Phu Chi Fa

Written by admin on January 7th, 2014. Posted in Chiang Rai

Phu Chi FaThis is the best spot to enjoy the sunrise in Chiang Rai because of Phu Chi Fa’s geographical characteristics. The highest plateau on top of the mountain is a vast grassy plain extending its reach over the Laotian border. Its highest peak is like a pointing finger towards the sky. Once on top, the levels of valleys below spread before our eyes. From here, we can see much farther into Laos than from any other mountain top.
The mountain temperature in the cold season is very low, and can even be below the freezing point some years. Therefore, frosty dews are not uncommon on top of this mountain. In February, a kind of native white flower called dok siao or wild orchid trees are in bloom, adding to the enchanting charm of the mountain. To get to Phu Chi Fa, visitors can choose a route uphill according to their preference. From Ban Phaen Din Thong, there is a junction with two routes uphill to the mountain top. A much-favored route is by Ban Rom Fa Thai on the right. There are several resort hotels and restaurants on the way. The distance is approximately 1,800 meters to the top. The other route on the left is by Ban Rom Fa Thong. There is a roadway up to the office of the Ngao-Ngao Watersource Management Unit. The walk after that station is only 800 meters to the top. Both routes are steep.