Montien Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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Editor’s Review


The hotel’s location in the heart of a central business district is especially welcomed by business travellers, but the hotel is also situated near many renowned eating and shopping venues, such as Soi Patpong and Thaniya, just a few minutes’ walking distance away. If you walk through Soi Patpong and into Silom, you will reach BTS sky-train and MRT underground stations within just 5 minutes.

Customer Service

The Montien Hotel has an outstanding reputation for professional service; all former guests without exception are impressed with the service here. From the moment they step into the hotel, guests receive a warm, courteous and conscientious welcome, something which most guests will never forget.


The hotel’s accommodation is also striking. The Montien is considered one of the few hotels in Bangkok offering unique, attractive and cosy Thai interior design. Most rooms are spacious, and all rooms provide comprehensive amenities. Most recommended is the Executive Room.


If you have the chance to try the hotel’s recreation facilities, they will no doubt enhance your relaxation experience, such as the Thai massage services, with masseuses practiced and skilled in the arts of both traditional and pressure point foot massage. The swimming pool, albeit not large in size, is bathed in sunlight and appealing for sunbathers from late morning onwards.


The hotel’s restaurants are no less colourful, as they are beautifully and stylishly designed and offer tasty cuisine. However, what is most talked about is the Ruan Thai restaurant, which everyone always says serves an excellent breakfast, both in terms of its delectable taste and wide selection of dishes.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Located in the heart of a central business district, close to Patpong and Thaniya.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Outstanding reputation for professional service.
  • Offers unique, attractive and cosy Thai interior design.
  • Excellent recreation facilities, such as Thai massage.
  • Delectable taste breakfast with wide selection of dishes.
  • Editor’s Visit

    Getting to the Hotel

    When you arrive at Sala Daeng BTS sky-train station, you should take Exit 1. If you walk straight on a little from here, you will reach Soi Patpong, a well-known nightlife destination. This road is a short-cut to Surawong Road, the location of the Montien Hotel, situated exactly opposite Soi Patpong and very convenient within just 5 minutes’ walking distance from the station.

    Note: Surawong Road runs parallel to Silom Road, and in addition to the Montien Hotel, it is also the location of many other large-scale hotels such as the Pan Pacific Hotel and the Tawan Ramada. It is also a renowned area for selling jewellery.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    West Wing
    In Front of the Hotel
    North Wing

    The name of the hotel, “Montien”, means “royal residence”, so its design and interior decor comes in a unique Thai style. The Montien is considered a long-standing hotel, constructed more than 30 years ago and consisting of two wings. The wing that looks slightly older situated to the west is called the ‘West Wing’ and the other wing, which looks less old and is located to the north is the ‘North Wing’. The two wings are linked together, resembling one building.

    In front of the hotel, we meet a man dressed as an ancient soldier, who seems to receive a great deal of interest from guests walking in and out of the hotel. This man would greet hotel guests and passers-by in a friendly and polite manner, and always with a cheerful expression. He has an enthusiastic attitude and is sincerely willing to help, without guests even having to say a word.

    A few minutes later, we learn that this warrior’s name is Mr Ratsak, a door man who has worked here for as many as 25 years, and has also been selected as the winner of the Best Hotel Staff Member award. Until now, we are still very grateful to this man for letting us know the hotel’s slogan, “the spirit of Thai hospitality”. This is just one example of hospitality that we were able to see with its own eyes, but in fact during our visit to this hotel, we were given assistance by many of the hotel staff, with great sincerity. We can guarantee a truly professional service.

    The Lobby

    No one who has the opportunity to visit the lobby would deny that the interior decor is so grand, luxurious and elegant that it is difficult to describe in its entirety. Take a look at the photos and see how beautiful and exquisite it is.

    Front Reception
    Lobby Area
    The Garden Lounge offers a perfect, open atmosphere for relaxation, with a view of the garden outside. Beautiful, valuable and timeless Thai paintings by leading Thai artists are displayed inside the Garden Lounge.
    While travellers are admiring the paintings, they may also enjoy cocktails and snacks, as well as piano recitals every evening.


    The hotel offers a total of 475 rooms, and every room type is designed in a unique Thai style, similar to the bedrooms of traditional Thai houses. All rooms come equipped with comprehensive amenities, such as refrigerators, TVs, video recorders, personal safes and balconies offering views over Bangkok in various directions.

    The Superior

    With an area of 30m2, the Superior provides sufficient comfort and space for two guests. The rooms are attractively designed and offer a classic Thai atmosphere. All of the furniture is spacious and produced from good-quality wood, whether it be the work desks or the dressing tables. The dressing table area is equipped with an enormous, stylish mirror, which will not fail to please guests.

    The Superior Room

    The Superior Bathroom

    The Superior is spacious and very clean, and the bathroom offers a plethora of amenities.

    The Executive

    The Executive is only a few square metres larger than the Superior, but the extra space makes this room type look much more spacious. If you look closely, you will see that the interior design of the Executive is more elaborate, with carved patterns on the furniture and framed pictures hanging on the walls, enhancing the room’s Thai-style ambience. Guests staying in this room type are also entitled to receive special privileges at the Private Club on the 8th floor. They may take breakfast in a private atmosphere and be served free drinks and snacks in the evenings. We also found that the Executive is decorated with a greater number of mirrors than the Superior. This room type would be perfect for couples or honeymooners.

    The Executive Room

    The Executive Bathoom

    The Deluxe Family Room

    This is the last room type we visited, perfect for families or those who require an extra level of comfort and relaxation. Offering an area of 56m2, the Deluxe Family is divided into bedroom and living room areas. It is equipped with comprehensive facilities, and the bedstead area is adorned with a large Thai picture which looks really grand. We are lucky that the hotel staff has looked after us so well, inviting us to visit the Deluxe Family Room both in the West and North Wings, which differ in terms of interior decor.

    Deluxe Family Room in the West Wing

    The Deluxe Family bathrooms look exactly the same in both wings: very spacious, clean and equipped with baths and comprehensive facilities.

    Deluxe Family Bathroom

    Deluxe Family Room in the North Wing

    Even though today we are only able to visit three room types, all of the accommodation included has received great interest from guests, as there are an abundance of rooms, the rates are inexpensive bearing in mind the satisfaction that guests receive, the interior design is impressive and the amenities provided are comprehensive.


    Today we also have the opportunity to visit a multitude of hotel facilities, most of which are situated in the West Wing, and have selected a few to recommend.

    The recreation facilities here are numerous and well-liked by guests. Both free and paid services are available. Let’s see what’s on offer.

    The Swimmiming Pool

    Starting with the swimming pool, the first thing that really stands out is its Bali design, which creates a relaxing and appealing atmosphere. It’s late morning, the weather is very pleasant and the blazing sunshine seems to please the small number of sunbathers by the pool. The swimming pool is quite large in size, and the number of sun beds should be sufficient to cater to demand from guests.

    Swimming Pool

    For a change of atmosphere when the weather is hot like this, guests may also sit and have snacks or cold drinks to quench their thirst and cool down at the Poolside Bar.

    The Fitness Centre and The Souna Room

    Although the fitness centre may not be as appealing as the swimming pool, it certainly offers another good recreational activity for your spare time, as both the fitness centre and sauna are free of charge.

    Fitness Centre

    Sauna Room
    The Montien Plaza Shopping Centre is situated in the West Wing and offers many types of shops, such as clothes jewellery, bag and souvenir shops.
    Outside the hotel is a massage parlour offering oil and foot massage services. This establishment is especially well-known for the art of pressure point foot massage.

    Banquet and Convention Facilities

    The Montienthip Room
    The Function Room

    Banquet and Convention Facilities

    We offer this as a tasty dessert, although we’re not quite sure whether astrology falls into the category of relaxation. What we know for certain is that the Montien Hotel is a centre for many famous fortune-tellers. Most guests who enjoy using these services are Asian. As for the accuracy of the predictions, you may have to try for yourself on the ‘M’ floor of the West Wing.

    The Restaurants

    Let’s move on to the restaurants. If travellers would like to find stylish, attractively designed eateries with a pleasant atmosphere, the restaurants here will certainly not disappoint, as they offer all of these features.

    The Monti Restaurant

    If you would like to try Italian cuisine in a romantic atmosphere, try the Monti on the ‘M’ floor, which serves a variety of Italian and European fare and seats as many as 65 guests. The restaurant opens in the daytime and evening, and also offers an international buffet lunch from Monday to Friday. Renowned dishes include the Pressed Duck, or “a la Tour d’ Argent”, an original French recipe.

    The Jade Garden Restaurant

    The Jade Garden is located on the 3rd floor, and is no less impressive. Renowned cuisine from many different parts of China is served, including dim sum at lunch time. The restaurant offers seating for 115 guests, as well as 4 connecting private rooms. The Jade Garden boasts Chinese-European interior decor.

    The Ruenthai Coffee Shop

    There is one more restaurant on the 3rd floor which impressed us from the moment they first stepped in. This is perhaps due to the sweet interior design, which gives the Ruan Thai Coffee Shop a bright, colourful and open atmosphere. Open 24 hours a day, guests reserving rooms with breakfast will dine at this eatery.

    Club 54

    Situated on the hotel’s lobby floor, Club54 is a suitable relaxing place for meeting or having a business chat in a comfortable atmosphere. Snacks, beverages and Internet access are provided for Club 54 guests.

    Club 54 — Located at the Lobby level of the South Wing

    The Montien Coffee Shop

    The Montien Coffee Shop is located on the lobby floor in the North Wing. Most guests enjoy sipping coffee and snacking on bakeries here, as the coffee shop offers a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

    We must bring our visit to the Montien Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Montien Hoteland hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Chada Bangkok Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    The Bangkok Chada Hotel, formerly known as the Siam Beverly Hotel, has become a popular choice for all types of traveller, from budget to business.


    The Bangkok Chada has two major attractions. The first is its location in a central business district, surrounded by food, travel and shopping venues in the heart of Ratchada. Only 5 minutes’ walking distance away is Huay Khwang MRT underground station, which may be used to access other central areas of Bangkok, such as Silom or Sukhumvit in just a few minutes.


    The second is its accommodation, which is spacious, spotlessly clean and offers attractive views of the city. The hotel has also recently carried out renovations, so that the rooms now look newer and more modern.

    Room Rates

    The room rates offer great value, one of the reasons for the hotel’s increasing popularity among guests.


    Although Wi-fi Internet access is not free, the service charge is not expensive. The swimming pool, albeit not very large, is situated on the roof deck, and offers a private atmosphere, perfect for sunbathing.


    Former guests were quite satisfied with the service, describing the staff as friendly, sincere and enthusiastic.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Located in a central business district and surrounded by food, travel and shopping venues and MRT underground station.
  • Internet access is not free.
  • Guest rooms are spacious, spotlessly clean and offers attractive views of the city.
  • The room rates are very reasonable.
  • Friendly and sincere staff.
  • Editor’s Visit

    We would now like to invite travellers to visit the Bangkok Chada Hotel, although many people may know it as the Siam Beverly Hotel, as it has only recently been renamed. The main attraction of this hotel lies in its location near Huay Khwang MRT underground station, a convenient food and travel venue particularly popular with leisure and business tourists. The room rates are very reasonable and appeal to all types of traveller.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The front of the hotel.
    The hotel’s outer appearance.

    It took around five minutes for us to walk from Huay Khwang MRT underground station to the hotel. Its outer appearance is that of a medium-scale 16 storey building on the main road. The hotel looks very new, due to recent refurbishments.

    The Lobby

    We believe that anyone who visits the lobby will be satisfied with its spacious, elegant and open design. Its modern and stylish interior decor is really worthy of more than 3 stars, especially the reception area, which we were particularly keen on.

    The Lobby Lounge and Internet area is situated in quite a secluded location, perfect for sitting down to relax.
    Wi-fi Internet access is also available for guests, subject to a service charge of 100 baht per 2 hours, not considered expensive.


    The hotel offers a total of 215 rooms, and the major attraction of the accommodation is that every room type has been renovated and designed in contemporary minimalist style, providing a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in a reasonably spacious environment.

    The most inexpensive room type: The Superior

    The Superior is the most common and inexpensive room type. It offers an area of 30m2, simple but modern interior décor and a comfortable and spacious atmosphere. Guests may request either double or twin beds, and quite a range of in-room amenities are offered. In the past, the rooms were carpeted, but now laminated flooring is used. The benefits of laminated flooring are that it looks clean, it’s easy to clean and guests needn’t be worried about the accumulation of dust.

    The Deluxe

    With an area of 32m2, this room type offers a little more comfort, although its in-room amenities are no different to that of the Superior. Indeed, even the interior design is the same.

    The Deluxe Room (Twin Bed)

    The Deluxe Room (Double Bed)

    The Junior Suite

    This is the largest room type, with an area of 60m2 divided into bedroom and living room areas. The Junior Suite only provides a double bed, but offers a view of the city. Rooms at the front of the hotel offer a more attractive view than those at the rear.

    Junior Suite

    The Bathrooms

    Bathrooms in all room types are medium-sized and include baths. The interior design is standard, and looks simple and clean.

    Fitness Room

    Unfortunately, the hotel’s facilities are currently undergoing renovations, so the photos provided are not up-to-date.

    The fitness room is quite large and offers a wide range of exercise equipment in good condition.

    The Swimmiming Pool

    The swimming pool is situated on the top floor. Although not very large in size, the pool’s location offers plenty of sunshine and an attractive city panorama. The number of sunbeds ought to be sufficient to cater to guests’ needs.

    Swimming Pool

    The Canna Restaurant

    The Canna Restaurant is the hotel’s only eatery, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. It is open 24 hours a day.

    We must bring our visit to the Bangkok Chada Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Bangkok Chada Hoteland hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Katathani Phuket Beach Resort Editor’s Review

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    Editor’s Review

    Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is a wonderful hotel surrounded by peaceful landscapes. Its superb service, mouthwatering foods and stunning facilities make everyone happy and delightful.


    The Katathani Phuket Beach Resort is located on Kata Noi. It is situated very close to the town of Kata. During the daytime, you can go to the town from the resort by having just 10 minutes walk. (However, it’s riskier to go by foot at night because it is a hilly and windy road.) The resort is surrounded by very peaceful and quiet environment. The resort’s private and peaceful beach can be seen nearby. The beach is so beautiful and clean. Also, it is peaceful too. It is ideal to swim because clean water and proper temperature are always there. Not only the beach, but the resort is also very clean.

    Generally, the resort is situated in a very beautiful and quiet location. There are many local restaurants and massage shops situated around the resort. Anyone can have a wonderful holiday in Katathani Phuket Beach Resort.


    The resort consists with features rich rooms. The suite is situated on the second floor, and there are 479 air-conditioned rooms available. Every room has a wonderful balcony that brings stunning background views. Every room consists with a king-size bed, and all rooms are very clean and tidy.


    Visitors can have their meals from the finest restaurants that offer mouthwatering foods. They offer foods for the cheapest prices in the area. Breakfast that offered by the resort is delicious. They offer plenty of breakfast choices to choose with a variety of fresh fruits and fruit juices. Anyone can have their dinner and lunch from restaurants like La Scala, Chom Talay, Cinnamon and Chanadda Thai Cuisine. All these restaurants offer delicious foods with excellent services. You can have a wonderful dinner or lunch with background music and stunning outlook.

    Hotel facilities

    The resort consists with different types of ground pools. There are also poolside bars and restaurants located with café and coffee shops. Apart from those, the resort has an activity room with electronic gaming facilities, pool tables and table tennis and free internet. Free internet facility is also available in two other rooms in the resort’s main complex. Another two sections with their own facilities can be seen in the resorts. Those facilities are freely available for visitors of the resort.

    On-site spa is available with massage and treatment room. Anyone can have services like massages, body scrubs, and facials. Also, different treatment therapies available like aromatherapy. Visitors can have great massages anytime of the day on the lawns and at 350 Baht.

    Its medical center also provides any medical treatment for illnesses. It consists with well trained nurses.


    The resort has a well trained staff. They are friendly and provide exceptional service for their customers. Most of the staff members speak English. They are very helpful and treat their customers with full respect.


    The only disadvantage exists in the resort is the transportation facility. If you want to go to anywhere from the resort, you should hire a taxi. The resort also provides some limited shuttle service only to Phuket town and Patong.

    Additional tips

    If you want to have the best view of the beach and the lovely sceneries with the scene of a sunset, The Junior Suites in Thani wing is the best room type you should select. The Bhuri wing rooms are situated away from the beach side, and they have the view of the landslide and the roadside. If you want to relax in a calm and quiet environment, junior suites will be the ideal selection for you. They are situated away from the beach as well as the roadside and have very private and quiet background.

    Chaophya Park Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review


    Based on the comments of former Chaophya Park Hotel guests, its accommodation is like a magnet attracting a steady flow of tourists. Guests overlook the importance of location, as the Chaophya Park is not situated in a central business district such as Sukhumvit or Silom, in favour of the enormous room sizes, standard facilities, stunning views of the city from the various hotel floors, unlimited free Internet access and classic marble bathrooms, which make them want to relax in the bath for days on end. The rooms are also very good value, enabling the significant savings on room rates to be used for travelling and dining out.


    Guests needn’t be concerned about travelling to other areas of Bangkok, as the hotel is located only around 5 minutes walk from the MRT underground station, from which the entire Ratchada route may be accessed. However, this hotel would not be the best destination for teenage party-goers, as it is located far from the entertainment, eating and tourism spots of the Ratchada area. On the other hand, the business, leisure, eco-adventure and family tourists who choose to stay in this hotel all have the same objective: peace and quiet far from the city’s hectic streets, and long-stay relaxation.

    Hotel Facilities

    Moreover, the hotel also offers a wealth of facilities, of which the driving range, swimming pool, free Internet access and fitness centre seem to be particularly popular.

    Service and Breakfast

    In terms of service, the hotel staff is both friendly and polite. A wide selection of breakfast dishes is available, and the fare is always tasty, thanks to the chef of the Park Café.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Very spacious room size with stunning views of the city.
  • Located far from entertainment spots.
  • Unlimited free Internet access both in guestrooms and in the bussiness centre.
  • 5-minute walking distance of subway station.
  • Tasty breakfast.
  • Very reasonable room rates.
  • Editor’s Visit

    Based on the location of the Chaophya Park Hotel, the closest MRT underground station is Ratchada, only 2 or 3 minutes walk away.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The hotel’s entrance features landscaped gardens surrounding a Thai-style pavilion. The large area in front of the hotel is used as a car park, and the outer appearance of the hotel is that of a large 17 storey building.

    As we walk into the hotel’s exceptionally spacious lobby, we notice that its interior design may be compared to a spice that blends a variety of cultures, such as Thai, Chinese and Western, which when combined are both beautiful and classically stylish. The lobby area is grand, quiet and peaceful. After further exploring the lobby floor, we also find a restaurant and cafe serving food and drinks.

    The spacious hotel lobby.
    Front Reception Area

    Free Internet Access

    On one side of the lobby area is Big Gido’s Coffee Corner, which is linked to the Internet Corner, a fond favourite of guests, as here they are offered free, unlimited use of the Internet. They may use it for as long as they wish, free of charge.

    Big Gido ’s Coffee Corner
    Free Internet Corner

    A Wine Connoisseur’s Heaven

    As we walk towards the other side, there is a different, livelier atmosphere, perhaps due to its interior design. The first place we visit is the hotel’s Lobby Lounge, which offers various types of beverage, particularly imported wine from various locations such as Spain, Italy, Chile, California and France. Certainly not to be missed is the musical entertainment at 7pm, provided by a pianist for the enjoyment of guests.

    Lobby Lounge

    Introducing the Park Café

    After walking inside, we see the Park Café, which is a very large restaurant, and seats 300 guests according to restaurant staff. Guests reserving rooms with breakfast included dine here, and are served an American-style buffet. The Park Cafe is usually open from 6am to 10am, but dishes are prepared at 5am in order to cater to guests who may wish to take breakfast a little earlier. An international buffet is served for lunch.

    Park Cafe Restaurant


    After fully exploring the lobby floor, it’s now time to investigate the accommodation. The Chaophya Park Hotel offers a very large number of rooms, 402 in total.

    Note: We have also learned that the hotel recently underwent refurbishment only a few months ago, which may be good news for travellers, as they are likely to stay in better condition hotel rooms, and needn’t be bothered by the renovation work.

    The Superior Room

    The Superior rooms are located from the 4th to 7th floors, and are the least expensive in the hotel. Many rooms are available to guests, offering standard in-room amenities, such as a television, mini-bar, fruit set, marble work desk, living room set, personal safe and so on. Both Superior and Deluxe rooms feature the same interior design.

    Deluxe Room

    However, guests reserving the Deluxe are provided a few extra amenities; namely the flower basket, bathrobe, slippers and coffee-making facilities, as well as various bathroom accessories. In addition, Deluxe rooms are situated on higher floors, from the 8th to the 11th, affording better views of the city than Superior rooms. As a result, room rates are higher.

    The Deluxe bathroom looks fine and elegant, as the hotel emphasizes the use of marble as a major component in the design. Even the shelves and tissue-holders are made of marble; only the wash-basin area is made of granite. The bathroom is spacious, divided into bath and shower areas, and should not fail to please guests. Bathroom amenities include a hair dryer and telephone.

    Bathtub and Marble tissue-holders.
    Shower Cubicle

    The Business Deluxe, a Worthwhile Relaxation Experience

    For guests who prefer accommodation with a panoramic city view, obviously the higher the floor, the more stunning the experience. It is therefore no surprise that the next room type we visit is of higher quality and more expensive than the Deluxe. This type of room is exclusive to the 12th and 14th floors, and is called the “Business Deluxe”. The attraction of this room lies in its location on the hotel’s highest floors, offering clear, panoramic views of the city. The atmosphere is especially romantic in the evenings. In-room amenities include dining table, coffee-making and bedding sets which seem to be of a higher quality, in keeping with the more expensive room rate. As many as six pillows are provided: bed pillows, cushions and bolsters. A DVD player is also supplied.

    Business Deluxe Bathroom

    Note: The similarities of the Superior, Deluxe and Business Deluxe are the bedroom size of 37sq.m., free Wi-fi Internet access in every room, and the choice of double or twin beds for guests.

    The Suites

    If guests require a luxurious room offering a view from the highest point in the hotel, we would recommend the Suite. With a total area of 74sq.m., the Suite is divided into a bedroom and living room, with extra coffee-making facilities on offer. The living room consists of a sofa, armchairs, dining set for four, and 32″ television.

    Suite Room

    The Suite features bathrooms in both the bedroom and the living room, the size of which is no different to those in other room types. They differ only in terms of the quality and design of their bathroom accessories and the large jacuzzi, which is exclusive to the Suite.

    Suite Bathroom

    The bathroom situated inside the bedroom.
    Jacuzzi and The bathroom situated inside the living room, but without a shower area.
    Note: Rooms of every type located in the corners of the hotel may differ to the pictures in this article, as they are a little more spacious and offer a 180° window view.


    We have tried to find out what most satisfies guests about the hotel apart from its accommodation, and have come to the conclusion that it must be the hotel’s wide variety of facilities, which are able to fulfil the needs of all types of guest.

    Swimming Pool

    Outdoor Swimming Pool

    We now proceed to the hotel’s swimming pool. The pool-side area is very spacious, especially the ample surrounding walkway. The pool itself is quite large, and protrudes out of the building, so that it is bathed in sunlight, no doubt pleasing guests who enjoy sunbathing. Most guests prefer to swim in the afternoon, when the pool becomes gradually more crowded until the evening. We would advise guests who would like to experience a quieter environment to arrive in the morning.

    Fitness Room

    Inside the building on the same floor is the fitness room, which also provides a sauna for guests to relax in after their exercise. The fitness room is large and offers an exceptionally wide selection of equipment to choose from. Near the entrance to the fitness room, we also find yoga and aerobic dance rooms, which are only open on selected days.


    Upon returning to the 1st floor, we find two restaurants: the Garden Court and the Mori Grill Japanese restaurant. The Garden Court is one of Bangkok’s most renowned restaurants, serving Cantonese cuisine. Recommended dishes include Dim Sum and Shark’s Fin Soup. The restaurant is open from 11.30am to 2.30pm, and from 6pm to 10.30pm. The 1st floor is also the venue of conference and seminar rooms for business travellers.

    Travellers looking for a Bali-style spa need look no further than the Tranthip building opposite the hotel, which offers relaxation facilities such as a Bali-style spa and massage. In addition, there is also the Kao Tom Buffet, which serves a night buffet of Chinese-style soft-boiled rice, popular with Asian tourists. The restaurant is frequented by a regular clientele of hotel guests and the general public, and is open from 6pm to 2am.

    Driving Range

    However, if you feel bored and wish to relax in the hotel instead of exploring outside, why not find a different activity for a change of scenery? The hotel owns a driving range not far away, and also offers a taxi service from the hotel.

    We must bring our visit to the Chaophya Park Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Chaophya Park Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Unico Grand Silom Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    Its convenient location, spacious rooms, friendly service and roof-deck pool are the outstanding features of the Unico Grand Silom Hotel.


    The Unico Grand Silom is located in the central section of Silom Road, which seems quieter and more suitable for relaxation than the beginning of the road, which is almost always crowded. Although the hotel is distant from nightlife entertainment spots such as Patpong and Thaniya, they are not more than 15 minutes walking distance away, and the local vicinity provides ample eating and shopping opportunities, as well as other popular services such as traditional massage. Furthermore, the hotel is in close proximity to an area in Silom renowned for its jewellery shops. Travelling to the main districts of Sukhumvit, Siam, Chatuchak Market and Sathorn Port isn’t a daunting prospect by any means, as guests may use the BTS sky-train at Chong Nonsi Station, approximately 10 minutes walking distance away.


    What stands out most about the hotel must be its spacious accommodation, as 40 sq.m. city rooms like these are few and far between, and subject to much higher room rates. Moreover, its comprehensive in-room amenities, more than sufficient to cater to guests’ needs, are another reason why the rooms may be considered good value. Some types of room which have yet to be renovated do not look so modern, but they are not too old, and whether they are to guests’ liking will depend on the individual. Guests expecting a modern hotel room with free Internet access will not be disappointed by the Executive Deluxe. This room type captures the hearts of 100% of its guests. Alternatively, the Junior Suite offers a private atmosphere, together with a window view of the city from the upper floors of the hotel, and is suitable for families and long-stay guests.


    The hotel staff provides a dedicated service, awarded by unanimous positive feedback from guests. Most guests acknowledge that the staff is polite, friendly and enthusiastic, as well as being flexible and compromising when addressing urgent problems. Free room upgrades are also a positive and memorable service offered by the hotel.

    Hotel Facilities

    The roof-deck pool is very appealing, and provides a 360°view of the city, bathed in crimson sunlight. The pool is very popular with guests, to the extent that sometimes sunbeds are in short supply, the source of a few complaints.

    In addition, the Sky Garden Restaurant offers an excellent menu complemented by sweet-sounding music and a romantic evening atmosphere.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Located in the central business district providing ample eating and shopping opportunities.
  • Distant from nightlife entertainment spots such as Patpong and Thaniya (yet still in a walking distance).
  • Very spacious guestroom, the standard size is 40sq.m.
  • The guestrooms offer comprehensive in-room amenities.
  • The roof-deck pool with 360° panorama view.
  • The staff is polite, friendly and enthusiastic.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The team has returned to Silom Road once again. This time, we have the opportunity to visit the Unico Grand Silom Hotel which, with its height of around 20 storeys and its road-side location, is considered another large-scale hotel in the Silom district.

    Viewed from the front, the Unico Grand Silom Hotel looks narrow…
    …but from the side it looks long and wide.
    The front of the Unico Grand Silom Hotel, which is used as an entrance for guests as well as a drop-off point for vehicles, resembles a tunnel.
    Three hotel shops are located on the right-hand side as we walk towards the hotel: a beauty shop…
    a tour operator…
    and a tailor’s.

    Lobby Area

    The hotel lobby provides a pleasing and relaxed atmosphere. The reception area is designed in a modern style, with beautiful glittering shades of yellow and gold.

    Non Smoking Area
    Smoking Area

    The lobby floor also features the Lobby Bar, a small establishment serving wine and cocktails. Nearby is the Business Centre, which offers travellers Internet access in a comfortable atmosphere, subject to a service charge.

    Lobby Bar
    Business Centre

    However, free Internet access is available in some room types. Which ones? Let’s find out. Before anything else, I’d like to provide some general information. The hotel offers a total of 215 rooms, located on the 7th to the 18th floors. Each room type features its own unique style of interior design.

    Note: The standard feature of all room types is their 40sq.m. area, with the exception of the Junior Suite, which covers as much as 80sq.m. All rooms offer a city view and balcony, though the clarity and beauty of the view will naturally depend on the vantage point. Rooms on the upper floors have the advantage of providing scenic views of the city.

    The Executive

    With an area of up to 40sq.m., the Executive room offers guests comfort and value, as is fully equipped with in-room amenities similar to those found in serviced apartments. The room is designed so that the bedroom area is separate to the living room and kitchenette area. The interior decor of the Executive is quite satisfactory, but its real advantages are its spaciousness, in-room amenities, availability, and reasonable price. This room type would be suitable for families and long-stay guests.

    Executive room

    Double Room
    Living Area
    Pantry Area
    City View

    Executive Bathroom

    The Executive Superior

    The sample Executive Superior that we visit is a twin bed room, featuring two single beds. This room type features only bedroom and living room areas, but its attraction lies in its contemporary interior design. The use of modern Japanese sliding doors in a central position to separate the bedroom and living room areas, a feature exclusive to the Executive Superior, makes the room seem more private. The various in-room accessories are in a new and good condition, and the extra amenities of the mini home theatre, free Internet access, bathrobe and slippers are also made available.

    Executive Superior Room

    Twin Room
    Living Area

    Bathroom in the Executive Superior

    The Executive Deluxe

    Due to its recent refurbishment, this room type’s interior decor is more modern and stylish than that of other types. Its in-room accessories are in a new and appealing condition, and the room is divided into bedroom and living room areas. Its amenities are the same as those offered in the Executive Superior.

    Living Area
    Doulble Room
    Living Area
    City View

    Although the Executive Deluxe bathroom is a little diminutive in size, it has an excellent interior design. We learn that the bathroom has impressed former guests, especially the Sexy Window, a clear glass window enabling guests in the bathroom to see outside.

    Tip: The strengths of the Executive Deluxe are its new condition, spacious area, modern interior decor and extra facilities, although the room rate is a little more expensive. The Executive Deluxe would be suitable for businesspeople and couples in search of a romantic atmosphere.

    Bathroom in the Executive Deluxe

    Junior Suite

    We believe that anyone entering the Junior Suite will be impressed and surprised by the sweet and gentle fragrance emanating from within. Besides freshening the room, it also encourages us and the hotel staff to spend a little time discovering its source: the essential oils in the spa. With an area as great as 80sq.m., the room is divided into bedroom and living room areas. The living room consists of a kitchenette, living area and bathroom. The in-room amenities are comprehensive, although Internet access is not offered. This room type is located on the upper floors of the hotel, offering city views from the windows and balconies. The room rates are not very expensive, and are appropriate for its name, ‘Junior’. It may be compared to staying in a one bedroom suite in real privacy and comfort.

    Note: In other hotels, the bedroom and living room areas of the Junior Suite are combined into one room. If divided into separate rooms like this, it is usually called a ‘One Bedroom Suite’.

    The Junior Suite

    Double Room
    The Balcony
    City View
    An essential oils container.

    The Junior Suite bathroom is quite spacious, divided into bath and shower cubicle areas. However, its interior design is not one of its strengths, as it is rather simple and plain.

    Note:The rooms with free Internet access are the Executive Superior and Executive Deluxe, although it is rumoured that in the future Internet access will be available in all rooms at no extra charge.


    The Unico Grand Silom not only offers quality accommodation, but its facilities are also an attraction we would like to recommend to travellers who have the opportunity to stay here. The 19th floor is the site of the fitness room, with a wide variety of fitness equipment on offer, such as treadmills and weight-training equipment. Guests may use the fitness room at no extra charge, and also receive close supervision by a trainer, although the steam room and sauna are subject to a service charge. The fitness room is open from 11am to 10pm.

    The Swimming Pool and 360° Panoramic City Views on the Roof-Deck.

    Moving on from the 19th floor, the stairs take us up to the hotel’s roof-deck, which features both a swimming pool and the Sky Garden Restaurant, which offers 360°panoramic city views. The atmosphere is clear and very suitable for relaxation, but unfortunately we have visited at the wrong time, as at midday it is blazing hot and the sun is so strong that is almost burns our skin, turning it honey-coloured. Sunbathers, however, would no doubt enjoy the early afternoon sun. Overall, the swimming pool is quite large and includes adult and children’s sections. I’m afraid there is a dearth of sunbeds, certainly an insufficient number to cater to demand from guests. The pool is open from 10am to 11pm.

    And so we escape the heat of the pool area to the shade of the Sky Garden Restaurant, one of the highlights of the hotel. Guests enjoy the cuisine and live music on offer here, soaking up the evening atmosphere. The Sky Garden is open from 6pm to midnight. As we have mentioned before, we have arrived at the wrong time. If it were a little later, we would be able to behold a stunning evening view of the city, which would have been very romantic.

    The Maple Leaf Restaurant

    In addition, the 2nd floor is home to the Maple Leaf Restaurant, serving a buffet breakfast from 6am to 10am. Lunch features a Thai, Japanese or European a la carte menu, and a selection of international wines which guests may sample at their leisure. Travellers will no doubt already be aware that Thai cuisine is popular and renowned worldwide, so we will end our visit to the Unico Grand Silom by assuming the role of volunteer tasters. We choose to have Thai food cooked by a Thai chef, and the dishes are so delicious and full-flavoured that we are compelled to recommend them: the Fried Fish Fillet with Sweet and Sour Sauce and the Red Curry with Roasted Duck. They are slightly spicy, and free from any unpleasant meaty odours.

    We must bring our visit to the Unico Grand Silom Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Unico Grand Silom Hoteland hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    The Narai Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    Sometimes, we can’t judge a book by its cover, and the Narai Hotel exemplifies this. From the outside, it looks plain, but its beauty is hidden inside the many different parts of the hotel. In fact, this hotel boasts a wealth of features which will not fail to impress resident guests.


    Each hotel room features a unique design, and the hotel’s refurbishment means that the rooms are in a new, appealing and spotless condition. In-room amenities are also provided to cater to guests’ needs, such as the free Hi-speed Internet access. Some room types which have yet to be renovated retain the original interior design, which may not seem so modern, but their facilities are also comprehensive, and lower room rates are offered.

    Hotel Facilities

    The hotel provides a wide variety of good-quality facilities to choose from, especially in terms of recreation, such as the swimming pool and fitness centre, which are free of charge and very popular with guests.

    Service & Location

    The hotel’s service is generally acknowledged as professional and of high quality. Finally, the hotel’s location, albeit distant from nightlife spots such as Patpong, but it’s still in a walking distance. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Chong Nonsi BTS sky-train station, the nearest to the hotel, and only a five minute sky-train ride to Sathorn Port. Eating and shopping venues, pubs, bars and massage parlours are also easy to find, as they appear along the entire length of Silom road.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Located in the Silom Area, not far from sky trian station. Reataurant, shops, entertainments and massage parlours are easy to find around the hotel.
  • A little bit far from Patpong.
  • New, appealing, spotless rooms.
  • Free hi-speed internet access in rooms.
  • A wide variety of good-quality facilities especially the swimming pool and fitness centre.
  • Professional Service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    Getting to the hotel

    The team’s visit to the Narai Hotel in Silom marks the first time that we have had the opportunity to travel to Chong Nonsi station, and we were baffled for a moment as to which exit to choose. So we tried to figure it out by consulting the station map.

    Tip: If travellers want to get to Sathorn Port, they may use the BTS sky-train from Chong Nonsi station to Saphan Taksin station, which marks the end of the Silom line.
    Based on the hotel’s location on the map, we should take Exit 3.
    Take Exit 3, and descend the stairs on the right.
    Walk straight on until you reach the windmill crossroads. Turn left at this intersection, and now we are on Silom Road.
    The Tourist Information Centre is located a little beyond the corner.
    A noticeable landmark on this road is the Sofitel Silom Hotel, situated on the opposite side of the road. The closer we get to this hotel, the nearer we are to the Narai Hotel.

    This area up towards the end of Silom and Surawong roads is renowned for its precious stones, so both tourists and businesspeople enjoy browsing the various jewellery shops.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The Narai Hotel, viewed from afar.
    A side-view of the hotel.
    In summary, it takes us approximately 10 minutes to walk to the Narai Hotel.

    Considering the hotel’s outer appearance at a glance (the front of which looks narrow, and is only 12 storeys high), we wouldn’t believe that it would offer as many as 477 rooms, but from the side, where the building looks wide and long, it is evident that this is in fact a very large-scale hotel.

    The Lobby

    As we step inside, we are astonished by the lobby’s unique interior design.

    From the door front, walk down the long pathway to the front reception area, situated on the left-hand side.
    The rest area sports a circular design, similar to the head of the letter ‘P’.
    Overview of the lobby, with its beautiful interior design and elegant atmosphere.


    The hotel’s accommodation is located on the 2nd to the 12th floors, and every room type that we visit is popular with guests. Both economy rooms and medium-budget rooms are available. Standard Room is the most budget room type, however, if guestes pay a little extra, they will be compensated with a room in a newer and better condition, with a modern interior design which greatly enriches the atmosphere of relaxation, such as the Superior and Deluxe. All three types of accommodation, however, seem to be equal in terms of room size, offering an area of 28sq.m., and also feature free Hi-speed Internet access. For a hotel in a central business district, this fulfils the needs of business travellers perfectly.

    The Standard Room

    Another one of the hotel’s strengths is the unique interior design of each room type. The Standard, for example, offers interior decor with a touch of the olden days and a classic style, and is also the only type of room which is still carpeted. However, it won’t be too long before this room type is also renovated so that it looks more modern, replacing the carpet with parquet wooden flooring. The Standard features both double and twin beds to choose from, and its windows afford a view over the city which will vary in beauty depending on the floor. The Standard rooms are located on the lower and mid-level floors, the highest being the 11th. If travellers happen to reserve a connecting room, the hotel will locate you on this floor, but the 11th floor contains smoking rooms, and may thereby not be suitable for families with children.

    Standard room and available facilities within the room.

    Twin Room
    City view from the window.

    The bedroom looks quite satisfactory, in terms of its reasonable size, interior decor and cleanliness. The bathroom offers a bath and hair-dryer.

    Standard bath room

    The Superior Room

    From the Standard room, let’s continue to the Superior, the interior design of which is noticeably different. It’s as if we’ve stepped into a totally different hotel. The Superior is designed in a modern style, blended with Japanese art, which makes its interior colourful and lively. The room’s parquet flooring makes the room look spotlessly clean. Perhaps it is because this room type has recently been refurbished that everything looks so good. The window offers a clear city view, as most rooms are situated on the upper floors. For this room type, both double and twin beds are offered for guests to choose from. Connecting rooms are also available on the 3rd, 4th and 8th floors, the smoking and non-smoking rooms being located on different floors. This is the most common room type.

    Let’s move on to the bathroom, which features an interior design unique to the Superior room. The bathroom provides a bath and hair-dryer.

    Superior bath room

    The Deluxe Room

    The Deluxe offers many other attractions apart from its modern interior. For example, it offers a city view from the hotel’s highest point, and also provides a very private atmosphere of relaxation, as the Deluxe is located on the 12th floor, the hotel’s top floor. Accommodation on this floor is exclusively non-smoking, and rooms are prepared with double beds and LCD Plasma televisions, also exclusive to the Deluxe room.

    Double room
    Plasma TV and other facilities.
    The glass window displayed enables the bedroom to be seen from the bathroom.
    City View

    The Deluxe room’s bathroom seems to offer guests more space than the previous two types of bathroom; this is because it only contains a shower.

    The Sexy Window, offering a view to the bedroom.
    shower cubicle


    The accommodation alone should be enough to greatly impress guests, but after visiting the hotel facilities, we must say that they are the most impressive feature of the hotel, and represent great value for money. On the hotel’s 2nd floor, we discover a variety of facilities provided free of charge.

    The Fitness Room

    We start with the fitness room, which we can’t help wondering why is so brightly-coloured. It looks quite different to fitness rooms in other hotels we’ve visited. In fact, the colour scheme creates a lively atmosphere which seems to encourage us to exercise, and a trainer is also made available to provide guests with close supervision and advice. The fitness room has a capacity of around 20 guests.

    The Fitness Centre

    The Swimming Pool

    The swimming pool is situated not far from the fitness centre. Just open the door and step outside on the 2nd floor, and you will discover the sizable outdoor pool, which will not fail to please guests who enjoy swimming.

    The Swimming Pool

    Sunbathers may choose a place to enjoy the sun at their own convenience, either around the open-air pool……or in a private area surrounded by lush vegetation. Availability of sunbeds is not an issue at this hotel, as they are certainly sufficient in number to cater to the demand from guests.

    The pool also features a pool-side bar serving beverages and ice-cream.

    The Business Centre

    Business Centre (includes a small meeting room and free internet access)

    Now we think we have found the answer as to why the Narai is so popular.

    We will end our trip to the Narai Hotel by visiting its various restaurants. We would also like you to notice the unique and stylish interior design of each restaurant.

    Rabiang Thong

    The Rabiang Thong serves an international buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and seats around 330 guests. Guests reserving rooms with breakfast will dine here from 6.30am to 10.00am.

    The Rabieng Tong Restaurant

    The seating on the balcony outside the restaurant is surely the source of its name, the ‘Rabiang Thong’, or ‘Golden Terrace’.

    Laksmi Suki Buffet

    The Laksmi Suki Buffet serves a sukiyaki buffet using selected fresh and clean ingredients. Salad bar, desserts and beverages are also available, and this restaurant has a capacity of approximately 160 guests.


    The Peperoni is an Italian restaurant serving pizza and pasta, and seats around 112 guests.

    Scenery Lounge

    Relax in comfort with a selection of international wine. The Scenery Lounge has a capacity of around 80 guests, and is open from 11am to 1am.

    We must bring our visit to the Narai Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Narai Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Silom Serene Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    In the central district of Silom, which reflects Bangkok’s status as a busy and crowded business metropolis, a quiet and private place to stay is hard to find, unless you have the opportunity to stay at the Silom Serene Hotel.


    Its location is perfect: not far from Patpong and Taniya roads, well-known nightlife spots, but also surrounded by an abundance of shopping centres and restaurants. Most importantly, the hotel is only 5 to 8 minutes walk from BTS sky-train and MRT underground stations.


    The accommodation available here also offers a relaxing experience that keeps guests coming back for more, with its new, modern and clean refurbished rooms and comprehensive and improved facilities. If guests prefer an atmosphere that emphasizes comfort, warmth and good value, rather than luxury, the Silom Serene is an appealing choice, as its standards are comparable those of European hotels.

    Hotel Facilities

    Although the pool and gardens are a little small in size, it is these two facilities that give the Silom Serene its fresh and lively atmosphere. Guests are always impressed, comparing them to an oasis in the Silom area. Unfortunately however, no free wireless Internet access is offered.

    Services and breakfast

    The overall service is very satisfactory, and the hotel staff is polite, friendly and sincere. The breakfast is tasty and offers a wide selection of dishes to choose from. The Ormthong Restaurant’s a la carte menu offers celebrated traditional Thai dishes.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Located in the heart of Silom and not far from well-known nightlife spots and sky train/subway stations.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Modern and clean refurbished rooms.
  • Tasty Breakfast with wide selection of dishes.
  • Polite and friendly service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    With a slogan like ’a world of your own in the heart of the city’, the team could not resist the urge to visit the Silom Serene.

    Getting to The Hotel

    After travelling to Sala Daeng BTS station, take Exit 2, descend the stairs on the right and proceed straight along Silom Road, taking note of the CP Tower landmark.

    In front of the hotel.

    On the way, we looked for the sign for Silom Soi 3, and it was not long before we found it. Walk just 100m into the side-street, and you will discover the Silom Serene Hotel, located on the left-hand side. In all, it must have taken us around 8 minutes to walk this distance.

    The Hotel a Grance

    The hotel’s outer appearance is of a small, 8 storey building, situated at the beginning of Silom Road, a centre for business and tourism which is full of office buildings, financial institutions, large malls, international restaurants, nightlife spots and various types of entertainment venue.

    The Lobby

    As the Silom Serene is a small hotel, the lobby area seems rather compact, yet is adequate and comfortable for guests. The seating provided for guests is particularly impressive, as it is adjacent to a lush garden, visible through the glass.

    Front Reception
    Reception Area
    The Garden View, visible from the guest reception area.


    A combination of its natural, beautifully-landscaped design and our thirst for knowledge lead us to walk out for a touch of real nature. As a result, we find that many other facilities also surround this area.

    The Outdoor Swimming Pool and the Jacuzzi Pool

    One of these is the outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi. Although the pool may seem small, it is beautifully-designed and offers a natural atmosphere. If we didn’t have to visit other parts of the hotel, we would have liked to take a seat here for a while.

    The Fitness Centre

    The fitness room offers a variety of different types of exercise equipment, such as treadmills and weight-training equipment, all of which is in good and new condition. The fitness room has a capacity of not more than 10 guests.

    The Steam Room

    Stream Room

    Also there is a steam room, separated into men’s and women’s sections. All of these facilities are offered with free of charge.

    The Business Center

    Wi-fi Internet access is also available, albeit subject to a service charge. Just contact the Business Centre to request registration. In addition, the Lobby Lounge TV and library are also provided for guests. In the future, this area will be used for meeting rooms, requested by popular demand; most of the guests here are business travellers.

    The Accommodation

    As soon as we see the sweet smiles of the hotel staff from the distance, we know that visiting the accommodation will be a positive experience. We are sure that this will be the highlight of the hotel. The hotel rooms are located from the 2nd to the 8th floors, and there are a total of 86 rooms. The best views are offered from the same side as the swimming pool, whereas those from rooms adjacent to the road are more ordinary. The hotel has installed double-glazed windows, which helps to prevent the annoyance of exterior noise. Guests wishing to relax in a peaceful and quiet environment will no doubt be pleased to hear this. Prior to our visit to the Silom Serene, the hotel had started refurbishing the hotel rooms, so that they look more modern and offer more comfort to guests. Subject to refurbishment, every room type will offer laminated flooring instead of carpets in the interests of improved sanitation, and a 32″ LCD TV as standard.

    In future, rooms will be refurbished to resemble the picture below.

    Therefore, what we are about to describe is the present condition of the room, which has been refurbished in part, but not in its entirety, since renovations are carried out part by part in order to limit the disturbance to resident guests.

    The Deluxe Room

    The Deluxe is the most common room type, and is designed in a modern style, with a faint hint of the classic. What especially impresses us is the balanced arrangement of furniture within the room’s 30sq.m. area, making it seem spacious and open.

    Deluxe room and available facilities within the room.

    Moreover, the laminated flooring also helps to prevent the build-up of dust, ensuring the room looks clean and is free from damp odours. However, I’m not sure whether the Deluxe’s bathroom, tiled in emerald, will impress guests as much as it has us. The bathroom is a reasonable size: not too large, but beautifully-decorated with a fresh atmosphere.

    Deluxe Bathroom

    The 1 Bedoom Suite

    The next room type we visit is especially suited to long-stay guests. With an area of 60sq.m., the 1 Bedroom Suite may be divided into a bedroom and living room. The bedroom contains a King Size bed with DVD player, and the living room features a kitchenette, living area and work desk. The interior decor is identical in all room types, which differ only in terms of size and extra amenities.

    1 bedroom suite and available facilities within the room.

    The living room and work area.
    Kitchenette in the living room

    The 1 Bedroom Suite’s bathroom varies to that of other room types in that it is larger and separated into bath and shower areas.

    Bathroom in the 1 Bedroom Suite

    The hotel’s connecting rooms link the 1 Bedroom Suite to the Deluxe (only twin beds are provided). Therefore, guests requiring a connecting room must reserve a 1 Bedroom Suite and a Deluxe Room. Don’t forget to note this down in the “Other Requests” box of the Booking Form.

    The Ormthong restaurant

    Our tour of the accommodation has now come to an end, but one matter still remains to be discussed:the Ormthong restaurant, which is located on the lobby floor and serves a buffet breakfast from 5.30am to 10.30am. Lunch is served from an a la carte menu, and recommended dishes include traditional Thai cuisine, such as Traditional Crispy Pancake and Deep Fried Chicken with Kaffer Lime Leaves, but particularly pleasing to foreign visitors are the Chicken Green Curry, Massaman Curry and Sweet and Sour Deep Fried Pork (or Chicken) with Fried Cashew Nuts.

    Inside the Aom-Chom Restaurant
    Non smoking area

    We must bring our visit to the Silom Serene Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for travellers looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the Silom Serene Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information. If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    The Emerald Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    The strengths of the Emerald Hotel are its location, its facilities and the charm of its accommodation.


    In addition to Huay Khwang MRT underground station, the hotel is also surrounded by entertainment venues, renowned restaurants and department stores. Exhausted by their daytime activities, travellers are able to relax by taking a evening stroll to the various entertainment spots in the Ratchada district, or otherwise opt to rest in the large hotel rooms, elaborately decorated in a classic style, such as the Deluxe room in the Emerald Wing, which offers a scenic view of the city from the best corner of the building.


    Although the Atrium Wing looks rather old, it features the Junior Suites, offering a wonderfully romantic atmosphere for couples, and the Superior room, suitable for those travelling in groups of 1 to 2. Besides their reasonable rates, the rooms also look impressive and stylish. Hi-speed internet access is provided in every room, but unfortunately is not free of charge.

    Hotel Facilities

    The hotel boasts many appealing facilities, such as its fitness and aerobics centre, its swimming pool in natural surroundings, and Emerald Spa which offers a real science of relaxation.

    Services and breakfast

    On the subject of cuisine, guests greatly appreciate the atmosphere, interior decor and tasty fare of the Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The Coffee Shop’s breakfast is impressively tasty, and offers a wide selection of dishes. However, during the high season when guests arrive in large numbers, seating is sometimes insufficient. Nonetheless, the hotel staff generally treats its guests with honour and respect, and is friendly, mild-mannered and eager to assist.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Surrounded by entertainment venues as well as the MRT station.
  • Internet access is subject to service charge.
  • Very resonable room rates.
  • Offers many appealing facilities for health-lovers
  • Breakfast is impressively tasty, and offers a wide selection of dishes.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    The team invites travellers to visit the Emerald Hotel, one of the most popular for both leisure and business tourists.

    Getting to the hotel

    The Emerald Hotel’s location on the main road, approximately 150m from Huay Khwang station, is very convenient for travellers using the MRT underground. After alighting the train at Huay Khwang, take Exit 3 and proceed directly to the hotel. A wealth of entertainment venues is situated near the hotel.

    The gardens and parking area in front of the hotel.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    The area at the front of the hotel is used as a guest car park, and is landscaped as a striking, lush garden with trees and plants of all sizes. The hotel is divided into two buildings: the Atrium Wing, which is 14 storeys high and situated at the front, and the Emerald Wing, which is newer and located to the rear.

    The front of the hotel.

    The view of the hotel from the front is deceptive, and makes us feel that it is only a medium-scale hotel, but after moving from the front to the side, we are able to see clearly its considerable width and length, as well as the height of the Emerald Wing, which stands 28 storeys high and makes the hotel look even more prominent. This is another large-scale hotel in the Ratchada district, offering 619 rooms in total.

    Note: The hotel’s positioning and its wide and long design mean that most rooms offer attractive views of the city.
    The hotel’s lobby entrance.

    The Lobby

    The word “lobby” may be insufficient to describe the place in which we are standing, as it is so spacious and high that we are able to see the hotel’s top floor from inside. To be more accurate, is should be called an “atrium”. With its airy and comfortable atmosphere, this is a place where you can relax and fill your lungs with air. The central square section of the atrium is designed as the Lobby Lounge, and is the first spot that travellers will notice upon entering the hotel. Guests walking into the lounge may be captivated by the clear capsule objects moving between the hotel floors. We are alluding, of course, to the elevators at the front of the atrium, the only place in the hotel which offers these beautifully-designed, striking glass elevators. No doubt guests will be eager to try using them.

    The position from which the top floor of the Atrium Wing may be seen from the lobby.
    The glass elevators in the lobby area.
    Check in reception front.

    Cake Shop

    The Coffee Shop, which is large and seats around 350 guests. Those reserving rooms with breakfast will be served an American buffet breakfast here from 6am to 10.30am. A buffet lunch is also served between 11.30am and 14.30pm, and a soft-boiled rice buffet between 6pm and 12am.

    The Accommodation

    Now it’s time we visited the hotel rooms. All types of accommodation feature hi-speed Internet access for guests requiring the service and wireless Internet access is provided throughout the building, subject to a service charge.

    As it happens, we find ourselves in the Atrium Wing at the moment, so let’s take the lift and visit the accommodation on offer in this building first. The Atrium Wing provides a total of 322 rooms. The most popular rooms in this wing are the Superior and Deluxe rooms and the Junior and Executive suites.

    If you require a low cost, good value room, please read on

    As soon as we exit the lift, the hotel staff member invites us to visit the most common type of room, exclusive to this wing. The Superior rooms number 184 in total and offer the lowest room rates available in the hotel. With an area of 33sq.m., the Superior offers a classic design and in-room amenities suitable for both business and leisure travellers.

    Superior room

    The rooms are impeccably clean, and those on the higher floors also offer a clear view of the city. This room type is located on the 5th to 10th floors, but almost half of the rooms are on the inside of the building, offering views of the courtyard.

    Superior Bathroom

    The feature of the Superior bathroom which most pleases guests is its spacious area and marble interior decor.

    Tip: The Superior is suitable for guests travelling in groups of two who require a less expensive room than is available in the Sukhumvit or Silom areas, yet still wish to enjoy the same level of convenience.

    The advantage of the Deluxe is the spacious size of its bathroom

    To those guests who are not satisfied by the size of the Superior, we would recommend the Deluxe. Situated in the Emerald Wing, the Deluxe boasts an area of 40sq.m. and should provide sufficient space for 2 to 3 guests to stay in comfort. The Deluxe rooms are longer than they are wide, in new condition and feature amenities that will please both business and leisure travellers. As far as we could tell, all the hotel rooms are designed in a classic style.

    Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Bathroom

    The Deluxe bathroom is very spacious. In fact, with a bathroom as large as this, it should really be called the ‘Bathroom Suite’.

    Note: The Deluxe rooms in the Emerald Wing number 235 in total, and are located from the 11th floor upwards. Therefore, this room type offers a striking city view.

    To honeymooners, we would like to recommend the Junior Suite.

    After visiting the Deluxe, we feel that its area and in-room amenities should be ample for guests, but may lack a little in terms of romantic atmosphere. If guests would like this type of ambience, they should try the Junior Suite, exclusive to the Atrium Wing.

    Junior Suite

    With a total area of 65sq.m., the Junior Suite is divided into a bedroom and living room, equipped with identical in-room amenities: a television, work desk and direct line phone. Furthermore, the living room features a larger mini-bar than is available in standard rooms, a dining room set and long sofa for relaxation. All Junior Suite rooms offer a window view of the courtyard, and it is rumoured are most admired by honeymooners.

    Bathroom in the Junior Suite

    The bathroom of the Junior Suite features the same design as that of the Deluxe, only differing in respect of its colour scheme.

    Tip: The Junior Suite in this hotel is unusual in that it is as large as the standard suites in many other hotels, and is therefore considered very good value.

    The Executive Suite

    Finally, we will visit the Executive Suite. The special features of this room type are its spacious area of 75sq.m.; its position in the corner of the building, which offers a city view from both the bedroom and living room; its elegant interior design; and its good quality and comprehensive amenities.

    Executive Suite in the Atrium Wing
    Facilities in the room

    On the subject of the bathroom, we can guarantee its spaciousness, divided into bath and shower areas.

    Emerald Wing Executive Suites

    If guests happen to reserve this room type, but end up staying in a room that seems in excess of 75sq.m., they may count themselves lucky that the hotel also offers Executive Suites in the Emerald Wing, as guests may enjoy an extra 15sq.m. as a result.

    When we enters the bathroom, we are amazed by its spaciousness and luxurious design. The bathroom in this room type is designed in cloudy white marble, differing to that of the Atrium Wing, and looks exceptionally clean. We are able to summarize then, that apart from the bathroom, there is no difference between the bedroom, living room and various in-room amenities of this room type in either wing. The Executive Suite may be regarded as one of the highlights of the hotel.

    Bathroom in the Executive Suite , The Emeral Wing

    The Emerald Wing: a centre for the hotel’s facilities

    The Emerald Wing does not merely provide accommodation, but also acts as a centre for the hotel’s various appealing facilities. If we were to describe all of the facilities, you would surely fall asleep reading about them, so we shall only present the highlights.

    The Swimming Pool

    We start on the 15th floor of this wing. Immediately as we walk out of the building, we behold the swimming pool, which is quite large in size and designed in the style of a resort pool in order to provide a fresh atmosphere while also offering the opportunity to admire a view of the cityscape. The area is well-ventilated by a constant gentle breeze, so we are inclined to stay a while and enjoy the view. Sunbeds line the walkway, and a pool-side bar also offers refreshments. The swimming pool’s opening hours are from 7am to 8pm.

    Facilities for Health-lovers

    Let’s move on to the hotel’s health club, located on the 11th floor. This floor serves as a centre for indoor sports for both health and recreation purposes, such as the snooker room, squash court, sauna and steam room, and especially the jacuzzi room, which offers both hot and cold water jacuzzis. All of the facilities mentioned here, however, are subject to a service charge, although free services are also on offer if you would prefer. Just walk up to the next floor and you will find a large fitness club, divided into treadmill and weight-lifting equipment sections. It is rumoured that the hotel’s aerobic dance room is very popular with guests, especially for practising yoga. The Heath Club provides trainers to offer close supervision. If you have the chance, try out the service. It’s open from 6.30am to 10pm.

    The treadmill exercise room.
    The weights room.
    The hot water jacuzzi.
    The cold water jacuzzi.
    The aerobic dance room.
    Snooker room.

    Emerald Spa, offering an atmosphere of genuine relaxation

    For guests who prefer to sit, lie down and find someone to alleviate their aches and pains, walking down to the 10th floor would be a wise decision, as here you will find Emerald Spa.

    Emerald Spa invites guests to experience its atmosphere of genuine relaxation, like a restful night’s sleep. It is as quiet and dark as the night, and any guest visiting cannot help but be bewitched into sleepy drowsiness. In this respect, the spa’s unique interior design must be praised.

    Either side of the walkway that we use to visit the various rooms is decorated with dark purple lamps, which shine dimly throughout the corridor. We are also able to detect the subtle fragrance of petals. The rooms offer a genuinely quiet ambience, attractive interior decor as well as real spaciousness and comfort. The spa provides Thai traditional massage, treatment, and oil and foot massage rooms.

    Treatment Room
    Thai Massage Room
    The foot massage room.

    Daiichi Japanese Restaurant

    Finally, as we reach the end of our tour, we would like to invite travellers to visit two restaurants popular with guests, starting with the Daiichi Japanese Restaurant. The main fare on offer here is the Japanese-style buffet and various interesting sushi and barbecue dishes. Guests wishing to try Thai-style seafood or Western cuisine will be pleased to hear that some dishes are on offer in the buffet. In addition, a la carte menus are also available, wherein guests are charged per dish.

    Guests may choose to be seated in an open-air environment or in a private room, and only the a la carte menu is available at dinner time.

    Yok Chinese Restaurant

    Still on the second floor, next we will visit the Yok Chinese Restaurant, where the dim sum buffet is popular with most guests. Shark’s fin soup, Peking duck and many other dishes may be recommended from the a la carte menu. The restaurant is divided into a dining room for general guests, with a capacity of approximately 220 seats, and a total of 11 VIP dining rooms. All rooms are designed in an oriental style, and the restaurant opens for lunch and dinner.

    The guest dining room.
    VIP Room

    We must bring our visit to the Emerald Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our
    review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok.
    Most importantly, we would like to thank the Emerald Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    Majestic Grande Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    The Majestic Grande derives its grandeur and ever-increasing popularity among guests from numerous factors.


    One is its strategic location only a few minutes walk from Nana and Phloen Chit BTS sky-train stations, not far from the various shopping venues, whether they be department stores or street stalls, and close to Nana Plaza (Soi 4), which will no doubt please nightlife tourists.


    Regarding accommodation, it seems that guests comment on the Grande Superior and Grande Deluxe rooms the most. Guests are satisfied and impressed with the interior decor, comprehensive range of amenities and cleanliness of both types of room, but in terms of spaciousness, the Grande Deluxe was especially admired. While some guests complained about the room space available in the Grande Superior, both the bedroom and bathroom of which seemed to be quite small, they were not disappointed by the price, which they considered really good value.

    Services and breakfast

    However, what guests praised and considered the most impressive of all was the service, which was considered five-star. Guests said that they received an excellent and flawless welcome and service from hotel staff, whether in terms of their enthusiastic assistance or good interpersonal skills. These features all make this hotel attractive to new guests and an inspiration to former guests, who return again and again.

    The breakfast service offers a variety of dishes and tastes, and may be described as totally delicious.


    On the subject of hotel facilities, guests are generally very satisfied, especially by the health and relaxation facilities, such as the fitness room, massage parlour, sauna and steam room. However, it would be impossible not to hear a few complaints, such as about the limited size of the swimming pool and space set aside for sunbeds. Nevertheless, we have to admit that the pool is beautifully-designed and offers a genuinely relaxing atmosphere. Having to pay for wireless Internet access was another complaint we heard, but the advantage was that after paying, guests were able to use the Internet anywhere in the hotel.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Great location.
  • Having to pay for wireless Internet access.
  • Impressive relaxation facilities, especially the fitness room, massage, sauna and steam room. All are free of charge, except the massage.
  • The breakfast is delicious and offers a variety of dishes and tastes.
  • Five-star customer service.
  • Editor’s Visit

    We would like to invite you to visit a hotel located between Nana and Phloen Chit BTS sky-train stations, the Majestic Grande. In the morning, we travelled by BTS sky-train to Nana station. Before we set out, we had received information from guests regarding which sky-train station would be most convenient to use and nearest to the hotel. Two stations were suggested: Nana and Phloen Chit.

    The road in front of the hotel is full of taxis awaiting guests.

    The Surrounding Area

    At a little past 10am, we arrived at Sukhumvit Soi 2, the location of the hotel. The surroundings are really quiet: there are no busy crowds and no shops, tour operators or restaurants as there are in other side-streets we have visited, apart from the large Phloen Chit Centre department store located on the right-hand side as we enter the street. The road is not wide, especially when there are cars parked on the side, making it look even narrower. After walking a distance of around 300m, we arrived at the hotel. If we consider the location of the hotel and calculate the time taken to walk from Nana BTS sky-train station, it would be around 10 minutes, a relatively long time. Therefore, we would recommend guests to use Phloen Chit station, which is nearer the hotel, a walking distance of only 5 minutes.

    In front of the hotel.
    In front of the hotel.

    The Hotel at a Glance

    From the exterior, the hotel looks new and is designed in a modern style, standing 25 storeys high. The hotel’s interior decor is contemporary, a perfect blend of modern and Thai styles. The oriental tones of orange, gold and red complement the design, whether it be the gold of the ring-shaped ceiling lamps; the genuine gold-plated fountain walls; or the yellows and reds of the orchids arranged in vases, which are majestic, in keeping with hotel’s name. If you look closely, you will notice that the orchid is the symbol of this hotel.

    Tables and chairs in the lobby area prepared for guests. Every evening a pianist provides musical entertainment.
    Front Reception
    Lobby Louge
    Genuine gold-plating on the rear wall of the fountain.

    Regarding the hotel’s size, I’d like you to visualise a rectangle, since it seems longer than it is wide. Besides looking luxurious and stylish, it also looks very clean.

    The Accommodation

    Before visiting the various different types of room in the hotel, the staff provided some basic information about the accommodation. The hotel offers 251 rooms, divided into two sections: the standard floors, from the 8th to the 19th, and the executive floors, offering deluxe accommodation at a higher price, from the 20th to the 24th. The Grande Wonder Suites are situated on the hotel’s top floor, the 25th. There are only eight rooms of this type, considered the highlight of the hotel. The first type of room we visited on the 17th floor was the Grande Superior. Since this room type provides an area of only 28sq.m., it was designed to cater to guests staying in groups of two. Inside the room is a plethora of well-arranged in-room amenities.

    The rooms on each side of the hotel offer different views. From accommodation at the front of the hotel, guests are offered good views of both the city and nearby hotels, but rooms at the rear offer views of the toll way, which is a beautiful sight in the evening due to the colourful lights of the moving vehicles.

    The Grand Superior rooom

    The real advantage of the Grand Superior is in its price. There are a sufficient number of rooms for guests, but they are only suitable for those staying alone or in groups of two. We have heard guests complain about small room sizes, which may be in part due to the difference in size between Asian and European guests. For those who would prefer greater comfort and space, we would recommend the Grand Premiere. In terms of amenities, the Grand Premiere is no different to the Grande Superior, but what guests should consider is the price, which is slightly more expensive, since it boasts an area of 35sq.m. However, guests travelling in groups of three may find that they are able to cut costs significantly by staying in this type of room.

    King-size bed in the Grande Superior.
    In-room amenities.
    Large work desk.

    The Grand Superior Bathrooom

    The bathrooms are rather limited in size, but are clean and offer new, appealing amenities which look clean and of high quality. The bathroom also provides a hair-dryer.

    The Grande Superior Bathroom

    The Grand Deluxe rooom

    If money is no issue, the Grande Deluxe Room is able to provide comfort for many types of guests, whether travelling as families, groups of three, businesspeople, elderly tourists or long-stay guests. The in-room amenities in this larger room include a DVD player, sofa, and 34″ TV, all set in an area of 40sq.m.

    Grand Deluxe room
    Facilities in Grand Deluxe room
    Relaxing sofa.
    View from the Grand Deluxe room window

    The Grand Deluxe Bathrooom

    The interior decor of the bathroom is the same as that of the Grand Superior, but it’s larger and divided into bath and shower cubicle sections.

    The two type of flooring

    The rooms we have visited today would interest the majority of travellers, and are located on the standard floors. What is especially interesting about the accommodation on the standard floors is that rooms are furnished with two types of flooring: parquet wooden flooring is used for the area surrounding the bed while granite is used for outer areas.

    At a glance, this seems in keeping with the design concept of accommodation here, but in fact the hotel has also considered the issue of health. When we wake up in the morning, our bodies are unable to adjust immediately to the temperature of stone or tiled flooring, so providing a wooden surface for our feet to touch first helps our bodies to acclimatise. In addition, the windows are double-glazed to block out annoying noises from outside the building.

    To comment on the in-room security system, apart from the personal safe, the hotel also provides a double lock mechanism on the door: both a keycard system and an inside lock. This helps to increase security for guests.

    Another interesting feature we have been informed of is that guests are able to access the Internet either in their rooms or at various points throughout the hotel using a wireless internet system. If guests would like to use this service, they may register and request a user name and password at the Business Centre, located on the 7th floor.

    The Swimming Pool

    We must end our tour of the hotel rooms here, and proceed to the 7th floor, which encompasses all of the hotel’s facilities. Let’s begin with the swimming pool. The most outstanding feature of the pool must be the beauty of its carvings, whether it be the elephant sculpture, the orchid wall-carvings or various other areas which enhance the relaxation experience for guests. Guests may also use the whirl bath. Overall, it is a resort-style pool, albeit a little smaller in size.

    Swimming pool
    Swimming pool

    Other Facilities

    Another facility which is very appealing, and should be especially recommended for guests who like to exercise, is the fitness room, which offers a wide variety of modern, good-quality exercise equipment.

    Fitness Room

    The hotel’s Business Centre consists of small conference rooms with a capacity of around 15 guests. Another highlight of the hotel popular with guests is its relaxation facilities, especially the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi, which are provided free of charge, with the exception of the massage services, which guests must purchase as a package.

    Steam Room and Jacuzzi

    The Dine@7 restaurant

    Something that really can’t be missed is the Dine@7 restaurant, which is used both as a coffee shop and international buffet service for three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet breakfast is served from 6am to 10.30am. The restaurant offers a pleasing selection of cuisine, especially Thai fare, as its chef is very well-known. Every 3 days, the hotel changes the menu so that it does not become too repetitive or tedious.

    The Dine@7 restaurant

    The restaurant looks very spacious, and is able to seat around 80. Outside the restaurant and beside the swimming pool, there is also an open-air terrace for the enjoyment of guests.

    The Dine@7 restaurant

    The Sacz restaurant

    Finally, we will mention the Sacz restaurant, also considered a highlight of the hotel. The Sacz is an Italian-style restaurant situated on the hotel’s ground floor, with Mediterranean-style interior design and a purple theme. The restaurant is airy, comfortable and quite large. For those looking for a romantic atmosphere, we recommend you try dining here between the hours of 8pm to 10pm. There is live jazz music which the staff says is very popular with guests, and the restaurant is famed for its blend of Thai and Italian cuisine. I would especially recommend the pumpkin soup and fish steak, which we tried today as part of our meal.

    The Sacz restaurant

    We must bring our visit to The Majestic Grande Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank The Majestic Grande Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.

    S15 Sukhumvit Hotel Editor’s Review & Visit

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    Editor’s Review

    Although the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel is only a small hotel, it is greatly favoured by travellers.


    The hotel’s strong point is its interior design, including the modern and innovative room decor. Some guests are very impressed to be offered rooms exactly like those featured in photos on various travel websites. The rooms are spacious, new, clean and provide comprehensive amenities, as do the bathrooms, which offer both a bath and shower cubicle in every room. What really seems to impress guests is the free in-room Wi-Fi internet access. In contrast, what is lacking slightly is that since the hotel is small, the building is not very tall, so the windows don’t provide attractive views of the city.


    Guests who have stayed at the hotel unanimously agree that the hotel’s central location on Sukhumvit Road is what travellers really appreciate. The hotel is surrounded by restaurants, shopping venues, large department stores like Robinson, nightlife venues and other entertainment spots, and is not far from the Asok BTS sky-train or Sukhumvit MRT underground stations, which are just 2-3 minutes away on foot.

    Services and breakfast

    Although the hotel may not offer a wide selection of breakfast, guests admit that it’s both tasty and good quality. In terms of service, many guests have praised the hotel staff’s enthusiastic and fast service, as well as their polite manners and friendliness.

    In summary, the accommodation here should prove very good value for both business and leisure tourists. If we compare the hotel’s quality and style of interior decor, as well as the advantages of its location near high-end hotels, to its relatively low room rates, it would be an attractive choice for most travellers.

    Pros & Cons

    Pros Cons
  • The rooms and bathroom are spacious, new, clean and provide comprehensive amenities.
  • No swimming pool.
  • Modern and innovative room decoration.
  • Free in-room Wi-Fi internet access.
  • Centrally located on Sukhumvit Road.
  • Fast, polite and friendly service.
  • Editor’s Visit has had the opportunity to visit many hotels in the Sukhumvit area on many occasions. Apart from favourable reviews from guests, we also consider the location of accommodation that we choose to recommend in terms of how convenient it is and how long it takes to walk to the nearest sky-train station. Most hotels in the Sukhumvit area are located on side roads, while only a few are situated on the main road, most of which are expensive high-end hotels. Therefore, travellers may be better advised to choose somewhere on a side-street, not far from the main road or the sky-train station. However, if you would really like to stay on the main road, the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel can be a very good choice for guests. The room prices are very good value when compared to other hotels located on the main road.

    The Surrounding Area

    It took us less than 5 minutes to walk from Asok BTS sky-train station to the hotel, which is situated on the corner of Sukhumit Soi 15. Based on its location, we can guarantee that the hotel is in the heart of the shopping district, both in terms of large department stores and the various stalls lining both sides of the road. The various side-streets provide a proliferation of nightlife venues. For the renowned and well-known spots, you will need to walk onwards past the Asok crossroads to Sukhumvit Soi 21 or Soi Cowboy. This area also offers a wide selection of cuisine to choose from, both in terms of air-conditioned high-end restaurants and open air restaurants offering quite reasonable prices.

    In front of the hotel.

    The Hotel Lobby

    The S15 Sukhumvit Hotel is a small boutique-style hotel only around 8 storeys high. From the outside, the hotel looks more like an office building, but the interior is more interesting. This hotel must be the first place we’ve visited that really offers creative works of art and sculpture, reflected by the various articles used to decorate the lobby, whether it be the furniture, Thai lotus flower arrangements in vases, decorative lamps or soft and warm toned lighting. Wherever you look, everything displays artistry, even the waste bins next to the lifts or the vases in the bathrooms.

    Front Reception
    Hotel Lobby
    Lobby Lounge
    Lobby Lounge

    The Accommodation

    Now we would like to see the hotel rooms. We visited 3 types of room: the S Deluxe, S Junior Suite and S Suite, located on the 3rd to 7th floors. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are situated on different floors; all non-smoking rooms are located on the 5th floor. When I heard this, I have to say that the arrangement made a lot of sense, since it offers options to guests with different preferences. This way, smokers do not become an annoyance to other guests, especially those travelling in family groups.

    S Deluxe

    The first room we visited was the S Deluxe, which is easy on the wallet and the most common type of room in the hotel. The S Deluxe has an area of 30sq.m., and the standard in-room amenities include a 32″ LCD TV, DVD player, minibar, direct line telephone, desk, personal safe and so on. This type of room is not very large, but would be suitable for guests travelling in groups of 2. King-size beds are prepared in double rooms, whereas two Queen-size beds are provided for twin rooms.

    S Deluxe rooom
    S Deluxe rooom

    S Junior Suite

    The next type of room we visited was the S Junior Suite, which is slightly more expensive and offers guests the additional comfort of a larger area of 35sq.m., as well as a small living area with a sofa bed which may be used as an extra bed if necessary.

    S Junior Suite
    Living area in S Junior Suite

    S Suite

    Finally, we end with the S Suite, which offers an area as large as 50sq.m. This is enough to make anyone say ‘Wow!’, as it provides complete comfort. The room is divided into 1 bedroom and 1 living room, and the in-room amenities only differ to those of the S Junior Suite in respect of the size of the living room and 42″ TV.

    S Suite
    Living area in S Suite

    In general, the design and interior decor of each type of room is very similar. Appropriate lighting is provided, but is not too bright, making rooms look soft and suitable for relaxation while also creating a romantic ambience. On the subject of amenities, all items are new and some have a chic design. In addition, travellers may use the Wi-Fi Internet service free of charge in all room types.

    To digress a little, while we were walking from floor to floor, we noticed mounted photographs on either side of the corridor, each of which illustrated the beauty and value of historical sites and Thai history. We also learned that these photos were the work of the owner of this hotel.

    The walkway is decorated with photos taken by the hotel owner.

    The Bathrooms

    The highlight of the accommodation in this hotel would have to be the bathrooms, since they are extremely large and really well-designed. The bath and shower occupy two equal sections of the same area, which also includes a transparent shower guard. Staff members added that most guests are very impressed when they see the bathrooms in this hotel. The interior decor is very well-designed.

    S Deluxe Bathroom
    S Junior Suite Bathroom
    S Suite Bathroom

    The Facilities

    The hotel’s facilities are limited by its size. First we popped into the spa, which consists of 4 rooms in all, divided into treatment and Thai massage rooms. Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm.

    The Spa room
    The Spa room

    Then, we visited the fitness centre, which is a small exercise room able to cater to around 4-5 guests at any one time, with opening hours from 6am to 11pm. To guests wishing to use a swimming pool, we are afraid to say that after exploring extensively, we can confirm that there is no swimming pool in this hotel.

    Fitness Room

    If you would like to use the Internet in the Business Centre, you must go to the mezzanine floor, where there is free access for guests available from 7am to 11pm.

    The business centre with free internet access.

    The Mezzanine Café

    Finally, we will introduce the Mezzanine Café, the hotel’s only restaurant. Guests who reserve rooms with breakfast included will dine in this cafe, which is open from 6am to 11am.

    The Mezzanine Café

    We must bring our visit to the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel to a close; however, we sincerely hope that our review will be beneficial for tourists looking for a place to stay in the heart of Bangkok. Most importantly, we would like to thank the S15 Hotel and hotel staff for allowing us the opportunity to visit, assisting our tour, and providing much helpful information.
    If we have printed any erroneous information, we apologize in advance.