out-of-City Attractions

Crocodile FarmCrocodile Farm, Ancient City, Elephant Ground & Zoo, Floating Market and more…



Thai Boxing

Thai Boxing

Thai boxing is both a sport and means of self defense. Contestants are allowed to use almost any part of their body: feet, elbows, legs, knees, and shoulders, are all weapons. The playing of traditional music during bouts makes for even greater excitement.

More details on Thai Boxing

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

This therapeutic and highly soothing form of massage purportedly evolved from rishis (forest-dwelling Brahmin hermit asetics) who relieved the physical stress of extended periods of meditation by adopting certain postures.

A school of traditionalThai massage is located in Wat Pho, where a two-week course is taught for anyone interested in mastering this arcane art.

More details on Thai-style Natural Healing

Dinner Cruises

Riverine Bangkok offers some of the capital’s most arresting sights, particularly at night when the weather is cooler and light reflections bestow the Chao Phraya River with flickering magic and romance. An ideal way of combining dining with riverine enchantment is to enjoy a river dinner cruise.

Cultural Performances

Cultural Performances

Thai and international cultural performances, including orchestral performances, ballet, mime and jazz and pop concerts, are frequently staged at:

- The National Theatre (Tel: 0-2224-1342 ) at Sanam Luang

- The Thailand Cultural Centre (Tel: 0-2247-0028) on Ratchadaphisek Road

- The Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (Tel: 0-2299-3000-9 ) on New Ratchadaphisek Road.

Details of current events can generally be found in Bangkok’s major English-language newspapers.