Dai Luang National Park

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Chiang Rai

This park has Doi Luang as its highest peak at 1.697 meters. Its forest is the source of many rivers such as Mae Wang, and Phayao Lake and also good place for bird and butterfly watching. 

Pu Kaeng Waterfall

Pu Kaeng Waterfall This fall is part of Doi Luang National Park. Of its 9 tiers, the most beautiful are the fourth and the fifth. From the camping ground to the second floor, there is a natural trail that allows visitors to study nature at close proximity. Another exciting route is the 1,500 meters path to the top of the fall, a vantage point to admire the whole area of Doi Luang, Phayao province and Phayao Lake. For trekking. there is a path from this fall to Doi Nok in Phayao province. Guides are available on request at the Park Office.